STG from Supertest preview update.

Edrard at WOT-NEWS has uploaded a short video of the STG in the wild and some more screenshots.

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STG from Supertest preview update.

15 thoughts on “STG from Supertest preview update.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Dont like the comment, don’t read it, don’t answer it. Fanatics always throwing hate on other’s opinions.

      2. BattleBudgie says:

        Sorry to break it for you but that’s not how it works. If you post a public comment on a public blog you accept that people can and will react to it. If you don’t like it, get back to your safe space, buddy.

  1. Lafie says:

    Doesn’t look like the turret can turn all the way around. As surely they’d have shown that in some way if it could.

    1. Rick says:

      That might very well be true. The historical writeup posted earlier mentioned that the driver, positioned in a rotating module in the turret, could only drive effectively with the turret positioned within quite a small arc of dead ahead. This was one of the key reasons the design was taken no further.
      I doubt that WG will have implemented the code to allow the tank to have 360 deg traverse when static and limited traverse when moving so I think a hard, ‘always on’ traverse limit is likely, if a limit is imposed. On the other hand they might have adapted the Swedish TD code and implemented a speed limit when traversed beyond a given point.

      1. Ion7 says:

        The 416 is the same way, and has a hard limit even when stopped. The way the 416 and manby this plays, they should get a stationary siege mode allowing full traverse in case you want to play as a td or are tracked.

        Of course WG won’t implement this because they are either too lazy or because the sgt isn’t good enough and needs a full turret.

  2. Maybe the reason why they haven’t put a special camo or why its stats are not OP is that they are planning to give this as the next tier VIII stage reward. They havent announced the details yet and the stages should start soon.

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