[SUPERTEST] Concept 1B tank


here’s the newest from Supertest: WoT_Template_New-Tank_Concept_1B_EN.jpg

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“Hey, tankers!

Today, the Concept 1b, a Tier IX American heavy tank enters the Supertest.

“Heavy” it sure is, but it’s agile too and can easily catch up with medium vehicles while boasting crucial values characteristic of tanks of its class.

Accuracy-wise, the testee’s gun is similar to that of the E 50, with an aiming time of 2.1 s and a dispersion of 0.36m/100. With a standard APCR round you can expect to get through 258 mm of enemy armor, and a special HEAT goes even deeper: 310 mm. It will take you 10.2 seconds to fully reload and deliver an average damage of 400 points.

The turret with its frontal armor of 250 mm and gun depression angles of -10/+20 feels right at home on the slopes. Its shape is what you have to consider first and foremost. It’s only well protected at the right angles: an enemy firing at its side or when the turret is turned, well let’s just say, 100mm of side armor won’t protect you much. As for the hull its armor is far from impenetrable, so you’d better wrap it in cotton wool.

Summing up, the smartest way to play the Concept 1b is to take advantage of its dynamics to take key positions on the map while keeping a close eye on where your turret turns.”

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