Strv m/42 Video


some footage of the upcoming Swedish Strv m/42 just came out:


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Strv m/42 Video

11 thoughts on “Strv m/42 Video

  1. Kyros says:

    Why so many information on a shitty Tier 5 ? Hypetrain like in No Man’s Shit ? No one cares about Tier 5 tanks, cause they are useless and a pain to the ass to play. It’s like the most interesting Tank on Japan Meds is the Chi-Nu or the most interesting Tank on Brit Meds is the Crusader or the Skoda T-24 and so so…
    I know that most tomatoes are stuck on Tier 5 and every Tier 5 Battle is a clash of ~13 glue eater vs ~13 mentally limited. But what difference does it make if you Hypetrain a new Tier 5 if this people do not care at all and obviously can not read, all they care is if they have enough glue or beer nearby and whether their helmet sits right.

    The Tier 6 that would be a interesting med to worth looking at or the Tier 8 TD.

    1. Infernal969 says:

      “Please, stop posting relevant content that I’m not interested in, because I have no self control to scroll past those things, btw since I’ve stopped crying like a baby for now can you post things that aren’t available?”
      I feel brain tumors growing inside my head whenever I see people like you.

      1. abusemtex says:

        Does that mean you are a glue eater or are you metally “different”?
        Kyros is right about that – just take a look at tier 5 player base.
        Btw. where do they breed people producing those completely useless vids?

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