Straight from Supertest Nebelburg in HD

From the World of Tanks RU channel. Enjoy.

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Straight from Supertest Nebelburg in HD

16 thoughts on “Straight from Supertest Nebelburg in HD

    1. Kyros says:

      You CAN polish a turd ! Mythbusters did it first. And WG is doing it since the release of the first HD Tank and now with their Map’s.

    1. They did say at some point that depending on how it goes, they were considering GB for other tiers.

      At the moment, it’s ‘end game’ content, designed to give players that have tier 10s more reasons to play those tanks (particularly those that don’t participate in clan wars, for various reasons).

      It also eases up mm composition on tiers 8 and 9, depending on how many tier 10s are in the queue (i.e. so 8s and 9s are not always bottom tier because of a glut of 10s in the queue).

  1. Enigmaticmuffin says:

    grand battles take everything that’s bad or annoying about tier 10 games and amplifies them by an order of magnitude

  2. sturmi0545 says:

    classic WG and their unrewarding ‘end game’ content, which makes you want to stop playing tanks entirely. I often wish they would have stuck to their early elves and orks game idea, just to be devoured and annihilated by the competition.

  3. Anonymous says:

    No point making maps for grand battles never been in one. I thought it was a myth until wg made this second map..
    Cant they focus oh, I don’t know getting their game right!

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