Studyanki Map: 7th Version…


There is an update in the 9.15 SuperTest, Studyanki has been updated for the 7th and 8th version:

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If you check these previous links you can read what were my worries and how this map could turn into a complete disaster. On this latest version I’m fairly satisfied with the Factory and the area behind both sides of it which is meant for TDs has been improved, TD’s can now escape without becoming so exposed and easily spotted from middle(*).

(*)Although I’ve been a strong advocate for Light Tanks who have been neglected for this past years, this map is being made mostly for faster vehicles but there are limits of what they deserve, still you can see on each change that the map makers are actually trying and they are attempting to make Studyanki as fair as possible for each role, I guess miracles happen after all.

 Which Version you like the most?

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Studyanki Map: 7th Version…

21 thoughts on “Studyanki Map: 7th Version…

  1. StumpyDaPaladin says:

    While i am enduring the current lack of selection with map choices in WoT. I can do so with more cheer knowing that WG is putting for the effort to ensure that when new maps DO (eventually) get released they wont be full of fail.

    Thanks WG.

  2. Grabarz says:

    so they changed only the building area for more open – arty players are pleased ?
    those 2 halls looks similar to Pilzno buildings

    this map is lack of content at middle of it … Standard tactic in WOT heavy to the city/buildings, medium to the open area – this map has 80 or even 90% open area and no matter where you go arty will shoot you for 2000 dmg …

    well i still not understanding why they cant make more vertical maps like “South Coast” which one is deleted – for no reason ? or “Dragon Ridge” and even if they are unfair for some reasons – why not let them stay meanwhile working on other upgrades to those maps not just deleting them … and forcing us to play 5maps same time … over and over

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      I don’t see what is this “map rotation” thing going around, I either don’t play enough to notice this, or I don’t get the same maps often, but I think this is bullshit.

      Anyway, Studyanki, the middle would enjoy some Prok-ish slopes and shrubbery around the middle and scattered all over. The heavies need their spot, what you gonna do.

    2. That middle area looks more designed for light tanks to hide and peekaboo with bushes and trees to cover their movement and hills to hide behind for when they’re spotted. Fast mediums might be okay there too?

      In any case, if you’re getting wrecked by arty in fast mediums and lights you are bad. As a small, fast tank, you should pray arty wastes its time shooting at you instead of your fatter mates.

  3. shadyrush says:

    Thanks for the update rita. As far as I can tell this map is going to demand more tactical awareness from the players. However, I’m doubtful about the actual role of light tanks on this map. While the map does seem to favour speed it doesn’t look useful to have a light spotting the middle because of the hills blocking LOS with the locations where I assume action is going to take place.

    This is of course going to depend on the hight of the hills, but if they’re anything like the ones on erlenberg. Well.. You know what I mean.

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      I play lights and Scouts myself, but considering the state of medium tanks and light tanks now, I believe the though that lights are scouts is largely obsolete. They’re smaller and faster medium tanks with smaller guns, that can sweep around for distraction, penetrate soft flanks to get to artillery, and deliver surgical strikes on flanks. Obviously it’s risky, you might look like a suicide scout to others, but eh, what else are you going to do?

      1. shadyrush says:

        As a light tank player myself I get what you mean. It’s just a shame that this map doesn’t cater to the light tank’s strength as much as was promised. Sure, light tanks keep camo on the move. But what use is it when there is no cover. In this version of the map, high tier mediums will do everything lights can do but better.

      2. stormcrow99 says:

        You do realise that high tier mediums do already do everything a light can do, except more, faster, more effectively and better. The whole concept of… well, any other tank other than high-quality jack-of-all-trades medium tanks is in the game purely for the “why the fuck not?” purpose. They’re snipers, they’re lights, they’re heavies, some even all at once.
        (And no, you don’t even need to be a blind faggot at the end of the map with a disgustingly large gun.)

  4. The middle of the Map is almost completely open with zero real cover for any tanks (again

    Why do WG Map devs still continue to create ‘dead zones’ in the middle of most open maps, its just a big area of wasted space (deliberately) to create artificial ‘safe corridors at the sides therefore ‘forcing’ anyone with a brain to avoid centre of maps

    put a small forest or thickets of bushes in the middle for LTs or TDs to get sneaky in at least it opens up the map usable area by a huge 50%, surely making it a better more enjoyable map to play on

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      It’s obvious nobody is ever taking the center, unless there is something to conquer specifically. Getting surrounded is never a favorable situation, and that is best avoided by being with your back against a wall, that surely won’t shoot back. Map size has a lot to do with this. If the maps were as big as they are in WoWs for example, the sides would be the middle, and it would seem as if though the middle is an interesting choice.

  5. I think I like version 8 much better. This will give heavy’s a chance to push forward safely without being sniped down lanes that easily by TD’s. Also it give great cover from Arty’s

  6. stormcrow99 says:

    The version 8 is most definitely the way to go. Now if only the yellow house could have a hole in the middle, just about 2 tanks wide, would improve the flanking options.

    About the middle of the map, some bushes, some slopes would be great stuff.

    But it looks like a genuinely good map, where every class matters. Or at least is given a role to fulfill. (then again, mediums as they are now will just do everything. Especially the soviets and the E-50s)

    1. Or should I say, the 8th version is the best so far. I like how they are being as thorough as possible with this one. All the maps that need rebalancing, they should take their time and make it right. In the meanwhile just lower the possibility of that map being chosen in the queue

  7. party1c says:

    its simple.

    you cant make a “fair” or “balanced” map if the “balance” between tank classes is all messed up.

    bring back TD camo, but make their armor weaker/hp-pool lower when needed.

    bring back all the bushes and trees so you can effectivly scout/snipe/flanc.

    nerf scout-guns so they are forced to do their job. (ist scouting, not beeing a super mobile long-range sniper that is able to kill every other tank class in a dogfight)

    make the gameplay slower and more tactical again. bring back the “rock/paper/scissors”-mechanik.

    today its just “wich team has the faster setup and brings more guns on that one hill/heatzone on the map” in 90% of the battles.

    1. AnnoyedScout says:

      Nerf scout guns? Are you fucking mad? They already have no armour, no hitpoints, and a lot of the time no view range advantage. If you want scouts to scout, then you need to provide sight-lines and cover. Most of which have been removed. Thank god WG don’t listen to the shit spouted on these comment threads.

  8. Yak0v_Andreyevitz says:

    When will they give the map a correct name of STUDZIANKI?

    Seriously guys, it’s like naming other maps Kargov, Ctalinkrad or Parish…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Let’s have a FLAT map for once. Like how WOWS has Ocean, WOT can use a map with no cover whatsoever. Let’s see how tanks fair in this kind of map.

  10. Loch7009 says:

    Im looking forward to this map for a number of reasons
    1. It might allow me to enjoy playing tds again.
    2. It might mean that I can enjoy playing arty again. To be fair though i’ve only ever had ONE city map in the hundred or so games that I’ve played in my m40/m43
    3. This is type of map that is needed for world of tanks. A map that encourages smarter play.

    P.S. What the hell are you saying PARTY1C? Scouts can’t do their job at the moment due to the amount of bushes

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