Supertest: Empires Border latest.

The 1st option of the map re-design

This is the latest development of the most successful rework of the Empire’s Border from the previous test:


The bottom left area of the map has been reworked. An alternative passage for heavy tanks has been added (apart from the passage near the wall).

The lane for medium tanks has been improved. New covers, “shoot-throughs”, and positions have been added.

The 2nd option of the map re-design

This is practically a total rework of the map. All major gameplay passages on the map have been reworked. The developers mainly focused on creating interconnected lanes and organizing interaction between different vehicle types.

Zone 1 – a reworked lane for heavy tanks. Now it is more consistent as compared to the previous version. Vehicles here are completely protected from SPG fire. The zone features variable gameplay.

Zone 2 – an area that includes lanes for heavy, medium, and light tanks. These vehicles can cooperate here to capture the map center and get a possibility to outflank enemies.

Zone 3 – this is a lane for medium and light tanks. Vehicles here have a lot of possibilities for maneuvering. The zone has covers, where vehicles can hide from SPG fire. This lane has completely been reworked and now it features dynamic gameplay.



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Supertest: Empires Border latest.

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