Supertest- Bonds & Advanced Equipment (UPDATED)

Good day everyone,

Quick overview of some of the upcoming 9.19 features: Bonds, and the Advanced Equipment you can spend them on.

Bonds– A new currency set to be one of the rewards for playing ranked battles. They will be rewarded at the end of the Ranked Battle Session, and cannot be bought or obtained elsewhere. Total bonds will be displayed alongside your gold and credits in the garage.

Bonds can be used to buy new in-game items available in 9.19.

  1. Enhanced equipment. Cost in bonds is quite high, purchased permanently, can be dismounted for 10 gold, can be used on any tank in any battle mode.. You can’t use enhanced equipment together with standard equipment of the same kind.
  2. Battle instructions. Installed in new slot #7 (#1-3 – equipments, #4-6 – consumables, #7 – new slot). There are 2 kinds of battle instructions, first one improves installed equipment, the other grants or improves crew skills. Used after battle, cost is low (varies depending on equipment/skill that it improved). Can be used on any tank in any battle mode.

Effects for enhanced equipment:

  1. +7,5% to crew skills (Ventilation)
  2. -25% to dispertion on move (Vert. stab)
  3. -12,5% reload time (Rammer)
  4. +12,5% aim speed (GLD)
  5. +12.5% view range (Optics)
  6. +40% repair speed (Toolbox)

Effects for battle instructions (equipment):

  1. +2,5% to crew skills (if any kind of Ventilation is installed)
  2. -5% to dispertion on move (if any kind of Vert. stab is installed)
  3. -2,5% reload time (Rammer)
  4. +2,5% aim speed (GLD)
  5. +2.5% view range (Optics)
  6. +10% repair speed (Toolbox)

Effects for battle instructions (crew skills):

  1. Gives all crew members 100% Firefighting skill OR improves effect of Firefighting skill by 50% if the skill is already at 100%
  2. Gives gunner Designated Target skill OR adds 2 more second to skill effect
  3. Gives Call for Vengeance skill OR adds 3 seconds to skill effect
  4. Gives 6th Sense OR substract 1 second from effect timer
  5. Gives Safe Stowage OR increases ammo rack HP by further 37,5%
  6. Gives Clutch Braking OR doubles the skill effect
  7. Gives Snap Shot OR doubles the effect
  8. Gives Smooth Ride OR doubles the effect
  9. Gives all crew member 100% Camouflage skill OR adds further 10% to Concealment

(Updated with clarifications/translations, courtesy of Reddit. See the full thread here).

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