Supertest: French MT Tier VI Premium M4A1 FL 10


Also coming in Super Test, here is the Premium Tier VI French Medium Tank  M4A1 FL 10:

Excerpt from the description given by Wargaming: “the M4A1 FL 10. It melds together American and French engineering concepts, being a classic Sherman but with an oscillating turret and an autoloader.
The M4A1 FL 10 has good mobility, and though its gun can’t boast high alpha it has a four-shell clip. The autoloader allows for very comfortable play, emptying and reloading promptly, gauging up the damage-per-minute parameter. The crew consists of four people.
Though French, it’s a Sherman still—so please play it cautiously: the large size and the average protection are still here. Yet, the gun of the M4A1 FL 10 lets you dispatch a single enemy within seconds.”


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Supertest: French MT Tier VI Premium M4A1 FL 10

17 thoughts on “Supertest: French MT Tier VI Premium M4A1 FL 10

  1. Anonymous says:

    “lets you dispatch a single enemy within seconds” — so like the WT E 100 but at tier 6? how many rounds does it get?

    1. Anonymous says:

      oh, nevermind, only 4 in the clip… so that’s just an outright lie since only a few tank destroyers and most lights have that much health at tier 6, and everyone knows it’s gonna be seeing tier 7-8 most of the time

    2. Quaksen says:

      4, like the article says, hehe.
      “4 – Shells in autoloader”
      So 540 clip damage, with 5.25 seconds time to empty.

    1. NOOOOPE says:

      Not really seing as this thing will be huge in and not the greatest mobility compared to the *strvwhateveritis*

      1. Anonymous says:

        This thing will be bigger, but faster making it more versatile other than second line support

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anyone seeing the swedish T6 premium often? The biggest problem with the swedish one is the bad gun depression of -6 that requires you to nearly always completly expose at the smallest ground waves if you want to hit anything.The sherman version will suffer the same problem. No fun at all.

    1. Culloden Muir says:

      No, it’s not Israeli in the slightest. This isn’t even the Egyptian project, it’s a French prototype. Israel has never mounted an FL-10 turret on a Sherman.

  3. SkaerKrow says:

    I really would have preferred to see the Egyptian version instead on the same French prototype that came to War Thunder.

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