Stridsvagn 103 (S-Tank) coming this year


The Arsenalen museum has confirmed that the Stridsvagn 103, also known as S-tank, will appear this year in World of Tank. I’m looking forward to it.


The museum also said that its coming this Autumn, in recent Q&As it was told that 9.16 is also planned for that time, but these are just speculations.


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Stridsvagn 103 (S-Tank) coming this year

81 thoughts on “Stridsvagn 103 (S-Tank) coming this year

  1. Anonymous Silent Stalker fan. says:

    Fantastic, then as soon as we get the in game suspension of the S tank worked out, we can have the new German TD tier8-10 line that Silent Stalker wrote about on his blog.

  2. Anonymous says:

    guess they finally worked out the variable angle track bugs. I am betting they haven’t and that feature will not be present on the tank.

  3. Shrike58 says:

    What!? After all these years of WG saying this tank wouldn’t work this is the first branch we get! Still, it does make BUSINESS sense, seeing as when people think of Swedish tanks this is the machine they think about.

  4. I mean come on… couldn’t they just have 1 international tech tree wth ALL those tanks that were not by Germany, France, USA, Japan, Russia and UK? Am I the only one that thinks about it

    1. Naw, people used to talk about it all the time, but WG consistently said no, then started deloping national lines for nations that couldn’t really support full lines, and there was no point in arguing the matter anymore. But yeah, it would have been better.

  5. Expeculations? Hehe. Rita your hold on the English language never seems to amaze me. Please don’t change πŸ˜›

    I assume you meant speculation or expectation…. πŸ˜‰

      1. Culloden Muir says:

        I highly doubt it would be a heavy tank, as not only would it be a piss poor heavy tank, but Sweden has heavy tanks already.

      2. Xavier says:

        believe it or not, but unlike what WG teaches you, casemate doesn’t mean TD. Hell, StuGs weren’t even TDs, they were Assault guns, but the variatns with the long 7.5cm were used as regular tanks and Guderian wanted Germany to scrap the Pz III and IV and just make StuGs.

        LOS thickness of the front is up to 337mm effective.

  6. gpc_4 says:

    I don’t get this line. The proposed tier VI is a med but the S-tank doesn’t have a turret. Is WoT really going to implement a high tier medium without a turret or is a medium tank line going to lead into a high tier TD line? Neither of those seem like good ideas.

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      It will most likely be a T10 medium without a traversible turret. 1 of the soviet medium lines has 2 of them too (Obj. 416 and Obj. 430 V2)

      1. gpc_4 says:

        The Soviet tanks have turrets, they just aren’t fully traversable. The S-Tank gun doesn’t even look like it has a gun arc.

    2. Xavier says:

      It wasn’t a TD IRL, so why would they make it a TD in WoT? It was an MBT, which means it will either be a medium or a heavy

      1. Sven Hedqvist says:

        Was there at Arsenalen yesterday. The official I spoke to answered yes to my proposal that the tank only could be implemented as a TD due to its lack of a turret. Think of it, how could it function as a medium tank without a turret? How often don’t you find yourself shooting on the move in a medium? And often while driving in another direction. Even as a HT having to always directly face your opponent would be a nightmare. I see this tank as a fast moving sniper tank.

    1. Not_so_nice says:

      I am with you mate, it must be an anti-british thing just look at world of warships. Imagine making a ww2 ship game and putting the russians in before the british. Its like making a car game and putting in skoda before ferrari… I lol at you wargaming, give me chieftain!

  7. Jonte302 says:

    Translation of the post by Arsenalen: “During this week, (tusday-thursday) “The Challenger” from World of Tanks is here to do a video* about the stridsvagn 103. The tank will be intruduced in the game during the autum.”

    *the Swedish word acctualy translates to movie but i gues that they are talking about a youtubevideo.

    1. wheeledtank says:

      If it is about the Hydraulic Suspension, then this was mentioned (along with STB-1 and E-10) to require this. Maybe this overhaul will be introduced with it.

      1. wheeledtank says:

        The E-10 was a project similar to the E-25, being designed as a light TD replacement. It is stated that the tracks would fold down before firing, making the vehicle lower and more stable

  8. I’m still interested to see how this works. The gun is fixed, there is no arc of freedom and the idea is that the whole tank chassis rocks up and down and swings side to side, even for fine aiming. Sounds OK but that should deactivate your binoculars and camo net. Mayhap I have missed someone explaining how this will not be a problem.

    1. Terminus says:

      I figure the 103 is going to have the best camo raiting of any t10 period, aswell as one if the best view ranges (think m48 Patton) the optics of the 103 are/still considered some of the best ever made.

      If they were going to give this vehical special treatment, you would think that it would be that it doesent loose camo raiting while traversing the tracks while stationary.

  9. Ares says:

    This tank is too new for WOT!!!! It’s MTB, and belong to AW….as is STB 1….yes well 1942 Maus vs 1961 Str 103….balance

    1. Culloden Muir says:

      Oh please. Do you know how many tanks in the game are from after WWII already? WoT has never been about WWII or solely focused on it, and the sooner people like you grow up, the better.

