Strv 103-0 Stat Changes

Good day everyone,


Just a few updates to the Tier 9 Swedish TD, the Strv. 103-0

-Gun Traverse increased by 2 degrees.

-Gun Elevation/Depression increased by 1 degree.

-Accuracy reduced to .4 (from .3)

And a few unspecified gun handling buffs.


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Strv 103-0 Stat Changes

46 thoughts on “Strv 103-0 Stat Changes

  1. Maxxonite says:

    ohh yes, Accuracy: 0.3 —> 0.4. on a TD, FFS, WG can just drop the implementation of this tree. Start with extreme nerfing, thats the way to go.

    1. It is an extreme change, but look at the armor, it looks like this tank is intended as a bralwer which is pretty crazy. .4 accuracy is about T29 or IS-3 accuracy and we all know how scary those guns can be especially if those unspecified gun handling buffs give the tank god like handling.

      1. septfox says:

        It’s not intended to be a brawler. The armor is only good when viewed directly from the front at equal elevation; just about anything with more than a couple degrees of gun depression can facehug it and pump shots downward into its terrible 60mm of armor.

        The intention is long-range support that’s nigh-immune to return fire against anything but artillery. I guess something had to give in the name of “balance”.

      2. I have never heard of the s-tank series refered to as a long range support type but you are right, face hugging at 50 meters or less is ideal, I kidnof was refering to it as a brawler in the medium tank sense like you would play a foch 50 or su 122-54 with a greater emphasis to not camp at the back of the map. That said, not much is known about the siege mode so I doubt anything said here means much.

  2. Accuracy reduced to .4 (from .3)

    **lol WTF??
    from a accurate 0.3 to an inaccurate 0,4?

    that’s a terrible Nerf from Good accuracy to Bad in a flick of a casual keystroke, hey next week it will be 0.42 probably, fuk WG devs balance everything to vanilla sameness boredom

    that’s one Swede TD at T9 I wont grind or spend Gold on if it now cannot hit a barn door over 200mtrs (which is what TDs do, only thing they do.

    still ~ what do you expect from WG
    the screw the TDs into almost uselessness continues

    1. Unspecified gun handling buffs and increased gun traverse with more gun depression/elevation. And look at that insanse side armor with all the spaced armor. It looks like wargaming doesn’t want to make this swedish pancake a sniper but a medium tank like it’s original design specifications. Also, keep in mind these stats are not for the tank’s siege mode which dramatically increases its rate of fire, gun handling, and probably accuracy. Whoever made this post is a trigger happy idiot for not giving the full changes. Posts like these will only scare the idiots so stop it and think before you post.

      1. you arrogant git, its a TD not a Medium tank ok a TD!
        if its playstyle is supposedly a Medium Tank then for fuk sake why is WG saying its a TD and part of a TD line
        So you STOP it!

      2. Wargaming isn’t god, just because they say something doesn’t make it true. Also, most tanks can destroy another tank ie the naming of a tank destroyer is a symbolic label you uncultured fuz. I recommend you play tanks like the SU-122-44, Foch 50, and SU-122-54 although not necessarily relegated to camping in the back, they are quite formidable being played in the traditional medium tank ideology.

        I will repeat that DecoNoir gave incomplete values and that this bs should go up his rear because nothing was said of the siege mode or soft stats. This was just a lazy copy and paste on his behalf when he was jacking off some supertester.

  3. Maxxonite says:

    This game slowly walks over to a fantasy game, rater than stay in Arcade/Simulation genre, i will expect a exteme nerf on 103B to, why not use full stats on tier 10 tank then, 103B with dual revolver magazine with 25+20 shoots in a row, that is the acctual stats of that one.

    1. Your sarcasm just puts me in awe, world of tanks already was a fantasy game the moment M4’s could fight Tiger II’s but my own sarcasm out of the way, you will be right that there might be nerfs to the 103B because the tank is essentially two tanks in one, a fast, inaccurate flying pancake and a fancy angling earth turret. What bothers me is that we are seeing the stats of only one mode of these Swedish tanks because it means the siege mode is still in heavy development and might not make it for Christmas.

    1. Okay, I cooled off for a bit, but the tank destroyer label that wargaming has planned for these swedish mediums is to help players conceptualize their role but this is back firing because when people hear tank destroyer, they think camping rhmba in the bushes instead of a SU-122-44 or so forth that has a mixed role as a medium and tank destroyer.

      The 103 has armor if you watched the release of news on the siege mode, the frontal armor can be angled and worked with by using ridge lines and hills. As for HP, it has 1510 hp last I heard which is not far off from the T54’s 1650 hp; SU-122-54 has 1530 HP; AMX 50 Foch has 1550 HP; Conway has 1500 HP, so you tell me this fast Swedish tank doesn’t have hit points when it has compareable armor front and sides while also being fairly mobile.

