Supertest Excalibur leaks- Statement


It came to my attention that some of the text about Excalibur was misunderstood by readers at WG. I would like to clarify that in no shape or form has Ed Francis leaked any information about the Excalibur nor the pictures leaked have any connection with him.
We did give him the credit for finding the vehicle. There is nothing wrong with that and we feel there is also nothing wrong with us pointing out the major discrepancies between the historical data, which any member of the public can access at the National Archives (if they know where to look) and comparing it against the tank statistics in the Supertest leaks.
He was mentioned as a friend of the blog. Ed is a friend because he was the person who got me into tank driving and because he gave me the connections in the private tank ownership world. The tank I bought in real life, restored and then sold to help paying for my University tuition? That wouldn’t have happened if wasn’t for him. That’s why he is a friend, we keep the gaming side separated.
Even the leakers know very well and would testify if they could, that at RSR we give the utmost respect in protecting the privacy of anyone who wishes to leak information. We would never be that careless and we never will be.

Tenho dito.

Rita Sobral


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Supertest Excalibur leaks- Statement

11 thoughts on “Supertest Excalibur leaks- Statement

      1. Rita Sobral says:

        Nothing to do with GDPR.

        I called a friend as a friend (someone who happened to find the tank that WG has in supertest and is even writting a book where it will be talked about) in RSR and someone in the company somehow twisted it as “he has leaked everything”.
        There’s the usual witchhunt but this is a whole new level of “WTF”.

        Wargaming doesn’t seem to realise I know everyone as their mom’s as far the historical / real tank world goes and I also visit the archives myself.

  1. this seems so obvious, I’m surprised anyone understood it in any other way, probably someone who wanted to interpret it that way

    we could even start a conspiracy theory:
    we know that WG pays attention to blogs that show their leaks or right things about their games, we also know of the recent article about Murazor, could it have been him to come and plant that suspicion on Ed Francis? you never know, there are people who are “evil”/petty enough to do that, especially those extremely arrogant and egocentric as he was described recently, you never know

  2. fuwg says:

    Make a shit tank, cry rivers of shit b/c it’s shit stats are shit out all over the shitty internet….. Same WG shit just a different shitty day.

    1. Swatdennis says:

      Wasn’t that the FV3805? But I also forgot what happend with it, wasn’t it supposed to spin around at tankfest last year?
      I was not there, but I just can not remember hearing more after Jingles went to repair day…

    2. Rita Sobral says:

      I did and did not make much light of it to the community although I spoke about in an interview with WG.

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