Supertest 9.17.1- Tank Changes

Good day everyone,

Few things from the upcoming supertest session for 9.17.1, so we’ll cover tank and tech tree changes here first.

Tech Tree Changes


First off, the German tree will be seeing some restructuring with its high tier heavies. VK.45.02 A and B are now leading up to the new(ish) Tier 10 heavy, VK.72.01(K). The Maus line will see the addition of the VK.100.1 P and the Mauschen at Tier 8 and 9 respectivly.



Not as drastic as the German tree changes, the Japanese and US tech tree vehicles are getting some attention as well. US superheavy TDs (T28 Proto, T28, T95) will recieve as peed boost to bring them into the more dynamic combat of todays game.


The Japanese high tier heavies will now recieve new gun options and high-explosive shells, making them a bit more of a natural progression from their lower tier counterparts.

 Individual Tank Changes


T1110E5 will be recieving a few armor nerfs, most notably an nerf to the commanders cupola.


Grille 15

Grille will recieve the following:

-Engine Power reduced from 900 to 850.

-Reverse Speed reduced from 20kph to 15 kph.

-Gun Depression reduced from -8° to -7°.

-Reload increased from 16.5 sec to 18 sec.

-Shell velocity for 15cm Pak L/56 reduced from 1350mps to 1200mps.



-View range increased from 350 to 360m.

-Accuracy increased from .42 to .37.

-Aim time reduced from 2.5 sec to 2.2 sec.

– Will recieve the following shell replacements:

·UBR-365K (160/126) is replaced by UBR-365KBM (180/144).
·UBR-365P (160/167) is replaced by UBR-365PBM (180/194).
·UOF-365K (280/43) replaced by UOF-365BM (300/44).


Centurion Mark 1 & 7/1

-Top speeds increased from 40kph to 50kph.

-Type A 20-pdr gun reload time reduced from 8 to 7.5 seconds with Centurion Mk III turret.

-Royal Ordnance L7A1 reload decreased from 12 to 11.2 seconds with Centurion Mk. 9 turret.



-Max speed increased from 40 to 50kph.



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Supertest 9.17.1- Tank Changes

87 thoughts on “Supertest 9.17.1- Tank Changes

  1. Infernal969 says:

    Wow, only took them 20 years to nerf the E5.
    We’ll see what that “nerf” looks like, considering that sometimes they seem to have no idea what they are doing with the armor models.
    Also, fuck Grille and every wanker that drives it.

    1. Exhar Khun says:

      I hadn’t expected to ever agree with you on anything 😉 But it seems we have some common ground:

      “Also, fuck Grille and every wanker that drives it.” Amen.

      1. A Dude says:

        It’s got the second worst power to weight ratio out of any T8 medium (at around 12 hp/ton, which is comparable to a Tiger I), but it has also the single best terrain resistance in its class, which makes up for the lack of acceleration by not losing much speed in turns and on bad terrain.
        This actually makes the mobility of the FV4202 comparable to that of the Centurion I, whereas the latter accelerates faster but is less maneuverable. I played both tanks.

        The guns are stat-wise almost absolutely similar, with the FV actually having even better aim time at 2 seconds, for that it sacrifices a bit of view range (390 base VR on the FV, 400 base VR on the Cent).

      2. FV4202 P relies mostly on its ground resistances to get it going. It means the tank can turn and accelerate on the flat decently but hills, destructible objects, or even the slightest incline will almost always butcher your mobility. Funny enough, you can really mess with 4202 players by damaging their tracks and hurting their ground resistances.

      1. Tommy_Gun says:

        LoL…. I guess too many players have this tank… MORE WHINING ! And it will go 90 km/h ! ! ! xD 😀

  2. VladCelTroll says:

    -T1110E5 will be recieving a few armor nerfs, most notably an nerf to the commanders cupola.

    They finally realized just how OP that thing is. Now, as someone stated earlier, let’s hope that WG nerfed it a lot. Otherwise, if it’s still OP, then screw them.

    1. They nerfed it so much that an aimed shot pens, but you cant just snap shot at it and pen every time, my guess would be that its somewhere inbetween 210 and 220mm from the current 228.

    1. Nocomment says:

      Ambivalent about the actual changes tho the depression is a bit of a low blow, but didn’t WG make a thing of how well it had been balanced and that it wouldn’t need nerfing after a few patches….

