Strv. S1 Updated Model

Brief bit, the Swedish Premium TD has recieved a few additions to its visual model. Courtesy of the lads at Dom1n.

Looks very nice indeed.

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Strv. S1 Updated Model

27 thoughts on “Strv. S1 Updated Model

  1. Adry_kie says:

    I have a question, this tank will be in some offers like the patriot or will be in the tech tree like the new germans for gold? I want it for gold…

    1. "Light" tank-player says:

      Those images have been shrunk from the originals, click on the “view full size” button if you want better quality.

  2. sp15 says:

    looks wrong, the cuopla should be equipped with a 20mm autocannon instead of a mg for instance. but wg is far beyond the point of caring about getting the swedish tanks right anyway.

    1. And im tempted to fly over there and start knocking some heads around. Theres no reason to change them from their historical properties, even in the name of “balance”

    2. "Light" tank-player says:

      SP15, do you mean pintle-mounted or partially inside the cupola, as with the M48 ?
      Really enjoy your historical info, thanks for posting it 🙂

    3. I’ve never heard of this tank before WG started on it for the game… Did this tank actually exist? Where can I find more info about it?
      Looks cool though. 🙂

  3. Hang in there boys, wargaming is going to over buff this tank on release, can’t be having any of that sensible history getting in the way of quality gameplay. Hmm, what’s that? not going in the in-game store? What an exclusive surprise. May every medium and light tank be damned trying to kill camping tank destroyers because that’s the job of heavy tanks. They’re the only tanks that can survive 288 mm of penetration. What’s that? None of the heavy tanks can bounce 288 mm of penetration? We better introduce a tier 8 tank with comparable armor with an IS-7. Balance gents.

    Good thing I’m not jumping the gun on saying this premium tank looks pretty well balanced at the moment. Otherwise I’d look like a complete idiot when wargaming changes it last second.

    1. Kehldon says:

      You are aware that it only got 30 mm frontal armor right?
      Every HE is going to pen if they dont bounce and shooting under the tank probebly will do shitloads of damage.

      Anyone knows what the acc in seigemode is? I presume the 0.4 is mobility mode…

      1. Please don’t take offense to this, but most people don’t read wargaming’s wiki on game mechanics. I’ll provide you a link, feel free to explore and relevant information is under 8 penetration mechanics>8.1 impact angles>8.1.3 overmatch.

        HE doesn’t get normalization and can never overmatch armor, all it can do is splash unless you get above the tank and shoot down above it. Otherwise, tanks with shell calibers of 90mm, 88mm, 86.2, 76, and so forth, mostly non russian tanks. Will face a 90% auto richochet target due to the tank’s sloping similar to the tier 9 and tier 10 swedish tank destroyers with exception they require 122mm guns and larger to be overmatched. says the current dispersion in siege mode is .30 and you are correct .4 is mobility mode. Be sure to go to the options tab and toggle to base values mode as it is defaulted to effective values.

    2. mattbrix02 says:

      Any tank that belongs to strv line is utter shit at close range, so to compensate they’re masters of sniping.

      It’s extremely helpless like arty on close range, been there done that.

      1. Hi Mattbrix, I made a comment about overmatch mechanics already to Kehldon, it’s awaiting moderation so you probably didn’t get a chance to read it. Sorry for the long reply but I just wanted to say the extra armor, mobility, camouflage, and amazing gun do not make the tank helpless at close range. Please don’t argue with me if you didn’t read my full reply.

        Deep breaths, whew, the 30mm of general armor will prevent most equal tiered mediums and light tanks that run 90mm guns or less to auto ricochet due to over match mechanics. The Strv also has above average hull traverse, especially in siege mode, 35 degrees traverse speed even with 8 degrees in reverse will make this tank very formidable against being circled. Otherwise, 45 kilometer reverse speed will get the tank out of trouble easily. 288mm of penetration doesn’t even have to hit a weak point to penetrate and the ammunition is a very fast apcr standard round. Ideal for hitting fast mediums or light tanks. Thick slabs of spaced armor all over the side of the tank on top of a very small chassis means that the Strv can be a struggle for players with low caliber guns firing on the move. This is all of course assuming that it can ever be spotted in the first place.

        Future changes like nerfs to the accuracy of light tanks as well as rechargable consumables will make fighting Strv’s more difficult in close quarters. Most competitive drivers will run two repair kits anyways to maximize their carry potential.

        The bread and butter is still indeed snipping with .3 accuracy in siege mode. The main difference between this tank and the tier 8 is the difference in armor and mobility. I would just like to point out that the armor does make Strv type tanks fairly formidable in close range if the driver ever chooses to be crazy enough to fight at those ranges in the first place.

        Sorry for the long reply, I just didn’t want you to confuse Strv type td’s with the UDES and its predecessors or even think of them as artillery. Artillery has their own long topic so I’ll avoid that for now. Congratulations on making it to the end!

  4. Patata Caliente says:

    Definitely an improvement. I still won’t buy it, though, because I don’t like the play style of these Swedish high-tier TD at all.

  5. Dontspill McGinnis says:

    I was rather hoping that the announcement meant it was finally on sale.
    Obviously the need for a yet another Russian Heavy trainer (252u / Defender) far outweighed the need for a solitary Swedish TD trainer.
    I suppose they figure that anyone driving the STRV series will already have the Swedish female crew from the Christmas special so wont need a trainer.

    I’ve kept the Udes 03, the STRV 103-0 AND the STRV 103B because I enjoy them all despite their well documented “limitations”, so really want the trainer.
    I want it NOW godammit!

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