Supertest: German Tank Destroyer, Pz.Sfl. IC

The Panzerselbstfahrlafette Ic., a new German Tier IV tank destroyer is rolling to the Supertest.

This vehicle stands out for its mobility with a top speed of 54 km/h and a power-weight ratio of 15.2 h.p./t.

The thickness of the frontal armor plates is up to 50 mm.

Durability: 415 HP.

This tank destroyer comes equipped with a gun that causes 70 HP of damage, a high rate of fire and good gun handling parameters allowing you to provide some team support.

Dispersion is around 0,39 m; reload time 2.3 s and aiming time 1.5 s.

The gun traverse angles are 10 degrees on each side.

The Pz.Sfl. IC is a typical tank destroyer designed for long-range fire with a view range of 320 m.

The stats are not final.

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Supertest: German Tank Destroyer, Pz.Sfl. IC

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