Supertest Artillery Changes

Quick note from the devs on some upcoming artillery changes that will be tested on both supertest and the next Sandbox iteration:

Overall changes can be divided into two groups:

– Changes to low level arty.

– Retailoring currently tested arty to current specifications.


Following changes will now be brought to low level arty:

-Reduction of HE penetration.

-Removal of AP, HEAT and Premium HE shells.

-Decrease view range.


Previously tested machines will now be changed as follows:

-Reduction of stun radius by 10%

-Heavy/super-heavy spall liners will reduce stun effect by 10%

-Reducing stuns effect on mobility by 30%

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Supertest Artillery Changes

36 thoughts on “Supertest Artillery Changes

    1. tango35 says:

      It doesn’t matter what WG does to the artillery pieces. The heavy drivers, who sit in the open spaces for all the world to spot them, are going to complain when artillery fire hits their tank.

      1. SMGJohn says:

        No offense, but your IQ is so low it scares me.
        Are you suggesting heavy tanks which are meant to break through enemy lines are suppose to camp behind rocks and houses? Okay kid, you apparently never played the game now go back to your Sims games.

      2. tango35 says:

        I guess those heavy tanks camping at the back lines behind the td’s on the west side of the Prokhorovka/Fiery Salient maps are staging for a break through. *LOL* Those heavy drivers are so far back that they can’t even see where their forward scouts are positioned much less fire on the OPFOR AFV’s being spotted by the LT drivers.

      3. tango35 says:

        BTW, SMaj, the only sim that I’ve ever had the opportunity to use was the call for fire artillery simulator that the 82nd Abn Div had back in the day.

  1. Howie says:

    Here I go…..
    so. when a players team has a “good” arty player, there is no complaints by the team. The only ones that complain are guys who are sitting still too long, and get punished for it. I have been 1 shot by arty, it happens. I think this will ruin the arty game. I also think that more than 2 arty should NOT be allowed on 1 side. I have been in games where there are 4 sometimes 5 arty. that is not good . ….thanks for letting me vent.

  2. Kinda wish they would reduce the slpash radius in general. I say go between what it is and what they are testing. Other then that it seems promising, especially the mobility and spall liner changes

  3. tony says:

    Makes me laugh when people are bitching about arty, yet call on arty when they have a problem. then no one talks about auto loaders that can clip a tank, and whilst they have a long load to, they don’t hang around for you to shoot back to many times. Arty takes a long time to load, and then the accuracy is in the lap of the gods when you fire, people are just lil biches when it comes to arty. if arty was removed from the game, all those cry babies will be moaning about something else until the game gets so boringly easy, that players will leave. the easiest way to deal with arty would be to reduce the load time and make the damage no more than the average tier it is playing, then there is no more one shotting etc and people can stop moaning. i personally have a problem with autoloaders being unfair, but because all those stat padding bitches use them, and for good reason, they dont mention them. for instance, how is a batchat fair against any single shot tier 10 med, and i know there are players gunna bleet on about being skilless etc etc, but 1 on 1 it is just unequal.

    1. bbmoose says:

      Don’t try to defend arty. It’s breaking the game and it’s preventing people playing aggressive on the open maps. You can ruin someones game without using any kind of skill. It punishes players for taking the initiative in battles, without having to expose yourself or to take any kind of risk. I saw Circon do 3k dmg with arty, while he was having dinner. That’s just wrong. Enough said.

      However, I agree on you on the autoloader thing. Autoloaders aren’t bad, there are just to many of them. The French, top tier Swedes, top tier Czechs and some toptier US tanks have autoloaders. Those tanks are way to lethal in the endgame.

      1. Enigmaticmuffin says:

        Artillery is a problem, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s breaking the game. Artillery is a necessary evil in some ways. Without it, vehicles like the E3, 263, maus, and ones that can very effectively hold a single point with little in the way to stop them, would become very very powerful.
        Artillery does serve a pretty useful purpose when its actually needed, but overall it needs this new system to make it more accurate and consistent to fill that kind of role.

