Supertest 9.17.1- Tank Changes

Good day everyone,

Few things from the upcoming supertest session for 9.17.1, so we’ll cover tank and tech tree changes here first.

Tech Tree Changes


First off, the German tree will be seeing some restructuring with its high tier heavies. VK.45.02 A and B are now leading up to the new(ish) Tier 10 heavy, VK.72.01(K). The Maus line will see the addition of the VK.100.1 P and the Mauschen at Tier 8 and 9 respectivly.



Not as drastic as the German tree changes, the Japanese and US tech tree vehicles are getting some attention as well. US superheavy TDs (T28 Proto, T28, T95) will recieve as peed boost to bring them into the more dynamic combat of todays game.


The Japanese high tier heavies will now recieve new gun options and high-explosive shells, making them a bit more of a natural progression from their lower tier counterparts.

 Individual Tank Changes


T1110E5 will be recieving a few armor nerfs, most notably an nerf to the commanders cupola.


Grille 15

Grille will recieve the following:

-Engine Power reduced from 900 to 850.

-Reverse Speed reduced from 20kph to 15 kph.

-Gun Depression reduced from -8° to -7°.

-Reload increased from 16.5 sec to 18 sec.

-Shell velocity for 15cm Pak L/56 reduced from 1350mps to 1200mps.



-View range increased from 350 to 360m.

-Accuracy increased from .42 to .37.

-Aim time reduced from 2.5 sec to 2.2 sec.

– Will recieve the following shell replacements:

·UBR-365K (160/126) is replaced by UBR-365KBM (180/144).
·UBR-365P (160/167) is replaced by UBR-365PBM (180/194).
·UOF-365K (280/43) replaced by UOF-365BM (300/44).


Centurion Mark 1 & 7/1

-Top speeds increased from 40kph to 50kph.

-Type A 20-pdr gun reload time reduced from 8 to 7.5 seconds with Centurion Mk III turret.

-Royal Ordnance L7A1 reload decreased from 12 to 11.2 seconds with Centurion Mk. 9 turret.



-Max speed increased from 40 to 50kph.



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