Supertest- Bonds & Advanced Equipment (UPDATED)

Good day everyone,

Quick overview of some of the upcoming 9.19 features: Bonds, and the Advanced Equipment you can spend them on.

Bonds– A new currency set to be one of the rewards for playing ranked battles. They will be rewarded at the end of the Ranked Battle Session, and cannot be bought or obtained elsewhere. Total bonds will be displayed alongside your gold and credits in the garage.

Bonds can be used to buy new in-game items available in 9.19.

  1. Enhanced equipment. Cost in bonds is quite high, purchased permanently, can be dismounted for 10 gold, can be used on any tank in any battle mode.. You can’t use enhanced equipment together with standard equipment of the same kind.
  2. Battle instructions. Installed in new slot #7 (#1-3 – equipments, #4-6 – consumables, #7 – new slot). There are 2 kinds of battle instructions, first one improves installed equipment, the other grants or improves crew skills. Used after battle, cost is low (varies depending on equipment/skill that it improved). Can be used on any tank in any battle mode.

Effects for enhanced equipment:

  1. +7,5% to crew skills (Ventilation)
  2. -25% to dispertion on move (Vert. stab)
  3. -12,5% reload time (Rammer)
  4. +12,5% aim speed (GLD)
  5. +12.5% view range (Optics)
  6. +40% repair speed (Toolbox)

Effects for battle instructions (equipment):

  1. +2,5% to crew skills (if any kind of Ventilation is installed)
  2. -5% to dispertion on move (if any kind of Vert. stab is installed)
  3. -2,5% reload time (Rammer)
  4. +2,5% aim speed (GLD)
  5. +2.5% view range (Optics)
  6. +10% repair speed (Toolbox)

Effects for battle instructions (crew skills):

  1. Gives all crew members 100% Firefighting skill OR improves effect of Firefighting skill by 50% if the skill is already at 100%
  2. Gives gunner Designated Target skill OR adds 2 more second to skill effect
  3. Gives Call for Vengeance skill OR adds 3 seconds to skill effect
  4. Gives 6th Sense OR substract 1 second from effect timer
  5. Gives Safe Stowage OR increases ammo rack HP by further 37,5%
  6. Gives Clutch Braking OR doubles the skill effect
  7. Gives Snap Shot OR doubles the effect
  8. Gives Smooth Ride OR doubles the effect
  9. Gives all crew member 100% Camouflage skill OR adds further 10% to Concealment

(Updated with clarifications/translations, courtesy of Reddit. See the full thread here).

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Supertest- Bonds & Advanced Equipment (UPDATED)

88 thoughts on “Supertest- Bonds & Advanced Equipment (UPDATED)

    1. Anonymous says:

      OMG fuck off. You see 2 pictures and read 3 lines and you can “already see many things wrong with this”. Stop playing the game. Retard.

      1. ステトガイ says:

        Nice and polite i see. Well from this I can tell that it basically forces people to play Ranked (which i don’t have the time for and i’m sure many other people do not) and if u don’t play ranked u will lose quite competitive edge against people who do play ranked. That frankly is not fair game play. I can see what they are trying to do and I understand it is in development and can change but this to me looks bad.

    2. John Smithy says:

      what do you mean “you don’t have time for it”. from what I read this will be exactly like WOWS where literally you take your little finger, select “ranked battles” instead of “random battles” in the drop down menu then click “battle”. if you have time to play the game you have time for ranked.

  1. Hmm. Very intersting. The crew skills stuff apparently does 2 things – if you have camo to 75% for example, it makes it so that it becomes 100%. If your crew does have 100% camo, it adds 10% camo to the vehicle. Most of them are like that. The equipment studd isn’t too OP and it looks like vents gets the biggest bonus since it has a 50% increase in effectiveness.

    1. leggasiini says:

      Expect they have significantly narrowed the gulf between bad and good players with retarded superheavies like Maus that can just autoaim and RRR, or type 5 that has derp gun, among with corridor maps (more noob friendly than wide open maps) and worsened vision game. Reusable consumambles means that retards gets less punished for their mistakes, etc etc.

      In 2012 when i started, the gap between newbie and good player was effectively bigger lol

    2. bbmoose says:

      Like it should. Good players should rule the game, that’s why people take effort in getting good. WG should reward skillfull playing and should not cater to windowlickers in superheavies and arties.

