Studyanki Map: 7th Version…


There is an update in the 9.15 SuperTest, Studyanki has been updated for the 7th and 8th version:

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If you check these previous links you can read what were my worries and how this map could turn into a complete disaster. On this latest version I’m fairly satisfied with the Factory and the area behind both sides of it which is meant for TDs has been improved, TD’s can now escape without becoming so exposed and easily spotted from middle(*).

(*)Although I’ve been a strong advocate for Light Tanks who have been neglected for this past years, this map is being made mostly for faster vehicles but there are limits of what they deserve, still you can see on each change that the map makers are actually trying and they are attempting to make Studyanki as fair as possible for each role, I guess miracles happen after all.

 Which Version you like the most?

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