Supertest: AMX Canon d’assault de 105 (UPDATED)

Good day everyone,

A new French tank destroyer is in supertest, here are the screenshots and early stats (now updated with more complete stats):


Tier: 8

HP: 1000

Weight: 26.88 t

Engine Power: 720 hp

Power to Weight: 26.79 hp/t

Speed: +55/-18 kph

Terrain Resistance: 1.247/1.342/2.301

Gun Traverse: 27.1 deg/sec

Hull Traverse: 28 deg/sec

Armor: 100/40/30mm

View Range: 360m

Signal Range: 750m


Gun: 105mm CN 105

Damage: 390/390/480

Penetration: 260/320/53mm

DPM: 1952.2

Reload: 11.986 sec

Rate of Fire: 5.006

Accuracy: .288

Aim Time: 1.92 sec

Depression: -8 deg


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Supertest: AMX Canon d’assault de 105 (UPDATED)

62 thoughts on “Supertest: AMX Canon d’assault de 105 (UPDATED)

    1. Vy3R says:

      If a newcoming tank seems better than the original in its tier variant, that is 100% not a replacement…. it will be PREMIUM. Average 30% of a tanks in a random battle is premium. I sav a 90% premium war-battle – on both side. Omg. Sry for my english.

  1. That armour sloping. Do we know if this will be a premium or the start of a second TD line?

    Personally, if it’s a premium, it’s not a smart move to announce another tier 8 prem so soon after recent events

  2. SpottableSky says:

    The whole French TD line is shit so no reason to train crews for shit tanks. Atleast its not a p2w tank compared to the recent premiums. Either way I doubt I would spend any more money on this game depending if WG actually listens and not drag their game down the drain. We can only speak out and hope

  3. Tobi_1989 says:

    After the War, the JgPz IV, tired of the life in the army decided to leave his unit and stay in France.

    He settled in Champagne-Ardenne and married the AMX 30 to live the life of humble winemaker.

    This is their child…

  4. Kwixis says:

    HYPE !
    Any information wether it’d be premium or a tank of a new branch starting ( or not ) from the one already existing ?

  5. Anonymous says:

    as long as this thing dosent have horribad softs stats for the gun, this will be better than the AMX AC48.

  6. Lafie says:

    Unless my French is wrong, and it very well could be, seeing as that’s one language I never actually learned, it’s name translates to “Assault Gun”. 😀

  7. nothere says:

    standard french td are more or less never played, nerf bats on the foch 155…
    so i dunno who will play that tank….but on its own and not for crew training…

  8. anodjl says:

    (I’m french and I use google trad)

    A level VIII? Stop dreaming, it’s a premium
    And it is already completely OP, it completely buries the Kanonenjagdpanzer
    And then, premium tanks, it’s less time to do it and it brings back more

    Here, the technological tree of the standard French tanks is again massacred to make tank premium

    – the light tanks FR were massacred even more than they were already,
    -They are not afraid to make an average tank branch until tier X
    -not of medium standard tank in tier VIII, but 3 medium tank in premium tier VIII
    -the heavy tank branch without oscillating turret, bungled to make the premium,
    -the medium tank branch US / FR, bungled to make the premium
    -the US / FR light charter branch, bungled to make the premium
    – FR tanks hunters who have nothing to see with what they really are
    -On to broken feet has WG to have our AMX-30 and they are not even able to finish the branch
    -it has broken their feet again to have the light tank in tier X with the AMX-13 105 and the result is horrible, and it is not for failing to have said it in the server forums test,

    And now it is the branch of light TD that is massacred to make the premium

    Super !, now there is almost nothing that can be added in the tree FR,
    All that remains is the pre-war Mastodonds FR,
    But it can not go in tier VIII or more without making fake or steroid and it had planned them in premium in 2012(FCM-2C, FCM-F1)
    There is also the heavy artillery branch FR with gun sizes that would pass the T92 for a toy for children, but very few players in want to see it …

    Beautiful, still a little and there will be nothing more addictive in the French tree,
    All will be screwed up to make the premium …

    1. leggasiini says:

      1) “its op because its better than kanonenjagdpanzer”. Thats completely retarded logic honestly, Kanonen is probably one of the worst if not the worst tier 8 in the game. Thats like saying that Type 5 Heavy is trash because Maus is overall bit better. Kanonen is in dire need of buff, and no, i dont see anyhow how 1900 DPM TD with sub-par alpha would be OP.

      2) There are still lots of things added for France, like 2nd heavy line (mix of superheavies tier 2-7 and non-autoloaders ar tier 8-10, that line is still very well possible even with Liberte being premium) and more of the ELC variants, and theoritically it could be possible to add link between G1 R and AMX 30. I am sure there are candidates.

      France has potential to grow man, some trees like Japan doesnt even have some vehicle classes, when full TD line and possibly arty line and lights up to tier 7-8 are very well possible.

