Super Conqueror- Supertest Stats

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Brief, but neat, bit from supertest: The Super Conqueror. In case you don’t know what this is, it is a British Conqueror with a historical spaced armor layout (the turret at least), the rendering of which we linked to a few months back. From the supertest card, it is looking to be a new Tier X. Whether that will be an alternative to the FV215b or some form of clan reward has yet to be announced in any official capacity, though some are saying it may be a replacement in the same way the Foch B replaced the Foch 155, with the original remaining as a special vehicle:


  • Tier X
  • HP: 2,350
  • Weight: 73t
  • Engine Power: 950hp
  • Power to Weight: 13.01 hp/t
  • Speed: +34.3/-12 kph
  • Hull Traverse: 26 ° / s
  • Turret Traverse: 32 ° /s
  • Hull Armor: 152/76/38 mm
  • Turret Armor: 279/89/70
  • View Range: 400m
  • Signal Range: 782.1m

  • Gun: 120mm L1A1
  • DMG: 400/400/515
  • Penetration: 259/326/120 mm
  • DPM: 2691.2
  • Reload: 9.3 sec.
  • Accuracy: 0.33
  • Aim Time: 2 seconds
  • Depression/Elevation: -7/+15 deg.



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Super Conqueror- Supertest Stats

40 thoughts on “Super Conqueror- Supertest Stats

    1. heinz says:

      Why do you all want the chieftain? If you want a tank that has not enough armour to be a heavy and is to slow to be a medium why don’t you try out the T110E5.

    2. jenik2398 says:

      The chieftain deserves a whole new line. Really. I did some research and there could be heavies at least from tier V to tier X

      Tier V – Valiant (maybe with buffed stats or canadian’s prototype guns 40 and 57mm)

      Tier VI – Super excelsior (Excelsior with 152mm armor and 17 pdr gun)

      Tier VII – Churchill avre 165 (L9 – 165mm howitzer on churchill VII)

      Tier VIII – FV429 heavy/medium tank with cleft turret (something like swedish’s Emils and american 105mm gun (don’t know what, could be same as on T29/T32 or that one on T54E1 – but the british one is autoloader (don’t know if something like IS-3A or 2/3/4 shot

      Tier IX – FV4201 – quite low armor but good angles – 127mm mybe 200-260mm effective – chieftain prototype

      Tier X – Chieftain

      On lower tiers could be tanks like: Independent A1E1, A7, A20 Prototype, Tog I, Vickers Command or Vickers 6 ton

      1. Ion7 says:

        Apparently it was planned to mount the Green Mace gun on the Chieftain chassis…

        I don’t think a 28 round 105mm autoloader with 96 rounds per minute would quite fit in with the game balance though.

      1. Nocomment says:

        There was also a modified turret to go with the spaced armour. There was a sketch I saw. Don’t know if it is the same as the turret that you mention. I think that one was used for ballistic testing. (i think it is the same one but it could be somthing differnet too)

    1. BattleBudgie says:

      No, actually the only fake thing on it is its name. The designation “Super Conqueror” was never used in any document. IRL it’s basically just a Conqueror with experimental 20 mm applique armor on it. The extra armor didn’t really give much protection but it weighed down the already heavy vehicle, so they never started to manufacture these in numbers.

      1. Blackswordsmen says:

        Oh… super conquer… that name never existed… but files for upgraded package is what i was referring to

    1. 0natvar0 says:

      I’m gessing that the will do that with the FV215B that will become a special tank and you will get the Super Conqueror as the normal one.

  1. MrEdweird says:

    Freaking finally. What is that turret though, it’s completely symmetrical and doesn’t look like the one Dave Lister found.

      1. actually, it isn’t. Well, not completely anyway. There are multiple differences:
        – Turret roof
        – Minor difference in the cupola
        – Gun Mantlet
        – unexplained protrusion on the turret side.

        This turret is more like a WG hybrid of the Conqueror turret currently in-game and the Listy’s turret. Except for the armor values though with should be 342mm frontally and 177mm on the side which is not the case.

        Leave it to WG to pull something out of their ass in place of something historical

  2. Backslash says:

    Interesting but there still exist a problem: conqueror and Foch players get a free tank, and us waffentreager e100 players got nothing.

    1. DickHerMax says:

      They said in a recent video (Developer Diaries) that they will try to leave as many top tier tanks for current owners along their new counter parts as possible, but that does not apply to particularly toxic tanks (vide WT auf E100).

  3. George says:

    So, making “special vehicles” is the new trend now for WG ?
    I guess it is another way for them to make some extra moneys. I assume like the Foch155 quite a lot of people will buy gold to transfer free experience before the deadline.
    Hats off to the person who came up with that idea.

  4. real_toothdecay says:

    What are the EFFECTIVE armor values for the hull ? Cause it’s 152mm now, but there’s a blue plate over it.
    Altogether, the bloom nerfs (the bloom on Conq is ALREADY ridiculous) are just stupid.

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