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what there going to do about people who have already unlocked the maus, prob need tiger p to research the vk100.01p nad the vk45.02b for the tier 10

  4. VladCelTroll says:

    Also, new HD tanks incoming. So far I’ve only spotted the VK 30.02 D, Panther II, Indien-Pz? (Not sure about this one), E-50?, E-50M?.

  5. Does the Tiger P still lead to the Ferdi? Also, a bit unfortunate that I grinded the VK-line just to get to the Maus, and now I have to start at tier VII again -.-

    E5 nerf is very welcome.

    Don’t really know why the T-34-85M needed a buff. It was a T-34-85 with a shittier gun and more armour, but now it’s basically a better version of the thing.

    1. SirNopp says:

      Compared to your “Russian Bias” machines, the E5 is way more powerful than any of them so there is no need to touch them.

  6. name says:

    Any news what with people who grinded for maus and will have to go back to tiger p?
    I’m still at vk45a, but I’m grinding it since tiger p went hd, that is lot of time to go wasted (it’s already wasted, but shoo shoo now).

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hey, don’t dis the A45, it’s actually a very good tank (500 games, 56% win rate, 1.5 destruction ratio). It’s a heavy medium with a fast gun that’s very accurate when on the move. Track the higher tiers, bully the lower tiers, and if you’re going one-on-one in the open, autoaim the enemy.

    2. That definitely doesn’t need a buff, maybe they could buff the hull armour a bit, but the gun is one of the best of the tier 7 heavies in terms of DPM/gun handling, its quite mobile good view range, good gun depression and turret armour, Its no t29, but I wouldn’t say its underpowered. (Its one of my favourite premiums, but then again I love it for being british alone, and we don’t have many premium tanks at higher tiers. Only this and fv4202…)

  7. OopsAA says:

    Frist the WT auf E100 trade-in, now it gets a hard nerf to? I feel dybbel screwed by WG! Maybe we all better stick to only grinding russian armor…. Give me back my autoloader German TD!

    1. SirNopp says:

      Dunno why you’re complaining when the Grille 15 is still one of the most mobile TDs with a competitive gun and a semi-ish turret after the nerf. The people who play the Foch 155 or the Object 268 should be the ones complaining because those things are almost completely useless coz shit mobility, shit armour and shitty gun handling

    1. Nocomment says:

      There was a Q&A posted here where it was mentioned that they had some plans for the British HT’s including a new turret for the Caern’ tho they didn’t mention any buffing

  8. Lol FV4202 is still so shit that it needs to be buffed every other patch. I do hope they are referring to the FV4202 P and not a new british tank line FV4202. On the other hand, the FV4202 P’s engine power is a bit too awful to even push the tank at 40 km/hr at the moment so this might be a new fantasy top speed. Centurion 7/1 probably needed some buffs, it will be quite a bit more competitive and the 20 pounder will also have a substantial dpm buff making it more viable. If only the T-54 had the same relative premium penetration on its 100mm. No reason to rebalance russian bias there. T110E5 probably had the nerf long coming although if the armor could have remained and other stats like DPM or mobillity could have been sacrificed. Using a heavy tank that has a fussy and unreliable weak point is very frusterating. T34-85M was pretty unpopular because people never saw the armor as anything useful. The same could be said about a lot of these tanks that are getting buffs, their armor just does not work well enough to justify their mobility.

    The Grille 15, the prince of camping is getting a nerf? We must protest immediatly that the best tier X TD is going to be fairly average now.

  9. NDGR says:

    Could someone pls explain why they nerf the Grille? I mean, only the 3 extreme alpha tds are doing worse in terms of average dmg per game. The reason why the 4th worst performing td needs a serious nerf is way beyond me….

    1. Infernal969 says:

      Just because a bunch of shitters get their asses handed to them because the tank has no armor doesn’t mean that it’s a balanced tank. This shit along with the E5s makes playing tier 10 a nightmare.

      1. Anonymous says:

        there is no problem with e5 or grile or any TANK, remove the f*cking clickers from the game and its perfect…

    2. Don’t know where you’re getting your numbers but the Grille 15 is the best TD in the game in terms of damage per game and in the top 10 highest average damaging tanks. In the past 30 days, people have played 300,000 more games in the Grille 15 than the TVP T50/51 and you can’t rack that many games up on pro players alone.