      Like Leggasiini says, the game was less noobfriendly years ago. Remember the camosniping meta? And fighting heavies without goldammo? That was the meta when I was a noob (not that I’m a unicum now…). I took effort in learning the game and it’s mechanics, everyone should do that. Stupid playing should be punished.

  2. There is potential for some bad stuff BUT this gives tier X players some endgame content.
    I like it, it needs a lot of tweaking to work. They have figured things out like making vents and rammer mods more expensive. It’s slowly turning into a mmorpg lol, soon we will have tiered armor augments and action bars with loader skill procs…

    1. pixywing says:

      Why these should be used everywhere thus encourage people to get tier 10 tanks and actually get good at the game instead of stat pad in tier 5 t67s and pretend their 3k wn8 they are good despite having a 30% win rate in their tier 10s.

      1. ILoveArtyKappa says:

        An what about thos of us that dont care about competitive play? this new equipment is basicly slapping people who arnt competitive we eather do ranked or get out classed even more not to mention how expensive it is to run teir 8-10 without a prem account. This new system is basicly telling thos that are decent already but due to irl money issues (med bills, car repairs, fixing a roof etc) or whatever to fuck off an get outclassed regardless of skill.

      2. Infernal969 says:

        *More shit to force people into spending money at tier 10 and to fuck everyone that doesn’t pay enough

        I’m sure that people making 3k WN8 don’t know how to play tier 10s.

      3. bbmoose says:

        I can confirm this. I’m doing well in tier 8’s and stuf (nowadays purple stats on those tanks), but I suck in tier 10… It’s just a different game, mainly because you will get punished hard for not reading the minimap and being impatient.

        Currently started playing the Leo 1 and I’m having a hard time with it.

      4. pixywing says:

        @Infernal969 There needs to be a reason to play tier 10s. Tier 8 strongholds makes a very similar resource amount while you make 60k+ credits a game, compared to tier 10s where you might be making less than 5k profit if you are lucky. With how little the gold payout is for Clan Wars no one wants to waste the time grinding millions of credits for it, or the hours every night you have to spend to farm 4k gold in a week only to have to split it 27 ways.

      5. Infernal969 says:

        “There needs to be a reason to play tier 10s.”

        Yeah, being constantly top tier and having the least braindead tomatoes in your team is not good enough, why people even bother playing tier 10s?!?!?1/1/1/

        Stop posting.

      6. pixywing says:

        @Infernal969 are you going to just ignore the impact of strongholds, clan wars, tournaments, and ranked battles on what it does to the random battle population by encouraging people to grind out tanks they otherwise wouldn’t. You also seem to overvalue how much a tier 10 game means to casuals especially when it involves playing 5-7 KV-1 games to afford to play 1 tier 10 game for the casuals without premium accounts.

  3. Reichsfackel says:

    Is this “Advanced Equipment” a consumable with lasts only one battle, or does it stay “forever” on this vehicle. Thanks!

    1. pixywing says:

      Because you weren’t at a disadvantage already by not having a 5 skill crew, maxed out tank, loaded with equipment, and full premium ammo loadout, or had your tank with camo paint.

      1. kaphinxs says:

        “having a 5 skill crew, maxed out tank, loaded with equipment, and full premium ammo loadout, or had your tank with camo paint.” – all those things you can get by just playing randoms, you do not need play shitty ranked battles to get them. See the difference?

      2. pixywing says:

        @KAPHINXS so having rewards for playing the game is bad? You don’t have to play Clan Wars, but don’t expect free tier 10 tanks, its no different than this, you don’t want to play all of the game so you don’t get all of the content. This is the same as whining I don’t want to grind for a tier 10 tank, but give me them all anyway.

  4. Fjordlund says:

    I don’t speak Russian, but it looks to me like Sixth Sense will proc after 2s rather than 3s. Could someone tell me if this is accurate? Because that seems fairly significant.

  5. Wahnfried III says:

    Unless those advantages are available to all players, independent of skill level, this is highly problematic.

    You can basically get a simply better tank that way. It is like giving good players a tank just for them that is buffed just for them. Very very bad idea.

    1. pixywing says:

      You should have to work for it, why just hand out everything. You are complaining about the ONLY end game content this game will have after clan wars got nerfed currently there is ZERO reason to drive a tier 10.

    2. bbmoose says:

      No, this is how it should be. You should reward players for getting good at this game. WG already favors the windowlickers in heavies and arties to much.