      1. anodjl says:

        1) because a tank to a bad DPM, it is necessarily a bad tank?
        No, the kanonenjagdpanzer is a td focused on mobility and camouflage in exchange for reduced firepower, it is just fairly demanding and often depent maps, on himmeldorf for example it is almost unusable,
        It is not a bad car for as much

        And yes the AMX canon d’assaut de 105 mm is OP,
        If you do not want to compare it to the kanonenjagdpanzer, you compare it to standard tier VIII the AMX AC Mle.48, and you will see,
        It has 10 hp / t more than the standard,
        It targets 1 s faster than the standard,
        Its accuracy is much better,
        And give it a DPT of 390 to its 105 mm
        Where the standard in 400 of DPT with its 120 mm
        The AMX canon d’assaut de 105 mm is far superior to the standard

        2) yes, it is possible, but at the latest news the mastodonts are still at the stage of tanks expected in premium development stopped in 2012,
        Ca has not moved since,
        When heavy tanks without oscillating turrets, there was indeed the entry in supertest of the AMX-65t in tier VIII in June 2016 but that has remained without following since,
        And the tanks between the G1R and the AMX-30, there is the medium tank branch US / FR
        Bungled to make the premium with the M4A1 Revalorised set in premium tank,Tank which being the only one to have a link with the AMX-30 since it uses a shortened version of the AMX-30 gun,

  9. VladCelTroll says:

    French TD? Holy shit, we’re actually getting a French prem TD!
    I think it’s about time to introduce the R35 CA too. Could be a tier 5 premium.

  10. noted week points… right above gun (OM) lower plate? center point of the range finder the bottom of lower plate and not the front. this seems to be very much like high tier french tds and IMO is on the high end of power but not OP it is quick deadly accurate but at close range it’s week points and lower profile combined with a 28degree sec traverse would lead to disaster. I’d pick it up and use it as a dedicated lower range engagement tool not a brawling td. hopefully after the foch shit show most would agree that this thing can’t just roll into equal tier vehicals and dominate them… lower tier yeah would take two or three tier 7s to get rid of this thing but with most of the front being 80mm and sloped at 60 degrees most tier 8s and the better tier 7 guns should do this thing in. don’t rag on this thing to hard because of the Chrysler it has week points and a style that isn’t idiot proof

  11. Onicorn says:

    So, you find the Chrysler tank hard to penetrate? Here you go, a tank that will easily do so from range because of great accuracy and pen rivaling tier 10 mediums. It’s also (propably) cheaper than the chrysler!
    and the powercreep continues…

  12. Jostiewagner says:

    ….we all know this is going to be a new premium… but, as weak as I am, I already like the looks and the stats of it. Awesome gunhandling, awesome mobility, low profile so good camorating…. oh WG…….

  13. Blankman says:

    Sure, French line needs some prem TDs, but is it really wise to announce it so soon? By the looks of it, it seems that the AMX AC 48 needs to be the prem one, and this AMX CDA 105 be the regular tier 8.. Perhaps even tier 9 with its gun stats..

  14. Nevermind says:

    It is nice to see a premium that is not Russian or German. Its about time the French got a TD. Now if the USA could get a LT that would be great. (to be fair, each line of each nation SHOULD have a premium for crew training.) BUT THIS IS WG

  15. Anonymous says:

    I don’t hate getting a tier VIII premium French AT. The French need a TD crew trainer. Just as long as it’s not OP.

  16. I love the French tank line, and I have felt that the td line in it was always lacking some love. I still have to pick up the m4a1 and the new lorraine 40t. This new td will definitely be on my must have list.

  17. RAD FROOD 25 says:

    I thought there was a 120mm version of this as well so maybe it’s the first tank in line of a mini branch.

  18. Gal_Ardent says:

    The front 80/100mm plate is inclined by 70/68° from vertical, so 185mm on lower part and up to 268mm effective armor on upper part (above canon), lower plate is 113mm, while the AMX AC 48 is 235mm all over at front. The New premium TD is only 1950dpm (2400dpm for AC48) however with better camo, better mobility (4th best power to weight ratio of med, TD and HT), and really superior gun handling with 1500m/s shell velocity, 1.9s aim time (2.78 for AC48) and 0.288 dispersion (second best after grill 15)… good to me!

  19. Wot Gamer says:

    When I pay good real money for a tank, I don’t want some mediocre crap to satisfy all the F2P crybabies that actually get their free game funded by the players paying for WoT game content. No, I want a competitive tank on par with its counterparts on elite status. If you are proud of never having spent a cent on WoT, here’s a few things for you to ponder on:

    #1 You are NOT a customer of WG
    #2 You enjoy the game entirely at the cost of those people paying it
    #3 You have NO fkn say in where this game should go nor about the state it is in

    You don’t want to pay for WoT because OP premiums, game is shit and devs are stupid anyway?`

    STFU, stop playing it and get the f* outta here.

    You still want to play it but not spend a cent for it? STFU, let those who PAY for it decide where it’s heading and suck it up like you should have all the way until here and now.

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