Straight from Supertest-Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC

The upcoming British Premium Medium Tank

This came up in EU forums but was announced on the WoT fb page. This is all we have so far. Also at the bottom 2 videos by The Chieftain about the real thing and a 360 view video.

Coming straight from down under in Australia, the Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC has just joined the Supertest! As a Tier VIII medium tank, it will feature better mobility and stabilization but fewer HP than its tech tree British counterpart.

Click the images to see full size.

From “Official channel of the World of Tanks band on VKontakte” on YouTube a 360 view.

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Straight from Supertest-Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC

37 thoughts on “Straight from Supertest-Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC

  1. Deano says:

    im noticing there are no engine power stats. thats could be a good thing or a bad thing. i suspect some jimmys will be rustled if its not exactly the same as the strv 81.

    1. Deano says:

      strv 81 is the primo victoria (i still call it by the original name i saw it stuck in my head for some reason)

      1. GamingW/War says:

        I call it the permadona. I wish we just had the Strv 81 instead. Then I could put my Strv 74 crew in it.

  2. GamingW/War says:

    Sadly enough if this plays exactly like the current Cent. MK1 I’d buy it in a heart beat. I love them to death! Plus the free FV4202 sucks! Just buff it again already! Tears.

    1. Tiger says:

      Cent 1 now is way better than what it had become after the conversion to HD.

      It had not turret armour, bad mobility… a leo with broken engine and damaged gun basically.

      Right now it has the ability to at least go hull down and stand its ground.

      That shit cent was so bad I had a 33% win rate in it (27 wins in 81 matches) sold it in March 2017.

      Repurchased it last month and the difference is astonishing.

      Current WR: 52% with 258 matches

      1. GamingW/War says:

        I’ve like the MK1 since like patch 9.1? 8.9? Basically forever. My win rate was 52% pre buff and now it’s 54%. I throughly enjoy this line. So, much that when I got the original FV4202 at tier 10 I hated it to death. The AX is much better but still needs a touch of an armor buff on the turret. It fine haul down looking dead on at a target but the cheeks are weak unlike the 7/1.

    2. DeanoGTO says:

      the fv4202 sucks? that tank is one of the most consistent money makers i own. the mobility buffs like 50kmh top speed and 650hp engine madfe that tank a joy to play. its not a centurion you cant just sit on a ridge and fire away but overall its a far more flrexible tank than the cent. the front hull armor is remarkably troll due to it being an auto bounce for a lot of tanks and the turret isnt bad either its just not cent level meanwhile the speed is fantastic and the gun when you fully aim doesnt miss.

      if this was me prior to the latest buffs to that tank id agree 100% but after the most recent buffs i think the tank is fantastic.

      1. GamingW/War says:

        Yes, it’s a flanking tank that can’t brawl effectively and it’s no cent that can get haul down and play the mid range support role. The turret like the AX needs a minor buff to make it effective in a haul down situation. Despite all the buffs it has revived it still is subpar to its peers. Dpm is crap armor is meh, worst then the Cent’s in some situations. The 5/1 above looks a whole lot better because it’s going to play like a Cent. Not some half and half tank that can’t do either effectively. My win rate it the tank has started a solid 48% despite all the buffs.

  3. Willdebeast (ANZ based player) says:

    WG Dev may need to review and make changes to the UFP. The defining feature of the mark 5/1 upgrade was the addition of a 44mm appliqué plate welded to existing UFP to give 120mm at 57 degrees. Plus those brackets on the UFP should be holding 2 wheels, adding to its armour.

    Putting the tank in as it currently is may not go well with it’s intended target purchasers

      1. Willdebeast (ANZ player) says:

        Obviously an error then on the part of whoever put together the initial slide.

        All it does need now though is the two wheels, even if they are cosmetic and don’t add any more protection, and a gun barrel name.( that is, if it’s to be a premium tank and not the first part of a heavy medium mini tree that ends in the chieftain as some chieftain true believers are fantasising about already)

  4. Kyros says:

    It’s a turd, don’t fall for it.

    The 50kmh will only be reached downhill. The missing Trackarmor will result in Foch 155 prebuff. Centurion 1 was and still is garbage, 5/1 is gold painted garbage, it’s shiny and new until you scratch it’s surface and take a closer look.

    It’s like the Somua SM, looks great and fun at the first glance until you realize that its just a slow ass 50 100 that can only tank low skill tier 7 & below players. At this moment you regret buying new shiny shit.

    1. Robopon says:

      What? Centurion is a great tank after the buffs. And you brought up and compared Somua to 50 100 for some reason, they are not really comparable since Somua is basically Lowe with worse armor and a fantastic autoloader and 50 100 is a piece of shit.

      1. Willdebeast (ANZ player) says:

        That stuff is external fuel tanks, so let’s hope they don’t model it too accurately!!

    1. wtfcaniuse says:

      Better mobility and gun handling, as it says. It “should” have more UFP armour but WG probably won’t do that.

  5. Wot Gamer says:

    Why give us a premium heavy tank, when they can give us another premium medium? WG = retards. Also waiting for a tier 8 U.S. premium TD for ages now …

    1. 1) let me remind you that this will be a tier 8 premium MT, in fact the 3rd already available for the UK TT
      2) it seems that the tier 8 premium HT will be the Caernavon with the Action X turret and spaced armour reminding of the Super Conqueror
      3) I am acutally surprised they haven’t added a tier 7 premium Centurion (17pdr), or maybe one of its prototypes

      4) as The_Chieftain mentioned there’s no suitable tier 8 premium TD for the US TT, this results in the decision of stoping development of TDs and instead gunning the other tanks to fulfill the TDs role

      the best they coould do would be adding other tier 7 premium TDs, both the M36B and the T53 SPG/AA, both of them are Shermans modified to mount the 90mm gun, the M36B is modified by adding the M36 turret while the T53 is more of a drastic modification similar to the Pz.IV “toaster” with the 88mm gun but with a american 90mm gun (there’s also a similar canadian Sherman SPG with a 4.7inch gun [~120mm])

      the only option is being creative and reclassify other concepts/drawings as TDs, there are a bunch of casemated HT, MT and LT and additionally there are some seriously upgunned LTs that give off the idea of having the purspose of existing for the sole purpose of fullfillinf the old TD role as infantry support

      one that could work would be the TS-31

  6. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile game balance is going full shit,mm is retarded and new update has a lot of people unable to play the game,so what is the logical thing for wg to do? Print another British premium medium of course! So glad i left this sinking ship (Along with many other players). And now the obligatory funboy telling me noone will miss me.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Well as you know a company has a certain capital to use on products it provides to the customers. I would rather have them spend the money trying to fix the god damn game rather than printing tier 8 premium no 246829. The game is falling apart. Masses of people are leaving the game so call me stupid but tier 8 clone premiums would be the last thing I would make to win them back..

      2. Anonymous says:

        It’s not that they are connected so much. It’s the mind set of we provide a balanced game (Clearly not true) so we want your money in return. If I was them I would pause development of everything (hd maps,new modes,new tech trees,new premiums) and focus on what kills the game ie mm and balance. I mean the retarded 268 v4 should have been hotfixed the day after it was released…

      3. Tiger says:

        How are u so retarded to not understand the context he has written that statement in.

        Are you 6?

        The game balance is shit at the moment and instead of putting resources into the balance department those russian retards keep on releasing new premium tanks every month.

        Now do you understand the context clown?

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