      Only tanks better are premiums and recent released tanks like the kranvagen played by the a better than average audience for their tournament/clan war value. Simple matter is that you don’t have to be good at the game to use the Grille 15 if you can run into people’s faces and dpm them through brute force. The next best TD is the obj 263 normally played by hipster pros and we know average potatoes are playing the Grille with above average damage because 450,000 more games were played in the Grille rather than the Obj 263.

      The numbers show the Grille 15 is not underpowered in any respect.

      1. Interesting, we have a conflict of statistics, can’t say which is more truthful I’m afraid but you are not in the wrong. I’ll see what other sites say, I’m terribly curious now haha

      2. NDGR says:

        I’m just as curious ^^”
        As I haven’t played wot a lot recently I am unable to say anything about the Grille from in-game experience and was just referring to the average stats known to me. Would be interesting to see which one is correct if any of the two 😀
        Personally I do think the Grille is pretty strong, but so are all Russian tier X meds if played right. But contrary to what I think, a nerf should not happen if the over average player performs better than in other vehicles, but as soon as the average performs better than with anything else. Balancing tanks with regards to their skill cap, which most will never reach, is kinda wrong for a casual player, grinding his/her ass off for a tank they can hardly call fun. The Grille has a high-ish skill cap just like waffle had. Imo the difference is, even the worst player or bots could perform well just be loading gold and fire away. While the Grille might be sometimes a pain in the ass, on paper it is a perfectly balanced tank, trading any kind of protection or health for its firepower and speed.

        All in all, as long as I do not know which stats are true or at least closer to the truth it’s hard to say if it’s performance is too good or not :/
        But hands down, there are stronger tds which simply aren’t that interesting for better players and such do not catch the community’s eye too often.

      3. Hey NDGR! You would be surprised how difficult it is to find an up to date statistics tracker other than the two we used. Many of them don’t even include the Grille 15 and still reference the WT E100 like the change wasn’t made months ago.

        The site above was the only other one that even had the Grille 15 in its data. It is at the top of the list for average damage but it seems hipster tankers that are normally better than average players can keep a better victory average.

        Otherwise, looking at the other sites, I noticed the WT E100 had remarkably high damage but not good win rates. It seamed like the WT E100 was really good at killing people by dumping damage but many players were so bad that they couldn’t carry their respective games after unloading their clip. It might say something about broken tanks but average win rate is not a silver bullet statistic for telling if a tank is broken or balanced. Perhaps the same can be said about Wn8 and for your statistic tracking site, the Grille 15 has some of the highest damage for the lowest Wn8 requirement to do that damage. Exception can be given to the Swedish TD’s as it still is too early to judge their numbers granted they have barely been out for a month. It seems a lot of bad players get big rewards for playing Grille 15 and that’s why they are nerfing it.

        I can probably agree the russian mediums are more broken especially since their achilles heel of being set on fire is very inconsistent. Honestly, a simple heat shell rebalance would fix a lot of tanks. Nothing wrong with anything you said, statistics are open to interpretation and I agree the Grille looks balanced on paper having no armor but it might be that it is too easy for players to get damage with it because the gun and mobility stats are just that amazing. Sorry for disagreeing with you or being mean about anything, it just gets so fun to have these constructive conversations with a decent person, i just lose myself to the typing 🙂

      4. NDGR says:

        Nice hearing from you again 🙂
        All in all Grille might actually deal more damage as you second source leans more towards yours than mine.
        And I do have to agree with you about how good mobility and gun handling is. While wg are not the best company in terms of balancing their product, I do have to admit that these extreme tanks are a real pain to balance out. Just compare the FV4005 and Grille. One of those two kinda worked out, but the FV is pretty much stupid in any regard. I was hoping they might do sth about it, like turning it into stage I without autoloader, if needed even get rid of the hesh to balance the conversion but hey, that’s kinda off topic 😀

        I really do appreciate this conversation. And imo there is nothing to apologize for, it’s a discussion after all 😉

      5. “wg are not the best company in terms of balancing their product,” amen to that haha. And thanks man, it’s a relief to hear that. Also, might I add you are a tad evil for going off topic and talking about autoloaders and starting my curiousity. I’m with you that the FV4005 is quite the rediculous tank. What do you mean by sth and turning it into stage 1 without autoloader? 🙂

  10. Thomas A. says:

    So the Type 4 and 5 will get the same Derp as All there or will the word Kai magicly appear in it.
    Just in case Japan word Kai can mean Upgraded.