    2. I almost never see anyone call on artillery for help because it is so inconsistent, no one can count on the support. If people are calling for artillery to help, it’s generally because 80% of the team is dead and the artillery has been missing shots for the past 10 minutes so now it’s its time to do damage or throw the game.

      1. The two are separate cases, you don’t call on artillery to instantly kill a full health IS-7. It just happens randomly and people just laugh at the guy for thinking he was in artillery cover behind a mountain, several dead tank corpses for cover, and his spall liner didn’t count because the shot penetrated.

        Think of it the situation like asking god for a miracle, you don’t really expect it to happen but when the sea parts and a couple exotic species go extinct, it’s kind of game breaking.

  4. "Light" tank-player says:

    I am concerned about what this means for the poor little SU-26, that thing relies on AP rounds to do any damage, I wonder what they will do to it to make up for the removal of its AP.

      1. SaltyPope says:

        Go and cry to wg that you wont be able to do jack and shieet to players that are playing the actual game instead of fapping in useless class, that was made for people who are limited in some ways (be honest – balls department is the most popular of the bunch ) ^_^

  5. Anonymous says:


    how many arty haters reading this have played arty for any length of time?

    please play first THEN your are qualified to judge.

    just saying

  6. Artillery really does need these changes, I’ve been playing french td’s for the NA server on-track and it really is borderline impossible to use those tanks due to their poor vision control and massive target. It is genuinely frustrating in any tank to be instantly fragged. The memory sticks with you and weighs you down.

    I also cannot play artillery, it’s just too frustrating when I want to hop on for the limited time I have to have some relaxing fun.

  7. Sleipnir_793 says:

    I can taste all the tears of the arty-bitching players when arty get nerfed and they get impaled by camping TDs/Meds/Lights…no bush-cleaning-arty support for these guys anymore

  8. James k says:

    Changes to arty cannot come quick enough. It ruins the players experience I for one am sick and fucking tired of being one shot red in a light or med on the move bobbing and weaving.

    1. crowshooter says:

      Sick and tired?
      Sounds like you need to learn to play.
      One shotted on the move frequently enough to be “fucking tired” of it ………my arse!
      Lets see some replays of this all too frequent occurance, otherwise…….. bollocks!!

  9. SMGJohn says:

    Making arty into HE shooting SPG’s with no satellite view and proper first person sights would been a lot better, allowing them to shoot over smaller obstacles but they still have to move up to the frontlines.
    But WG being the brainless game designers as they are today, there is no hope of WoT becoming good again, its an utter shitfest with gold spam left and right with OP paper tanks everywhere.
    That serves no purpose, no one wanted them but WG introduced them because when OP shit exists that means a lot of people want them and that means more gold is spent.

    Type 59 was the worst power creep back in the day but it was at least a power creep you would see coming and that tank still faced IS-4’s and E-75’s in those days before Gold was available for silver.

    Man Serb should come back and become the head of game developing for WoT. How terrible

    1. tango35 says:

      l like what Serb said about the first arty nerf (patch 8.6).

      >Remember this is a business Model, not a democracy, despite what players whine about over 90% of the database owns artillery at low to mid tiers and 83% owns an end-tier piece, this is contrary to the actual statistics of “arty sucks” and hear, these little krayfish dont even know what they want, all they want is win, win, win, and when they dont win they blame anything that can be accounted for, once we Nerf artillery, Tank Destroyers will come, they are blind and only see what they have the most immediate benefit of their wins, and then we will have a Tank Destroyer problem – too strong to be maintained in check! and the cycle will repeat, the new statistics are meant to define less damage per game as solution and it seems to be working. and noting else will be ever moved from now on unless a new model is approached. we must focus on what statistics form server tells not some Arty vocals, artillery is a piece of the game that is instrumental to our models, it will NEVER be removed and even if kraulf was to bring a second homecoming id rather make him drink piss.

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