Strv S1 Nerf?

Good day everyone,

Quick bit of news but interesting none the less, a user on the WoT Reddit uncovered what would appear to be not only hidden nerfs, but nerfs to a premium vehicle. In this case the Swedish Strv. S1. So what was supposedly changed?


  • decrease hull traverse from 36.50 to 27.11 ° / s 
  • decrease hull traverse (on hard ground) from 34.67 to 25.76 ° / s 
  •  increased terrain resistance from 0.77 / 0.86 / 1 53 to 1.34 / 1.44 / 2.49 
  • extended the transition time to and from siege mode 1.25 to 1.3 seconds


However, Anton Pankov has come in to clarify that this is more likely than not a display bug:

Hello. We have checked on the Strv. S1, and this is most likely a display bug. In any case, thanks for the heads up.

Even in the case it’s not a display bug, it would seem so far that nothing was planned for the Strv, and at worst a case of signals getting mixed up. That said, I’m sure many an owner will now be doing some quick tests in game.

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Strv S1 Nerf?

31 thoughts on “Strv S1 Nerf?

    1. Sandor Nagy says:

      Check QB’s promo video about the TD! Traverse was never 26° and compare it with the current stats. It has been nerf-ed without money-back option for players.

  1. Vidar Hook says:

    You got my hopes up there for a second. I would love to see them both buff and nerf premium vehicles, but it would have to be done with caution so nobody gets the impression that they buff temporarily for money.

  2. Lafie says:

    The EU forums seem to have (finally <.<) agreed on this most likely being a display bug.

    Something some of us were suspecting it to be since day one.

    Unfortunately while overall a very nice site, tanks gg has more than it's fair share of those, case in point the Leo (Swe tier 7) in garage model on the site has been broken ever since it first got added.

    1. Altho its weird that this “display bug” is only for the 9.19 stats but is correct for 9.17.1 and 9.18 stats.

      The only way for a bug to occure is if someone tried to change something but ai see no reason for it.

      Its really up in the air for now

    2. Sandor Nagy says:

      No one agrees that this is a display bug. Check QB-s release video in which he is promoting the STRV S1, then check the td’s current stats. Solved. It has been nerf-ed without the spine to announce it.

  3. Phat_Buddah says:

    I personaly DONT think it´s a BUG, i feel that stealthnerfing is a part of this game development, i´m specially interested in these Swedish TD´s, i love to play TD, no matter the Nation, but still the SE ones have got me specially, i like the playstyle. So here is my note. The Strv S1 had been nerfed, stealh or just unannounced, duno, but it´s been nerfed in pariculary the increased terrain resistance, from Day 1 it was riding along side with UDES, sometimes it even feelt better than UDES uphill, nowdays it never could hold up with UDES, and when climbing, that you can forget now, i have a tactic where i know on second how long it takes to get to a sertain point from spawn, and depending on the map rotation, that time has been incresed a lot during this time STRV S1 has been in game. So conclution, yes the increased terrain resistance is a fact, i was just woundering when this kinda stealh/hidden nerfing would bubble to surface. I even “feel” that When intoducing a premium tank, after a wile it´s loosing its performance gradualy by time, its damn worth to enlight for discussion.

    1. Cartman says:

      Check the Wiki and you will see the 26 degrees hull traverse there from the first version of the page in March.
      Or check QuickyBaby’s preview from March 20th, he uses and at 4:13 into the video you can clearly see 26 degrees tank traverse and terrain resistances of 1.4 / 1.5 / 2.6.
      If I would take all these whining about stealth nerfs serious I would come to the conclusion that by entering a battle with a Löwe or Type 59 I would lose 100K credits…

    1. The changes in question are related to the tank’s siege mode. doesn’t show the stats for siege mode in the compare feature you’re linking to.

      In order to see the nerf, you have to open two tabs with the strv S1, one from 9.17 and the other from 9.19. Set them both to siege mode and you will see the changes.

      1. Cartman says:

        The question is: did the STRV S1 really turn that much faster in siege mode than in normal mode? The difference is nearly 9 degrees a second, that is something everyone who owns this tank should be able to notice.
        From what I’ve seen in videos I don’t think the S1 ever turned faster in siege mode than normal mode so it’s a bug. Showing the siege mode stats is something had to implement and we don’t know where they took the data from.
        The UDES and both Strv 103 show the same, better values in siege mode than normal mode up until 9.19.

    1. Sandor Nagy says:

      I hope when you pay for a 24″ screen you will only get a 18″ and the manufacturer says “what is your problem?!” .. only then you will understand the situation.

