Strv m/42 Description and Initial Stats


the tier V MT Swedish Strv m/42 just came on Supertest, these are the initial stats and description:


The Strv m/42 was produced from April 1943 to January 1945 with a total of 287 units produced. It was the most powerful tank to serve with the Swedish army from 1943 until 1953.


Tier: 5
Hitpoints: 450
Maximum speed: 45/20 km/h
Hull traverse:
Turret traverse: 40 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0.959/1.295/1.87
View range: 350
Radio range:
Hull armor:
Turret armor:

Damage: 150/???/???
Penetration: 115/???/???
Reload: 5.6s
Accuracy: 0.36

Aimspeed: 1.9s


Wargaming also says the following:

“Today the Strv/m42 is going to the supertest as a Tier V Swedish Medium tank. We are exploring different possible roles for this vehicle. For today’s test we will check it as a tank with good dynamics and excellent elevation angles, but weak armor. We will also be testing possible top configuration for the vehicle. Game role will be defined by the results of several tests.”

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Strv m/42 Description and Initial Stats

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    1. Soifon99 says:

      Comet is a sexy tank.. this really is not.. i see what you mean.. the only thing this has in common with the Comet is the placement of the turret.. i think the Comet is about the same.. bit forward..

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