Super Conqueror and 9.20.1

Good day everybody,

Seems the post update drought of WoT related news is finally ending as WG preps for update 9.20.1. First up, the Super Conqueror, which will fully replace the current Tier X FV215b. This will be done in the same manner as the Foch 155/Foch B, in that the FV will be given a special vehicle status and remain in the garage for all who currently own it and have it in their garage when the update drops:


So far 9.20.1 is looking at a release in mid to late October, with official announcements looking to be September 13th or 14th, with testing beginning in early October.

Other changes in the patch will include many of the previously mentioned changes we’ve been posting here, including those to Tier X light tanks, British mediums & heavies, as well as some MM changes and HD tank models.

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