Supertest 9.17 HD models


the 9.17 Supertest HD models are now out:

Conqueror GC


PZ Sfl IVb


Sturer Emil

VK. 28.01






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Supertest 9.17 HD models

33 thoughts on “Supertest 9.17 HD models

      1. But then the suspension works better so its usefull again! I feel that every non- HD tank has some serious drawbacks because of worse moving specs and so worse gun handling stats.

  1. Treadhead1 says:

    B1? B1! YES! Finally she’s here! No more HD’s of the Beutepanzer and conversions of her but the actual B1. Screw the addition of my home country’s tanks to the game, my absolute favorite tank in history is getting her HD model!

    1. madogthefirst says:

      I love the B1 just a fantastic tier 4 HT with actual armor. Got mine fitted with permanent camo, Fort de France inscription, Optics, Vents, and maybe a GLD or Spall. Going to if not already have the crew on their second skill, and no a lot of that is not from premium tank use. Actually now that I think about I may have a BIA crew in it I trained up. Only a mere 206 battles in it with a 55% win rate.

  2. CelticArchangel says:

    Just in case some people are wondering why WG hasn’t done a certain tank or tanks… it’s because WG doesn’t do the HD modeling. Last I read it’s a separate program and art group that WG has given the job to and it’s them that decide which tank is done next… or so I’m told.

    TL.DR: WG doesn’t do their own HD works, its done elsewhere and they have no control on order.

  3. Gonna clean the dust from my SU-76I then and take it for a spin, because what could be more awesome than clubbing seals in HD! ;-D
    But on a more serious note, at last the almight KV-2 will blow up stuff in style!
    And I agree, that we need a HD Batchat badly!

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