  4. seb4771 says:

    The S1 have NERF, just play 1 game with 9.19 and this tank is circle by anything (in siege mode OR without siege mode) + mobility is horrible.
    You want good position but “a rock” appear, sorry it’s impossible.

    With 9.18, nothing circle you in siege mode, light or others. A small rock it’s just slow down you but is ok to pass.

  5. Phat_Buddah says:

    just to clerify, i´v just watch a tankreview of QB from 20th of Mars 2017 here: and if you all compare those stats wich he present to nodays you will find a significant diffrence in terrain resistance:
    Hard old.0,80 – new.1,34
    Medium old. 0,90 – new. 1,44
    Soft old. 1,60 – new 2,49

    I have even scanned all WGs homepages for some notes of nerfing, not a single one, so clearly they have yet another time screwed us over.

    1. Stekarmalen says:

      WTF!! Are they even allowed todo that?? They Said that if any changes were made you woud be able to refound???

    2. Sandor Nagy says:

      Request real-money refund as this is not the product you have payed X amount of – insert currency – approximately a month ago. Like buying a 24″ screen and week after the manufacturer replaces it with a 18″.. simple stealing.

  6. Sandor Nagy says:

    I’m so glad that I have requested money refund on this after seeing the patchnotes. Whoever says that premiums should be nerfed either 1., does not have any 2., he/she is sick of getting beaten by them or 3., has never bought for example a screen for his/her computer. What would you do If you’d pay for 24″ screen and after a week the manufacturer would come and replace the 24″ with 18″ screen? You would be furious and pissed, quite rightfully as that is not the product you have payed for. In my opinion, nerfing any premium has to come with a total money (not in-game gold) refund option as choice!

  7. seb4771 says:

    The sell of STRV S1 by WG stats day 1 :

    Vitesse de rotation (mode déplacement | mode siège) : 26 deg/s | 35 deg/s
    Passer au mode tir / au mode déplacement : 2,00 / 1,25 s
    Capacité de franchissement (terrain normal / modérément meuble / meuble) (mode déplacement | mode siège) : 1,40 / 1,50 / 2,60 | 0,80 / 0,90 / 1,60

    Today is :

    26 deg/s | 35 deg/s : 27.11 / 36.5 at 9.18, good buff => 27.11/27.11 at 9.19. no change IF you want circle.

    1.25 s => 1.3 s (ok, not big nerf)

    1.40/1.5/2.6 => 1.34/1.44/2.49 is good, it’s small buff after sell (9.18 + 9.19 same stats and ingame is same)

    0.8/0.9/1.6 siege mode 9.18 => 0.77/0.86/1.53, good buff with 9.18 => 0.77/0.86/1.53 siege mode 9.19 => 1.34/1.44/2.49… it’s big NERF, not just “text bug”.

    The tank doesn’t FAST circle in siege mode.

  8. Cartman says:

    Official statement about what happened:

    Summary: there are separate game files for the characteristics in travel mode and siege mode. Initially WG put values into the siege mode file that the game did not use but showed these unused values for the siege mode.
    With 9.19 WG now removed these values from the siege mode file.

  9. DickHerMax says:

    People still believe in display bugs in systems fetching data directly from the files/server?
    Yea, the old bug with M53/55 collision model was also an accident. After 3 phases of common test where nothing was wrong, the model went FUBAR just like that, even though not a single thing according to the changelogs has been changed in that arty.
    It’s standard procedure to fiddle with tanks which are not being changed in the patch…

  10. Lafie says:

    Conway confirmed it to be bogus.

    The quoted info may have changed, but the actual tank turning characteristicks are the same.

    In short, you all need to look somewhere else for why your performance may have dipped in it, I suggest the mirror.

  11. Paweł Wiktor says:

    I have more than 1000battles and 2nd gun mark in this tank – IT’S MOBILITY IS NERFED – I was wandering why this TD suddenly got sluggish. When I couldn get to a location I had bee always using and getting there with my eyes closed – I started to look what’s happened in the internet and just realised IT’S BEEN A SECRET NERF!
    Is it new making money policy of WG – let’s make na OP premium, wait till enough people buy it and then nerf it in a half of a year to bring back the game balance.
    STOP doing this – you are making worse a product I made a buying decision based on it’s performance. There are many other premiums that should be nerfed like E25 that are disrupting the game balance in much serious manner. Why it didn’t happened in E25 case? STOP selling S1 but do not change (worsen) parameters of them already purchased with a real money!

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