Supertest:- Hotchkiss EBR Tier VII

The Tier VII French wheeled armored car rolls onto the Supertest. We’re going to check how well balanced its stats are, and also to continue battle-testing the new game mechanics. When we’re through, we’ll decide on the release set of game mechanics and the finalization of the entire wheeled vehicle mini-branch.

7HLSgC9The Hotchkiss EBR is a ‘transitional’ vehicle introducing the players to the gameplay peculiarities of the top-tier wheeled armored cars. It doesn’t have the two driving modes like them, but it does have the Charge ability and the special ‘magnet’ lock-on feature. The 75-mm gun is autoloading. The dynamics and maneuverability of the Hotchkiss EBR are worse than those of Tier VIII–X vehicles, and the absence of their Drive (fast) results in a lesser top speed. Depending on test results, the stats of the Hotchkiss EBR may change.

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Supertest:- Hotchkiss EBR Tier VII

6 thoughts on “Supertest:- Hotchkiss EBR Tier VII

  1. enigmaticmuffin says:

    god the view range is bad, but yall gotta realize that if the view range is too good, then wheeled vehicles make regular light tanks completely pointless. they struggle enough outside of tier 9 and 10 LTs as it is

    1. Mikosah says:

      Then perhaps both the current light tanks and these new wheeled light tanks all need some view range buffs. In the current meta that so heavily favors armor, corridor brawling, and high firepower, it would only do good for the entire light class to be given a revival.

  2. paul mckenzie says:

    310 m viewrange to spot campers with who are behind trees and bushlines.. good luck. you will drive in to tds before you see them.

    this is stupid. barely faster than a light tank at 70 km and most maps are corridors anyway so yeah again GL with this.

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