Supertest: British Tier VIII TD GSOR 1008


This tank destroyer combines the advantages of both classic anti-tank guns and mobile medium tanks. The effective front armor thickness in certain areas reaches 200 mm, and the vehicle’s durability is 1,400 HP. At the same time, it has high maximum speed of 60 km/h with the power-to-weight ration of 14.7 h.p./ton.

The main feature of the GSOR 1008 is its autoloading gun with a 4-shell magazine and damage per shot of 320. It takes 32 seconds to reload the magazine, while autoloading one shell takes 1.5 seconds. Combined with excellent gun stabilization when not moving, accuracy of 0.3, and aiming time of 1.8 seconds, this gun allows for knocking down the opponents quickly and effectively. Its standard AP shell penetrates 226 on average, while the average penetration of its special APCR shell is 321 mm.

Depending on the situation, this vehicle can act together with heavy and medium tanks. The GSOR 1008 can snipe from the distance or help in close combat due to quick autoreloader and good gun depression angles, reaching -11 degrees.

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Supertest: British Tier VIII TD GSOR 1008

3 thoughts on “Supertest: British Tier VIII TD GSOR 1008

  1. DIADTEC says:

    this is beyond broken. reduce it to 3 second interclip/ 3 shells, reduce turret armor so most tier 7’s can pen it, then we can talk.

    1. Viddernas_Man says:

      So many real g-d tanks just WAITING to be put in the game, and they want to put this broken abomination in? Mizutayo needs to beat the devs with a shoe until they give us the Swiss Tech tree. Or failing that, Japanese Tds, like the Ho-Ri. Hell, I’d even go for the Bernardini X1A!

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