Supertest 9.17.1- Technical Changes

In addition to the previously mentioned tank changes, 9.17.1 will also bring a few technical changes. Here’s what we have:

Revised Minimaps

WG continues with its simplified minimaps: this update brings new ones for Fiery Salient, Sacred Valley, Stalingrad, Overlord and the Training Ground.

Sound Effects

All audio files will now be readily available to modders, allowing for easier implimentation for sound and voice packs.

“Simplified” Technical Characteristics

New adjustments to the garage UI. The old shell penetration and damage ranges will now be replaced by  simplified average (ranges will still be available in the tooltip). Comparisions for one time cost equipment (Binocular Telescopes, Camo Nets etc.) will now have their bonuses better displayed.

Vehicle Comparisons

The list of comparable stats is being expanded, with the abilty to view vehicles mounted equipment, Crew Skills, camo and cobsumables.

Improved Damage Log

The in-game damage recieved log is recieving new features, such as shell type, critical hits and the type of tank that damaged you. Machine gun and burst weapon types will now only display total damage from a series of shots.


Adjustments to Strongholds battles are also coming. The new “Offensive” format will be the simplified format replacing battles for Strongholds. Diffirences include:

  • Defeat doesn’t end in structures being pillaged. The winner’s earnings will depend directly on the level of their Stronghold
  • You don’t need to defend a Stronghold every day. It’s up to a Clan to decide whether to engage in “Attacks” or not
  • Matching is automated, so it’s impossible to choose a certain Clan to attack

“War Games” will also be replacing “War Departments”, having clans that participate in Skirmishes and Offensives competing for ranks in diffirent catagories. This is to prevent to many clans quickly leveling up to take advantage of the War Departments with the removal of mandatory daily battles and pillages.

Skirmishes will now have an option to open up a detatchment for others to join, like Team Battles and Tank Companies. You can now browse a list of available detatchments in a new screen.

*These changes will come after the implimentation of 9.17.1.

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