    2. M103, T95, M46 patton, M48 patton, T-54, T-62, T-10M, Leo 1, STB 1, Centurions, Soon Chieftain, Conway, M60 patton (CW), M41 walker bulldog, T49 (Basically a M551 sherdian prototype)… they are ALL post war vehicles, some of them fought in Vietnam and most of them were produced during the Vietnam war, in fact, the M60 patton was made towards the END of the Vietnam war

      1. Ares says:

        Those tank are not MTB, and Maus was build in 1945, 1942 is design. This tank is from 1966 is we talking about productions. It too new.

      2. zombietropa says:

        Age doesn’t determine the effectiveness of a tank, rather the technology that goes into them. The STB-1 is the prototype for the Type 74, and while by your criteria, its ‘too new’ (introduced in the mid ’70’s), the fact is that it was an outdated design.

        Wargaming don’t really have a hard line when it comes to when the tank was introduced, rather what technology the tank has built into it. As such, we will never see 3rd generation tanks, ie, those with composite armour and smoothbore guns. Since the Str 103 has neither a smoothbore gun or composite armour, then WG can put it into the game.

        With these criteria, we can put in the Merkeva, which (with a quick glance at the tinterwebs) was only introduced in 1978, but still had a rifled gun and rolled homogeneous steel armour when it was introduced. But will will never see the T-64, a tank which entered service 14 YEARS before the Merkeva, as it has a smoothbore gun and composite armour.

        TBH, I’m looking forward to the STRV 103, just hope they’ve animated its shell ejection system πŸ™‚

    3. Xavier says:

      T-62 was accepted into Soviet service in 1961, AMX 30 (not B, just the AMX 30) was accepted into French service in 1966, Leo 1 was first produced in 1965, etc.

      M48A1 was accepted in 1953….. WG… GG

  10. Rita’s country won the Euro 2016 and she is unable to talk about it on this blog…but talked about the shitty football game mode implemented to milk the Euro 2016, she was always feeding the hype…

    Maybe Jingles convinced her not to talk about Portugal victory because England performed so poorly…

      1. stormcrow99 says:

        Only covers the half, unless I have shi gun depression it won’t be an issue. Drive wheels really make no difference if you’re breaking tracks.
        But that doesn’t answer me. Would the suspension lifting still work with broken tracks?

  11. Jonte302 says:

    Well, it will be hard to kill it’s crew… And dependet on what WG models as armour and “damagable areas” the tank might be hard to kill for tanks whit guns smaller than 120mm. Although bigger guns will go through the front like a hot knife through butter because WOT:s overmatching mechanic. A documentary from the test of the tank (English subtitels):

  12. Tahdon_kuititella_sua_XD says:

    Kind of funny that country which didn’t even fought on second world war gets own tech tree. But thats what WG wants, more tanks.

    1. Culloden Muir says:

      If you’re referring to Italy, maybe if Italy could actually make even a single branch that wasn’t full of problems, Italy would be in-game already. Until then, get over the fact the game isn’t about WWII, and never has been.

  13. Terminus says:

    Im curious to know how it will handle gun dispersion on the move aswell as aimtime. Seeing as you dont have any gun traverse to start with.

  14. Sven says:

    I visited Arsenalen yesterday. Met Richard Cutland who was there with WG staff filming the Stridsvagn 103 (S-tank)!

  15. Patata Caliente says:

    Good news for all Swedish players, I guess. Personally, though, I must admit I don’t particularly look forward to playing this tank. Ah well, wait and see. Who knows, perhaps it’ll be fun.

    1. Xavier says:

      300mm+ effective front, about 2m tall, quick firing 105mm gun, decent speed, I think it will be one of the more fun tier 10 tanks to play

      1. Daxter says:

        Not to mention same speed in reverse as going forward. Not that that will ever be in game due to balance of course.

  16. The S-Tank… known as Strv. 103, had by angle around 1!meter effective armor from frontal attack. I do not think they will implement so much overpower into WoT. Lets say they put in Tier 6… it will still be an real ass tank to conquer in tier 8-9 games. Yes, it was designed like that, and tests showed it was accurate like that in the 80’s – 90’s. However an attack with HE and from above the tank did not measure the demands and the tank itself got scrapped from the line. Still I think this (super)..tank has its real position in the history. Israeli’s wanted to buy it but crappy Swedish politics made it impossible to buy. The tank had a showel in front… running in desert 45 mph, counter nme, put showel down, made its own bunker while stopping, would make the desertwars rediculous for the opponent. Time pass by.. the tech of this tank is widespread in our new technology, and new materials. Just look what happens with the tanks of today.. they will creep closer to this design, by every day, week, month go by.

    I love the design, sad it didnt go on real action on full scale anywhere πŸ™‚

  17. Sven Hedqvist: yes.. it is a fast snipertank.. nothing like in the game. Probably close to the Ru 251, with awesome TD capabilities. Front is hard, and its fast and moveable, do small/medium dmg on higher tier, but so annoying it cant be ignored. The lack of turretmovement is perfect for sitting ducks and fast action. Just a new style of gaming. πŸ™‚

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