Studzianka Map Update


there’s an update on the Studzianka map, its nearly completed but the devs still require to chose which version they should pick:

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Studzianka Map Update

18 thoughts on “Studzianka Map Update

  1. Rump_Wrangler says:

    If they want us to be able to judge it they should release some topographical maps with contouring. As it is now it is kind of hard to judge where you can gets shots from, and where there is hard cover from terrain.

  2. Teknokraatti says:

    I prefer the version 2. The western big hill seems to be more accessible and the small hill on the western depression provides enough cover to not become completely useless noobtrap. Version 2 seems to have less foliage though, which is a shame. It looks like a quite nice to me however, something bit more open for a change.

  3. SlayerBR says:

    well at least its not a corridor map, but the version 1 looks better than the version 2, since it provides more camo cover for everyone, just afraid if they use it, it will become a camper map, maybe in that aspect the version 2 would be better

  4. Gkirmathal says:

    Pref v2 atm, as it seems it has less non climbable steep ridges, which version one seemingly has in a lot of. But without a good flyover video it is hard to judge.

  5. wfschepel says:

    I think I like version 1 a little bit better, but like everybody else said: without any idea of what the actual ground looks like, it is impossible to say anything for certain. I picked version one because it seems to have a bit more bushes.

  6. Ramenrasengan says:

    I picked version 2 because lets be honest: the main change here is n the west part of the map. in version one, the right side of the area is cut off due to the high hills. This to me makes it a corridor area. However, in version two, they removed the high hill part, which could mean some crossfire from the town to the west side. Plus they added that tiny bump in the middle on the west side, maybe allowing for some creative strats instead of “sidescrape corner, win.” I just feel like ver. 2 is less corridory.

  7. How are we supposed to vote for something that we know nothing about?
    A minimap view shows basically nothing, since you cant see the hights of the map and where it is possible to shoot, where you can be in cover and so on..
    I hope that they don’t look at this vote and base anything on this..

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