SU-100 Cat House


while I’m writing other things, checked my email inbox and one of you, MoLoToF sent me a homemade SU-100 Cat house:

Now, I know some of you don’t like cats and I respect it but you gotta admit this is impressive and its something that could be done even as a dog house or as hiding place for fishes in a aquarium. 🙂


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SU-100 Cat House

24 thoughts on “SU-100 Cat House

  1. Crazy_Cripple says:

    great… more kak posted like this. why dont you start posting wows stuff to make it seem like your blog is successful.

    1. MrEdweird says:

      I guess the rest of the world should apologize to you for you not liking every single thing Rita posts.
      It’s a blog, that means she can post whatever she wants, doesn’t matter how related / unrelated to games about combat vehicles it is.

      I suppose the world should also apologize for making you have to move your fingers to type your pointless comment, too? Her blog IS successful compared to a billion other that aren’t. What exactly are you losing here? You’re either trying to appear stupid or you love Rita’s blog so much you can’t express it in anything other than hate.

    2. Teobold Tor says:

      This might be a hard concept for you CC, but you can always not click on posts that don’t interest you. Or if the whole blog is uninteresting to you, there’s a little X at the top of the tab you can click and you don’t have to suffer.
      And neither do we, when you start dripping like a septic arsehole in the comments section.

  2. Actually a dog would be better suited for it as when they sit, they generally sit taller and more up right, meaning with a few clever design aspects, the dogs head would poke through the Commander’s (dogmander’s?) hatch making it look like he/she is commanding the tank.

  3. Pulsar_PT says:

    LooL Rita, that is really a Portuguese thing, we do Know how to do a litle everything… 😀 with that response you makingme lough a lot…

  4. James k says:

    I have a question for you it’s a little off the cat topic but…
    Yestarday during the NA livestream there were some interesting vehicles that were seen in the garage one of which I recognized as the KRUPP-STEYR WAFFENTRAGER. Do you have any more info of the fate of any of these vehicles

  5. D.K. says:

    As we all know there is a lot of rumour, that cats will rule the planet one day….. and now they even learn to use tanks. 🙂

  6. Killcandy says:

    A perfect model would be a certain tier VI american TD. It’s got an open top so the cat can get in and curl up and you can put a bed in there. Add to that it’s name is appropriate.

    Yes I mean the Hellcat.

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