    1. Renarde_Martel says:

      From what we know, Type 4/5 will get a 152mm gun as opposed to the 149mm that the lower tiers use. It should do more than 1k raw HE damage.

  11. akstywa says:

    Nerf to e5 I understand but Grille is huge paper TD without camo seems like WG just don’t want german TDs to be any good(they are also nerfing jagdpanzer e100 on sandbox) and DPM argument is bullshit since both russian tier X and Swedish one have ridiculous dpm.

      1. From now on when car dealers make a new car they should always give you a free vehicle and a collection of all the vehicles before it. JK, I think they are announcing these changes early so people like you could hurry and get the Maus. Otherwise, you weren’t that close to getting the Maus in the first place to justify getting a free tier 8 and 9 tank. The Maus takes 180k-190k xp to grind from the vk b so if you have already been grinding to the maus I assume you’re half way there, now just do daily doubles for 2k xp a day, you can make this 3-4k xp a day with reserves and bonuses. For 90k xp you’ll need to just play once a day for a month. You can shorten this grind time by playing maybe an hour on weekends or and hour a day. If you need more xp than 250k then there isn’t a terrible difference from starting again from tier 8, who knows, the new tier X might be to your liking because it is very similar to the VK B. Just my 2 cents on people getting a free pass when those who worked hard to the maus already would get shafted.

        So how did you think they should have changed the german heavy line deadarashi to include new content? Seems like the Maus will have lumbering predecessors that focus on side armor rather than mobility. Always curious for a new point of view ^^

      2. Well considering what happened when they introduced the M103 and T110E5 into the game, players that owned the tier 9 T34 got a free tier 8 premium T34 and players that had the tier 10 T30 HT got a free tier 9 T30 TD as well as the M103 and T110E5

      3. Hmmm had to do some digging through patch notes, you’re right, makes sense to think that by your logic. Other tank replacements were similar, IS-4, you got a free IS-8(T-10) with respective modules researched on the STI, KV-3, you got a free T-150, FV4202, you got a free Centurion AX and FV4202 P, didn’t really happen with the WTF E100, awful panther, or Pz IV S. By all accounts, you had to own the tank being switched in the first place to get a free replacement. Otherwise if you only had the tank researched, some select modules on the new tank would be auto researched for you. Still chancy to bet on this but I have to agree it is in your favor at least for the xp you already have going toward the maus transfering over to respective tier 8 and 9 replacements. Thanks for pointing out the American heavies thing.

      4. no worries in regards to pointing out info on the old American changes.

        I replied your note asking how I would change the German line but it’s awaiting moderation because of a link to a forum post.

        I it all in a blog on my WordPress with a link to the original forum post if you wanted to go look at it and comment there

      5. Thanks for the link Deadarashi! Gave it a read and the article very agreeable from a historical view point. Looks like a really big change however so it’s hard to calculate the total effects on every aspect of the game but with some persistant tweaks to soft stats it is entirely possible. At least from a game balance point, the VK armors at tier 6 are pretty fair for their tier and class (just my opinion since my clan runs them in skirmishes effectively, the Tiger hull and mobility on the HT no IV at least is more of a hindrance than the comparitively more flexible VK H because even at tier 6 a lot of heavies have 150mm of penetration or gold that butters through the Tiger. Maybe if the Tiger turret wasn’t so trash but hard to tell).

        I am with you when you say the tier 7 and 8’s really are underpowered, requiring extremely large helpings of hitpoints and soft stat buffs to keep them functioning at even a lack luster level. I had wondered since the Germans were big on adding external armor attachments and tracks to help extend the use of their tanks why we never see improvements to tanks like the Tiger II and Ferdinand like the life extension of the Pz IV in this manner to keep historical armor values but also balance armor for the game. Currently I haven’t gotten a terrible amount of feed back on this idea so maybe there is a key flaw I am missing. Moving them all down a tier is still effective, but maybe duplicating them between a current Tiger II at tier 7 and a Tiger II with life extensions at tier 8 would help contain the change to more manageable levels. I can’t stress it enough I’m not against the main focus of your idea haha.