  6. ryanlj says:

    Wouldn’t rebalancing the equipment and skills first be more important? The only thing I see myself boosting is rammer or vstab every single time, and not even think about any other options. It’s simple min/max strategy.

    1. pixywing says:

      You spend your bonds on sixth sense only for them to change it and thus have to spend more money on the game as these tier 10 battles are going to be expensive you will blow threw millions of credits a week on this mode although at least it won’t be for 500 gold that has to be split 27 ways.

  7. StevoMS says:

    Im gonna say it again (because i dont think anyone saw it on 1.19 Patch notes) but i think these new bonds should be used to allow players to customise their tanks in more depth. To do this, Wargaming would also need to introduce more options for customisation, if anyone remembers the snowitzer (snow man kv2) Players could customise it many ways and forms, you could add tracks, camo equipment, heat screens, supplies and equipment to the exterior of the tanks as well as unique camo and emblems. I belive WG should implement this for all tanks and use bonds to buy these customisations, these changes would remove the widened gap introduce by current rewards and allow players to give a uniqueness to their tanks. What do you guys think?

    1. pixywing says:

      The mode would be dead. No one wants to spend millions of credits and dozens of hours just for what is essential special camo and emblems. Clan Wars had to give out tier 10 tanks to get people interested, now they give out camo and fraction of the gold and no one cares enough.

      1. jeffrey6046 says:

        well you see lots and lots of players pay real money for permanent emblems so i dont see why not

      2. Honcho says:

        The game mode is also dead because not everyone has a clan that is good enough to have a chance to get a reward at all.
        If you want people to play a game mode, you need to reward everyone a little and the best players alot.

  8. pixywing says:

    Glad to see a competitive mode. Now we will be able to see who can actually play tier 10s and is good at the game and how stat padded in tier 5s and can’t drive a tier 10 worth their life.

    1. OrigamiChik3n says:

      So just because i don’t play ranked battles means that i “padded in tier 5s and can’t drive a tier 10 worth their life”? I’m not even going to explain what a moronic statement that is.

      1. pixywing says:

        This will be the only competitive mode to determine skill. You can’t use a casual game mode to determine skill of any caliber. No one takes you seriously if you say you have a 90% win rate in quick play in Overwatch, because you might not be able to make it out of bronze in competitive play when people aren’t grinding new characters. The same is for EVERY other game League, Dota, SCII, Cs Go.

        I won’t call you trash, but you will be hard pressed to impress anyone skill wise by not playing a competitive mode.

      2. OrigamiChik3n says:

        Kid, i don’t play video games to impress anyone. And i couldn’t care less if some keyboard warrior thinks that virtual achievements are the only way to judge peoples’ worth. What no one will take me serious for is if i say “Well, i might not be any good at my job, but i have an impressive statistics in World of Tanks. Raise my salary. Now!”

  9. Mochi says:

    These developments seem to push towards a “loot” -esque system that would dissuade new players from joining since seasoned players will already have a significant advantage. It is a good reward for players who have been around for some time, but seems to signal a rather stark change in mechanics that may lead to decreased count of new players which… is never a good sign for game’s longevity.

    Who knows, I hope I’m wrong.

  10. I could see this being a bit of an issue for a lot of people without tier 10 tanks. Why not run the ranked battles in seasons much like cw campaigns with different tiers each season. Makes it more available, widens the amount of tanks played and still requires skill to do well.

  11. Lots of rigging potential if it’s going to put top players/clans vs top players/clans. And screw every player that likes the game but cannot commit to a steady game schedule if this mode has a set daily playtime.

    1. pixywing says:

      You could rig this although 15 players will lose if you thus you are going to have to tk A LOT of people who don’t agree to rig while also facing ban time for you and everyone else if one video gets out. At least with the T-22 you got a tank and got to keep it if you rig with this you will have to rig dozens of matches after reaching a high level to get a couple equipment upgrades, so its probably not worth the ban, getting the best tier 10 that was needed in clan wars was definitely worth the ban. Wargaming should have banned them and took the tank away and disabled that account from ever getting it to send a message instead they said rigging is okay which is unfortunate.

  12. ForceX says:

    Sigh, looks like a casual player like me only get disadvantages from all of these… unless my work allows me more time to play.

  13. Infernal969 says:

    Aaaaand another completely retarded idea.
    Love this game driving itself into the ground with this wallet warrior shit.

      1. Infernal969 says:

        Because driving multiple tier 10s to get those bonuses is very profitable when you play for free.

