Supertest: Castle Map


currently in SuperTest there’s a new map called “Castle” who’s presumably for low tiers, it’s still very naked and lacking all sorts of textures, vegetation, etc so expect this only by the end of 2016 or even further:


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Supertest: Castle Map

55 thoughts on “Supertest: Castle Map

      1. stormcrow99 says:

        Taking it back. I see the similarity, but it’s a different battle.

        Taking inspiration does not equal flat out copying. Calm your tits, WT doesn’t have and never will have the upper hand in this.

  1. fighting_falcon93 says:

    Does WG have a fetish for castles? 😀 I mean how many maps are there already with some sort of a castle? 😀 WG why can’t you just create realistic copies of WW2 battlefields, with craters, mud and destroyed buildings? Not these deamworld maps with blue sky and flowers on the ground :/

    1. fighting_falcon93 says:

      Not to mention it’s a corridor map…. AGAIN. Really WG have some serius problems with creating non-corridor maps. Is it really that hard? :/

      1. because players don’t like corridor maps. I mean, they complain about them all the time, but ehn you look at actual gameplay, you’ll see most players will still stick to the corridors when given a choice. Just look at maps like Malinovka, Fisherman’s Bay, Steppes and El Halluf. Plenty of open areas and most players will still take the corridors.

      2. fighting_falcon93 says:

        @Shade01982: Well those maps also have corridors, but they’re moved to the side of the map instead. For instance, both Steppes and El Halluf are corridor maps but the curridors are placed on the sides instead for the middle, and the open areas are suicidal as there exist basicly no cover there at all. Basicly I’d say that every map that has an “obvius” route to take is a corridor map. A good map should have no “obvius” routes at all, and there should be very good amount of ridges and cover to hide behind across the entire map. For instance, this map could be made very good by:
        1) Removing the castle and the lake.
        2) Add a lot more terrain irregularities.
        3) Add a lot of ridges, dipps and craters.
        4) Add a lot of vegetation and sniping positions.

      3. @Shade01982 @fighting_falcon93
        You guys have no idea, what CORRIDOR means! Corridor is a route, which when you take, you cannot change it. Good examples of Corridors are swamp in Lakeville and 8th line on Abbey.
        None of the above mentioned maps have corridors – wherever you go, in relatively short period of time you can change that route, do some flanking, retreat, drive around stuff, etc.

      4. stormcrow99 says:

        @FightingFalcon Steppes has the middle route, and let’s be honest, in that kind of terrain, what kind of cover do you intend to give it? Also the lights and fast meds use the eastern flank precisely as they will in open ground.

        El Halluf has the corridor reserved to heavies and armor-type/brawler mediums. The middle it very viable to fast meds and lights.

        Fast meds and lights take open ground with arms wide open and heavies beat each other to crap in corridors. What the fuck is so wrong with this concept?

      5. fighting_falcon93 says:

        @Stylez: Call it whatever you want, but having a map where there’re so obvious routes that all tanks go to the same position and only 5% of the actual map is used in early game is not good map design. Entire Lakeville map consists of 3 corridors, it’s just that the city corridor is a bit wider than the other two. Abbey is also consisting of 3 corridors, but in this case the mid corridor is a bit wider than the other two. Steppes is also consisting of 3 corridors, because while there surely is no massive mountain forcing you to go around it, going right out in the open on Stepped is suicide because there’s no cover at all. So your argument is invalid as both the maps I mentioned does not promote active flanking and use of the entire map area.
        @Stormcrow99: The 2 open areas on Stepped does not need to be that flat as WG has made them. Obviously there are a lot of terrain irregularities on that map, but WG has intentionally made these 2 areas flas as they know that this will make them unusuable, which will promote the use of the 3 corridors on Steppes (left, mid and right). And regarding El Halluf… “the middle is very viable” LOL are you serius? In that case how come we never see any fights there? Because it’s entirely OPEN, no cover at all from TDs that are located on the hills on a much higher altitude. So the fuck that is so wrong with this concept is that we have maps that are 1000×1000 meters in size, but the actual fighting takes place on 200×200, which makes LTs, MTs and TDs completely useless as they need distance to operate well.