        At the higher tiers, now that is more debatable haha. Once again, I can see strong historical value and the in-depth tank stats helps. T29 really set the bar for tier 7 heavies high I see but comparing each tank to the T29 it all seems pretty fair. Nothing outrageously wrong about any of the numbers in my opinion, the tier 8 VK70.01K might be a tad bit too mobile for the new highest alpha tier 8 heavy but it should be fine if the ground resistances and hidden gun handling are tweaked respectively unless I am mistaken that the hull armor is more on par with a jagpanther II which is a hard sell with 100mm side armor. Otherwise, the tier 9’s look respectable. Not sure what stats a lowe would need at tier X to function but at least at tier 8 the tank works pretty well if you wanted to create an effective tier X version with the same gameplay idea. Very neat to read, wargaming needs more ideas like these 🙂

      6. I understand and respect that each person has their own opinion… in saying that I really do enjoy discussing the ideas to get an understanding on the thought process behind it.

        In regards to the VK H and VK P at tier 6, when you compare them to tier 5 tanks like the KV1, Churchill and OI Exp the armor and DPM are actually very fitting for that tier.

        I do agree with you that the hull armor of the VK H more reliable then the Tiger tanks hull… but in saying that the hulls of the Tigers will be more reliable at tier 6 then they are at tier 7 which is an undisputed fact.

        The Ferdinand with the 88 L/71 at tier 7 could be difficult to crack with it’s 200mm of frontal armor but then again the T28 HTC is at tier 7 with 203mm of frontal armor.

        Tiger II at tier 7 is being tested on the the Supertest. The armor would be more alround then turret focused like the T29, you also have tanks like the Black Prince and O-Ni that have more armor frontally, so there’s more then just the T29 to compare to.

        Adding in the “life enchancments” in the form of external armor mods like on the PzIV would retract from the point of trying to make them more effective while maintaining historical accuracy as much as possible.

        The VK70.01K speed was a projection made and listed in Panzer Tracts 20-1, historically if built it could have only been around 30-35km/h as per the other design projections.

        The 100mm of side armor on the VK72.01 sounds like a lot but you have tanks like the KV-4, O-Ho and VK100.01 that have between 105mm and 150mm of side hull armor.

        As for the tier 10, that “PzKKpfw Lowe” is WGs fake “VK72.01” (which should be called VK130.01 mind you) that they are planning to have at tier 10 labeled as the the PzKpfw VII

      7. Hmm makes sense for the VK H and Vk P being compared to tier 5’s. They will have to be as slow as a KV-1 mind you if you’re okay with that, I am going to miss abusing that awesome 50 top speed on the VK H to surprise people down hills. Hopefully a new heavy takes the mantle of epic ram at tier 6 (yes, I know I’m silly).

        True that the tiger is definatly worse off at tier 7 than 6. I was looking at the next patch notes and it seems they are indeed buffing the tiger’s turret armor so we will have to see how that goes.

        Very true about the Ferdinand, to be fair, the T28 concept has lots of weak points and the +-25% penetration roll means the 88 can punch through a T28 a little less than half the time if the ferdinand just doesn’t shoot the view ports pn top and doesn’t want to waste credits on prem rounds. HE is also very effective to the T28’s upper plate so it’s good but only against beginners i’m afraid.

        The Tiger II H turret armor is still very squishy if a T29 fires at it. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not T29 or BP good. I will consider the O-Ni and BP more. The upper hull on the Tiger II is pretty reliable against 175mm pen so I’m guessing it is around 200mm effective. Better than the flat 175mm hull armor on the O-Ni and the 152mm on the BP. This is a bit presumptious of an assumption of me to make but do you think the Tiger II’s armor would function like how the Tiger P’s armor was intended to work except better because of the rework of weak points?

        Toward the addition of fantasy armor mods, that is fair to say it would be unhistorical. I guess it would fall more in line with hypothetical fantasy, thanks! It’s a shame since I find some armor mods like the super pershing and Pz IV to be amazing from a gameplay view point ^^ don’t want to rant but you’re right it would defeat the purpose of a historical rework.

        And alright on the VK, hmm I’ll trust it will work out, as said before it didn’t look absurdly broken for the tier.

        And fair enough comparing the VK’s side armor to those other super heavies. I was stuck comparing it to the T34.

        And (o. O) that is a surprise on the naming convention, thanks for clearing that up.

      8. Nothing to really mention too much here.

        You’re right in mentioning the Tiger tanks turret armor getting buffed but do keep in mind that it’s also getting buffed on the tier 6 HT No VI as well to the same values so once again it wouldn’t make too much difference.

        Tiger II upper plate is about 210mm effective, but as mentioned the turret front is rather weak at 185mm flat, there’s also the thin commander cupola.