      Please please please stop comparing this tank to a jagtiger or tortoise because it has nothing in common with the two.

  4. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    Here it is.
    We waited for it, but here it is.
    It’s WG. Every patch they make, the better the features added, the bigger the fuckup. Because they NEED to fail somewhere.
    And here it is. A tier 9 TD with no armor, no gun traverse, terrible gun handling, that requires pauses of 1 to 3s in order ti be able to start aiming. And what do you do ? You remove it’s accuracy, going from good to terribad.

    Is FV183 accurate ? No. Well you gave this armorless TD the same accuracy. Great job. That’s all you found in order to make people fire gold in tanks with huge base pen: make them hit nothing, so they need 400mm pen HEAT to be effective. Even Grille with 0.27 tends to miss unmissable shots because rng, so I dont even want to think about that tank…

    I guess all the free xp I kept will to on another tech tree :/
    I sincerely hope its a typo, “from 0.30 to 0.34”. Otherwise the tank will be simply unplayable.

    1. .27 accuracy on the Grille and you still miss… dude, I am sorry but you’ve gotta let the circle shrink when you’re using the 25x scope because the circle is only as large as the screen haha, more often when people miss it’s because they’re trying to do something really stupid like shoot at a tank from 600 meters away or without aiming.

      Sarcasm aside, these are incomplete stats probably for when the tank is in brawler mode rather than siege mode, you really can’t say anything about this except DecoNoir is being a publicity slut.

  5. ryanlj says:

    Here I am logged in trying to find a decent comment that mentions the gun traverse increase. Why does it increase? It’s a fixed gun I thought?

    1. Not a fixed gun but for practical purposes, it nearly is, roughly the gun traverse of a churchill gun carrier or high tier french td’s. It’s not a lot but you’ll be grateful to have it in a brawl. I believe there is a gun arc decrease from tier 6 upwards to help train players to use the fixed gun on the tier X

      1. I am wrong apparently, I am thinking of the Tier VIII swedish td, I swear I saw somewhere the tier IX had a gun arc but I can’t find the stats anymore, I’ll let you know otherwise, but I am wrong about the tier IX

  6. Dracon says:

    You all are forgetting that the accuracy stat is for outside siege mode. When engaged. Accuracy is perfect, while sacrificing mobility. So all this is doing is driving that gameplay style home even more. Chill out

  7. Brumbarr says:

    Guys, calm down, we dont know if that accuracy is when siege is activated or not, i wouldnt be surprised if it was outside siegemode, when you are not supposed to shoot effectivly. Moreover, these are just testserver stats, nothign is permanent.

    1. accuracy is in general. What changed in siege mode is the ability to traverse with very low bloom. But even in siege mode it’ll be 0.4 if it is 0.4 out. So yeah, it went from “okay-good” tier 9 to shittiest tier 9 in the game probably. With that armor, that accuracy, and the siege mode handicap when fired at (1s 6th sense delay, 1s reaction time, 2.5s siege disengage, and now that the spotting is almost instant… yeah by the time you start reversing you’re dead twice).

      Too many downsides, and crap dpm with that, the tank may be unique but its now not worth it.

    2. 40902nd says:

      I like how people are passing judgement on a tank with a mechanic not yet even implemented.

      Also, this is SuperTest stuff, not even Public Test. the Super Test is there so they can poke the numbers and see what happens. This sort of reaction is why WG doesn’t post Super Test changes. People think they are the final product and freak.

      Once this hits the Public Server, then you can start screaming about stats, since they are almost locked-in. But even that isn’t the final say. Remember the Mauschen?

      1. Nope, just rather have stupid comments about things that arent implimented yet rather than stupid comments about how nothing gets posted. Have a nice day 😉

    1. It has more gun traverse than the tier X it’s kind of a progressional nerf of gun traverse to help people get used to a fixed gun in the hull, the traverse is very small, like gun carrier small or french td small I believe but any gun traverse buff is handy in a brawl as many scorpion drivers will tell you.

      1. Hi, made a double check to find proof if the tier IX had a gun arc but up until now I could not find it so I’m sorry for my previous post but until further notice, I am wrong, oh well 🙂

  8. Tommy_Gun says:

    I think that this accuracy nerf is simply to prevent people from using this tank like tier X E-25.
    In the “siege mode” i think the gun will be more accurate.

  9. DecoNoir! Talked to Rita and I figured I’d put my frusterations at this. If you don’t know something critical to the stat changes of the tank like ground resistance, handling, or an entirely new f***ing game mechanic. Please phrase it like this:

    Gun dispersion while turning the tracks: ???
    Gun dispersion while traversing the gun(mostly up or down): ???
    Gun traverse increased by 2 <–(I don't know what that means but no official info on a gun arc was released)
    Siege Mode: ???
    *Any other info and stuff you think are relevant to the accuracy of a tank*

    Sorry for the hate, but this post was outstandingly frusterating.

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