Strv S1 “Nerf” Update

Good day everyone,

So yesterday a discrepancy came up between the stats displayed for the Swedish premium TD, the Strv S1. Anton Pankov had previously announced that this was likely a display error, and an official statement from WG states that that is indeed the case.

In short (and paraphrased somewhat), third-party services are “catching up” with the server based tank statistics, which are more precise than those shown on third-party sites and the actual game client. WG is working on code to help prevent such discrepancies in the future.

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Strv S1 “Nerf” Update

12 thoughts on “Strv S1 “Nerf” Update

  1. From tech support “Thank you for contacting Customer Support Department for

    As you know, in update 9.17 we introduced a new mechanic for some of the Swedish line tanks, which is the Siege Mode.
    For these tanks we have created an additional (secondary) file in order to adjust the Siege Mode’s settings.

    The game client uses a number of settings from that file, which are only connected with the Siege Mode. The client uses all other settings only from the main file.

    With the Strv S1, we have put a number of parameters into the secondary file, bearing arbitrary values from the main one, and because these parameters do not influence anything when in the file, we weren’t able to quickly remove them from it.
    These are the parameters we are talking about:
    • Ground Resistance
    • Braking Power
    • Hull Rotation Speed

    In this way, third-party services displayed incorrect parameters of the Strv S1 starting with the release of the vehicle in update 9.17.1, which was caused by the aforementioned arbitrary values in the secondary file. That said, the game client was nevertheless displaying the correct characteristics.

    In update 9.19, we have finally removed the troublesome parameters from the secondary file. As a result, third-party applications started correctly displaying the real values.

    To conclude, the above parameters of the Strv S1 haven’t changed since the release of the vehicle.

    Regarding the time of switch from Travel to Siege Mode:
    From the release of the vehicle in update 9.17.1, the time of switch from Travel to Siege Mode was displayed as 1.25 in the Garage, while you could see a more precise time of 1.3 in battle.

    In update 9.19, we decided to fix this discrepancy, but did not inform you about the fix, unfortunately

    If you should have more questions me and my team remain at your disposal.”

  2. Phat_Buddah says:

    They can smokescreen everything for what i care, still there is a significant diffrence in terrain resistance from The realese date and today, if thats because of this mystery 2:nd file, nope, dont think so, but did they have wrong settings from start and then correct them to todays settings, OK if so the Tank is just another failure, I would never bought this streemlined “TOG” if the todays performance was on from 1st day. they have nerfed it, Period. Remeber all, i was only talking about the a significant diffrence in terrain resistance, nothing to do with the other questions enlighted here.

    1. Stekarmalen says:

      Yeah if you pool at QBs tank rewiev st 10.10 smth when he starta play its ALLOT more mobile then now…

    2. Lafie says:

      They show it clear as day in that video there. What more do you want?

      Any and all rumours that the S1 was nerfed are clearly mistaken. Which was what all this hub hub was ultimately about, not if the S1 was any good or not (which is ultimately up for debate either way)

      1. OrigamiChik3n says:

        You just don’t get, do you? Clearly 26deg/s were more 26 degree-ish when the tank was first released. Wargaming nerfed degrees themselves and replaced lightning fast 26deg/s with turtle-like 26deg/s. In fact i’m absolutely sure that all degrees are less degree-ish now. Also, speed of light seems to be a lot slower. Another silent nerf by Wargaming?

  3. Phat_Buddah says:

    What if people care to read what i write instead of just asuming alot.
    My point was only talking about what they nerfed or not, and to get clear.

    • Ground Resistance – YES YES YES, from the start of sale and until now, this is what i Accuse them to been Stealth NERFED on STRV S1, Yes, yes and yes

    • Braking Power – Duno

    • Hull Rotation Speed – Duno

    Now i´m ready with my statement.

    If you all who are slightly interested if any tank has been Stealth nerfed, for example just check a QB review video, use his stats and compair with todays stats on any Tank in game, BUT, be4 you clam that they have change anything without knowledge, and start accusing them, also check WGs homepage for potential notes of tank changes, in my case, i couldn´t find ANY changes to STRV S1, but there is a significant diffrences from sale start and now.

    Rock on dudes.

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