        I agree with you on on you points about it being more hypothetical then straight unhistorical in regards to the PzIV and Super Pershing… but if we start going with that then that opens the door to a lot of fake tanks coming in being called “hypothetical tanks”

        Lastly, the Germans had a rather simple naming convention for prototype/project tanks:
        VK = Versuchs Kampffahrzeug or Prototype Vehicle
        The first set of numbers = estimated projected weight
        The second set of numbers = version number

        So the VK100.01 would:
        Prototype Vehicle weighing 100t, version 1

  12. zepherr says:

    Oh boy great now the t110e5 can’t compete with the is-7 great gotta love these fucking retards at wargaming the is-7 is the most broke and op tank in the game not the t110e5 anyone who says else can eat a dick nerf the is-7 now to make it equal the t110e5 after its nerf than all will be well.

  13. real_toothdecay says:

    Still waiting for the CHIEFTAIN. Been waiting.

    BTW, WoT balancing is like a cartoon guy trying to level a table by trimming this leg…no, that leg…………wait, trim the other one………wait……….

    Eventually you get a flat, level table with no legs.

  14. Rocketeer Rockstar says:

    -Royal Ordnance L7A1 reload decreased from 12 to 11.2 seconds with Centurion Mk. 9 turret.
    Not enough WG, rly. 11,2 is still by far the worst Med reload at that Tier.

    -Engine Power reduced from 900 to 850.
    Thats all? So it doesnt change anything at speed and Grille is still the better Med.
    -Gun Depression reduced from -8° to -7°.
    What about -4? Its a TD and not a Hulldown Tank.

    At least they realise some Tanks are Broken as Fuck, i hope they see the other broken tanks too.

  15. Meh grille didn’t need a nerf like that. It’s only good at one thing. Camping. That’s even more so with nerfs like that.

    Not to mention the tank isn’t close to OP and has some of the worst stats of any tier 10 td’s. On top of that the fact is that the gun is a complete joke. 0.27 accuracy my arse hole. RNG shit all over accuracy in this game and it means nothing. Fully aimed shots on is7 sides at 500 m go into the tracks and nothing else while he spins around and snap shots me. And this is common.

    Nerfing the tank will make camping worse. The tank is less able to play an aggressive role (how I like to play it) because you no longer have the engone power or reverse speed to pull back and the dpm sucks now.

    Shell speed change is fine. At short ranges it makes no difference but at super long ranges it will.
    If they want to nerf the top speed to 50 but increase gun handling and track traverse. That would make it playable in an aggressive role rather than relying on being a camper td.

  16. nrnstraswa says:

    Nice buffs to the Centurion 1 and 7/1, nice to the 85M getting a buff too. Looking forward to the details on the T28 Proto changes.

  17. Blankman says:

    As a bloody driver of British tanks, i’m pleased with this change.. Now hopefully it’d be more relevant on the battlefield against its fellow MTs..

  18. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

    They talk about a new, larger-caliber gun for the Type but any news about armor buffs? I don’t expect WG to properly balance premium shells anytime soon but an armor buff would be appreciated. 220mm for the hull cheeks are much too thin. Not to mention my lower glacis plate can be penetrated while angled…

  19. KCHoB says:

    So, if I understand it well, the aim of the balancing game in the end is to have all the tanks whatever nationality or type with similar performances. People do not accept that tank xxx shoots better, rides faster or is more accurate than tank yyy. Like in the real world, you are “incorrect” if you accept that things can be different. No, it must be all the same for everyone.

  20. akstywa says:

    Seems like WG is on quest to nerf all tier X tds into dirt. They killed foch155, they killed 268, Jegeroo got nerf on sandbox now its time for grille. Whats left is 263 and americans(not that good in the first place)

  21. ItzOskarr says:

    lOl… The T110E5 doesn’t need a nerf… The fucking Maus needs to be hit by the Nerfbat. I’m glad the Grille shit is getting a nerf since it’s a cancer tank and everyone that drives one deserves to be shot -_- The T110E5 in my opinion needs a side armour buff, The IS-4 needs a nerf and all those new way too heavily armoured Germans need one because this game is going to become a joke… Same as the Super Heavy Japanese things… They need a big old nerf

  22. So for people that own all the german heavies on the tech tree currently, will we be given unlocked tanks or will we have to go back and buy the tier 7 and 9 leading to the new tanks AND START OVER, or what?

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