      2. ForceX says:

        Problem is, you can never be sure that WG will not selling ‘special packages’ that may contains bonds for $100…

        Admit it, what would you do as WG CEO to get more $ with this new mode ?

    1. pixywing says:

      Infernal is just mad there is a now a reason to drive tier 10s again after Clan Wars got gutted and tier 8 strongholds is more popular. I have clan mates who never spent a cent on the game and go F2P. You can drive tier 10s for free you just have to be ready to drive your KV-1 3 times as much or tier 5 prem you got from an on-track. This game doesn’t have to be nor should be aimed only at newbies as the vast majority of players have tier 10s and want to drive tier 10s. Nothing is forcing you to play tier 10s so if you don’t’ want to you don’t have to.

      1. Infernal969 says:

        >there is a now a reason to drive tier 10s again
        >the vast majority of players have tier 10s and want to drive tier 10s

        Do you even think about the stuff you type in first? Works wonders, you won’t be contradicting yourself as much.
        But yeah, I forgot, being constantly top tier in a tank that is vastly superior to anything below it is not a good reason to play. I guess tier 10 matches are a ghost town, no one is playing them at all.
        People don’t give a single shit about CW, most of the WoT playerbase is completely casual.

        I’m not mad, you’re just stupid. Of all your posts under this article most of it is so plain wrong it’s painful.

      2. pixywing says:

        Why did players grind up to tier 10. The reason a vast majority of players myself included grinded out so many tier 10s was not to play these credit hemorrhaging beasts, but for clan wars. Having a reason to grind to tier 10 ie. Clan Wars was what drove a large portion of the WoT population to not only grind out a tier 10, but multiple tier 10 tanks. You seem to not understand why so many people have so many tier 10 in the first place, and assume everyone is just a casual.

        Most of WoT is casual and the average account never gets past tier 5 before quitting although your argument seems to base it like the average causal account even has a tier 10 (the amount of spam bots that are at tier 1 are absurd especially the tens of thousands of them that have been banned over the years). You can continue to be ignorant to how many people play the game because of tournaments, strongholds, and Clan Wars but that will never make your argument correct. These modes and ranked battles are not only why people this game, but why they play for so long. If these modes didn’t exist WoT population would not only decrease in size, but you would see these players that average 20+ battles a night (thus the equivalent of over a dozen casuals) become less than 5 and thus your super heavy users that support fast queue times would dry up and with it this game. You can call these modes bad as you did but don’t seem to understand how they affect the game and reduce queue times dramatically.

  14. No one has said the real issue yet: every piece of equipment on every tank has to be rebought with this special currency to have a clan wars worthy tank again. If your mediums had v stab, optics, and rammer, now you need the special ones. On every tank. What a grab.

  15. Alex Knight says:

    So on an unrelated note: What ever happened to the Sixth sense for every tank skill ? Heard about that roughly 2 years ago, and no progress…

    1. Patata Caliente says:

      Not going to happen. Wargaming makes too much money this way because players spend more gold on crew retraining. Money > Game.

    2. pixywing says:

      It’s really sad they didn’t as this would make the game far more enjoyable for new players. This game is too hard to get friends to join as they will quit by tier 4. It’s too frustrating to get people to play a game with such a disadvantage playing stock tier 4s with no equipment vs tier 6s with equipment and 3 skill crews is awful, they also have to deal with the mass amounts of seal clubbers who are trying to bad their WN8. I would love to see tiers 1-3 not even have equipment/consumables available as this would help ease new players in. I would also like to see a crew skill cap like 5 skills like AW so you don’t have to grind skills forever as well new crews should start at 100%, spend credits get 1 skill, spend gold get 2 skill crew to start and grinding to 5 skills should be less than 100 games like AW.

  16. Swatdennis says:

    Hope these can only be mounted on T10 tanks, then we see even more OP cromwells, T67s and POIs in lower tier battles….

    1. These upgrades aren’t very significant. If anything, the single equipment mod you can mount is at best, worth half an equipment slot. That’s barely worth noting in real terms, it’s just a min/max. Combined with crew stuff, it would be fair to say that things will average out to having a full 4th equipment slot.

      1. I stand corrected, it appears you can mount 3 improved equipment modules and 1 crew battle instruction. So it’s more like having 2 extra equipment slots total. Yeah, now it’s decently significant but I doubt it would make any tanks OP that weren’t OP before.