    2. S-hitman says:

      well since europe is filled with castles on “strategic” places (you cant spit without hitting one) its not that strange that there are so many maps with castles

      1. fighting_falcon93 says:

        Maybe true 😛 But still I doubt actual tank battles took place with a caste in the middle 😛

    3. stormcrow99 says:

      Well. You CAN go play WT which offers realism (well… compared to wot. shush.) and wide open maps.
      If you want WT maps on WoT, I’ll just cut the crap and say the final words. Go fuck off.

  2. Another “Designer style” map by some nerdy tech types ‘fulfilling a map project’ that is so artificial

    with yet again ‘wasted empty un-playable middle of Map’ areas with yawn really cant believe it more ‘Corridors’ (after all that WG said and told us removal of Corridors etc.

    which not many just a few players playing WOT even likes
    (even Heavy tanks dislike corridors – Arty pre-aims there so easy for decent Arty players its a Kill zone area to move along

    Why oh why cant WG give up genuine WWII battles Maps around 1938 – 45 or so that we would really, I mean really, like to play on even get exited over,

    there must be hundreds real WWII Maps to choose from, all just waiting, but?

    1. You can whine about corridors all you want, but without them, gameplay would fall completely dead in the water. I mean, look at the maps with open areas. Tanks crossing an open area tend to get killed very fast, so everyone just camps on their side…

      1. stormcrow99 says:

        If you die in the middle of El Halluf or Sand Rivers open areas, you either were outnumbered or simply done fucked up.

  3. i like it, the main thing is the map need to be about the size of mines and also the two bases need to be in the clear because what happens in low tier on mines is sit back and farm kills the players need to be forced to push and really locate them selfs in a tactical location

  4. OrigamiChik3n says:

    At this point bases look more or less naked. Houses look like destructible type. If so anyone with half decent gun depression can easily troll defenders from the castle entrance while having solid cover to retreat to.
    But of course it’s no point to be splitting hairs right now because if it might change a lot before (if at all) it makes it’s way to at least public test server let alone goes live.

  5. 1n_Soviet_Russia says:

    I want my Okinawa and Iwa Jima maps! Mexican and African Serengeti maps would also be cool. I just want more diversity in landscape, I am tired of the European maps

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      The sad thing is, they have an African savannah map and a Mexican hilly map created, but for whatever reasons have not utilized them at all. Not quite as pretty as the Overlord, but still would be lovely to at least test them. WOT PS4 also has tropical island map that doesn’t look as useless as the AW one. But alas, even when all these maps exist, they are not introduced…

  6. I love that there are comments here about wanting more realistic WWII maps – and yet the only genuinely realistic WWII map in the game, Stalingrad, is about to be seriously nerfed.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t this just lakeville? When will WOT learn to not restrict huge parts of the map with inaccessible structure and lakes.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The point is not that the map has corridors, or the players stick to corridors. Of course they will. The point is not to force them into corridors, with no chance of escape. MT and LT and everyone else should be able to maneuver, and not be funneled into a space, where he is cornered like a rat. Players stick to the corridors in the first half of the game. Then when the game is decided, in the second half, good players should be able to maneuver to take advantage, and not be stuck at one place, with zero chance of changing position.

  9. stormcrow99 says:

    Castle. Okay, fine.
    Why do you have another fucking object in the middle???
    Put open ground there! Dips and little hills! Bushes and trees! Terraforming! LIGHT TANKS AREN’T SUBMARINES.

  10. Anonymous says:

    new map? this looks like an iteration of Swamp. the swampy bit is flooded and the buildings moved a little. in conclusion, i probably will not be a fan on this map with the info i have available at this time

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