Strv 103B Video Footage


Here’s some video  footage of the upcoming Strv 103B, unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t really like the player where it’s available so here’s the link:


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Strv 103B Video Footage

20 thoughts on “Strv 103B Video Footage

    1. non autoloaders with a lack of all round armor like the T110e5 will be most threatened by low pen autoloaders like the Swed. And these Swed’s can very easily compete with the E5 on hill terrain. Perhaps they were intended as an indirect nerf.

  1. Spectre says:

    Gotta wonder what SS thinks about Rita posting once every full moon, he even recommended another WoT blog on the old FTR. I dont want to sound like a hater, which i realize i do, but Rita youre becoming seriously lazy.

  2. Terminus says:

    Find it odd that this had the option of a Rammer, the real thing is an auto-loader, would figure the highlight of having a fixed gun 105mm would be a high rate of fire. Its not bad as it currently is, but only on par with others.

  3. Wow, um.. I know free speech is great and all but feel free to block Silvio if he is being too much of a dick/disruption which revokes his right to free speech, kind of like how it is illegal to show your ugly side by running around the streets naked.

    As for the tank, as an autoloader the STRV 103B would have a 40-50 round magazine which is probably a bit over kill and would have to balanced out by having the rate of fire of a regular gun. I believe the autoloader really is there to allow the crew size to be so small so adding a rammer isn’t that unreasonable, also, for most tanks that cannot mount a gun rammer, it is more reasonable to assume the rammer is already built into the system.

    As for the rate of fire of the 105, I feel like the current leaked stats are for the S-Tank’s mobile mode. From the developer video about the new mechanic, they referred to the siege mode increasing the tank’s gun handling and rate of fire at the cost of mobility. I have not seen much about the siege mode stats of the S-Tank but it is my best assumption.

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