  17. PUNISHER989 says:

    Rofl going to love this. Earn your right to be better.
    OP clan will be more OP now in CWs just saying.

    1. pixywing says:

      People still play CWs? LOL. I make more gold in doing a 1 day tourney than from a month of clan wars after they nerfed it so much.

    1. pixywing says:

      The T-22 was the worst screw-up Wargaming has ever done. There was mass rigging and Wargaming banned the players for a week, but let them keep the tank. Since wargaming has basically said cheating and rigging is okay with that ruling this mode will suffer a lot from it. They should have taken the tank as well and disabled those accounts from ever getting it as well as striping the millions of credits they made doing it.

  18. Soifon99 says:

    ranked battles? really? most people don’t play that. so why not make some missions for everyone so we can earn bonds too? this is just stupid.. how much % of the player population plays ranked battles? 5%?

  19. kaphinxs says:

    Having job with dynamic often changing shifts I dont have neither time to grind in ranked battles nor reliability required to fight with team at some set time of the day and if that means i will be automatically put into disadvantage in randoms I don’t think Im gonna bother to play wot at all after those changes. Shame really, i liked this game.

  20. siralexice says:

    This is very old, like World of Warcraft old. There you had the same equipment but with regular, normal, rare, epic or legendary stats.

    Can you use the equipment earned in ranked battles also in random battles?

  21. I don’t see what the issue is to be honest.

    It’s some end game content worth getting. You can’t just buy your way into it like defender or many other broken shits.

    It actually rewards good play.

    I literally see no downside.

    For those complaining that they aren’t good enough to get some of these….trust me….It’s not that hard to get some of these. And if you are so bad that you can’t get any at all then it’s probably irrelevant since you would be so bad that even if you did have it, it wouldn’t make much difference.

    1. OrigamiChik3n says:

      “It’s not that hard to get some of these. And if you are so bad that you can’t get any at all then it’s probably irrelevant since you would be so bad that even if you did have it, it wouldn’t make much difference”.

      What if some players DON’T WANT to play ranked battles? Anyone with a single functioning brain cell could understand that it’s not about being good or bat at this game. Funny how hopelessly ignorant some people can be.

      1. Read most of the comments and it’s all people whining that the good players have an even bigger advantage now….

        The same goes for the forums…

        It’s funny how hopelessly ignorant you are assuming what point I was trying to make when clearly anyone with a single functioning braincell could see I was talking about another issue entirely….

  22. Wahnfried III says:

    It is irrelvant of how significant the values are. As long as an ingame advantage is only available to certain players it is wrong in principle. Current skill in the game should decide victory or loss… not the skill one had 5000 battles ago. Yet that is exactly what this is all about. You will simple by all means and account have a better tank. That means that on an equal skill level, you will always win against the same tank without the benefits, ignoring luck for a moment.

    Why should I bother fighting an enemy tank that has by design the edge? That will beat me all the time even on equal skill level.

    1. pixywing says:

      So someone better than you 5k battles ago will grind a line of tanks faster than you as well so they have an advantage as well. I’m not sure why you are whining about not having all the content in the game when YOU are the one refusing to play all of the game.

  23. Q says:

    If you will be able to put the new equipment on ANY tank it will make the life of new/progressing players even more unpleasant.

    Now the question is… How available will the bonds be? Only for the top rank? For everyone above certain rank?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Totally stupid WG are needlessly going down a shitty dire tion that nobody asked for.

    With this bs and the bs of stun the game is turning into a real joke

  25. betterdead thanred says:

    ranked battles should not be the only way to get bonds, atleast give some for random battles, SH,CW etc.
    ranked battles should be the fastest way to get bonds, but not the only way.
    if it were like this, anyone could get this new content sooner or later. but better players that play ranked battle would get more of it and much faster.
    dont wanna skip out on some public/SH/CW just to play some new game mode. now we HAVE to play ranked battle to stay competative.

  26. It’s still a plot so sell gold, because say you grinded one rammer or optics in ranked battle, then you want to use it all the time in your tanks, but you only got one, and everytime you demount it costs you 10 gold.

  27. pixywing says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how entitled this community is. So much whine of I’m breathing therefore I deserve all of the content even though I don’t want to work for anything or play all of said content.

  28. Cymru_am_Byth says:

    The ranked mode will consist of 4 weeks
    Week 1 everyone is ranked the same
    week 2 you are matched against opponents of similar skill based upon performance in week 1
    week 3 and week 4 follow same pattern as week 2

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