Strv S1 Nerf?

Good day everyone,

Quick bit of news but interesting none the less, a user on the WoT Reddit uncovered what would appear to be not only hidden nerfs, but nerfs to a premium vehicle. In this case the Swedish Strv. S1. So what was supposedly changed?


  • decrease hull traverse from 36.50 to 27.11 ° / s 
  • decrease hull traverse (on hard ground) from 34.67 to 25.76 ° / s 
  •  increased terrain resistance from 0.77 / 0.86 / 1 53 to 1.34 / 1.44 / 2.49 
  • extended the transition time to and from siege mode 1.25 to 1.3 seconds


However, Anton Pankov has come in to clarify that this is more likely than not a display bug:

Hello. We have checked on the Strv. S1, and this is most likely a display bug. In any case, thanks for the heads up.

Even in the case it’s not a display bug, it would seem so far that nothing was planned for the Strv, and at worst a case of signals getting mixed up. That said, I’m sure many an owner will now be doing some quick tests in game.

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