Supertest: HWK 12 Light Tank


there’s a new light tank in Supertest, the HWK 12:


-Developed in Henschel between the late 1950s and half of 1960. The first prototype was built in 1963 and forty of these vehicles were delivered to Mexico.


Tier: 8
Hitpoints: 1100
Maximum speed: 65/20 km/h
Hull traverse: 44 deg/s
Turret traverse: 44 deg/s
Terrain Resistance:
Viewrange: 410
Radio range:
Hull armor: 14/14/14
Turret armor: 15/10/10
Damage: 240/240/320
Penetration: 180/250/45
Reload: 7.15s
Accuracy: 0.36
Aim: 2.0s

Crew: 3

Armor and Model:

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Supertest: HWK 12 Light Tank

38 thoughts on “Supertest: HWK 12 Light Tank

      1. Fischkrapfen says:

        this will become the new tier 8, ru will become tier 9 and the rhm panzerwagen will be the tier 10

  1. Uhm, they sorta need to fill in tiers now that the tanks will be bumped up by a tier.
    IMO this will be the tier 8 after tier 7 SPIC and Ru 251 will be tier 9 as expected…

    1. I liked the SpIC a lot, called mine the spicy because of all the memes I had in it :’)
      Don’t know how to feel about this tank, I doubt it will be as fun as the SpIC without an autoloader.

  2. Deano says:

    i miss the scout panther… this is cool but the scout panther needs to come back. it was easily my favorite tier 7 lt along side the wz131.

  3. Another shit German tanks.

    Buff reload to 6 seconds at least. 7 seconds for 240 alpha on a tier 8 light. That’s a joke.

    Also buff spic by: reduce weight to historical 6 tons while leaving engine power. This will give it half decent power to weight to offset the shit mobility of the tank.
    Also buff gun handling stats by about 20% ish. Test and adjust to see if it needs more or less.

      1. This tank’s is bug fat and sluggish as all he’ll. Trust me….the only thing it has is half decent penetration and good view range. The DPM is meh and the shell speed…..oh God. …

  4. OrigamiChik3n says:

    I can’t wait to see Wiki entry for this contraption. Especially the “historical gallery” section. I did a quick search but only found a copy of a page of old Jane’s digest where it is described as HWK-11 hull with 90 mm gun turret. No picture.

    1. Adrian Paredes says:

      Because the HWK-11 was an APC used on mexico… the HWK-12 was a proposed concept mounting a 90mm recoiless rifle on a turret… but only proposed, no prototypes built

      Note that i said RECOILESS RIFLE not an actual tank gun…

  5. Anonymous says:

    From what I can tell by comparing specs here and on WoT wiki this is not even much of a upgrade from SP1C.

    Its basically same vehicle with 10mm armor “upgraded” to 14mm, top speed from 58kph to 64kph, same gun, same size, same hull and turret traverse, view range from 400m to 410m.

  6. Adrian Paredes says:

    Same russian bias as always…. despite this new spic is million times ligther and have no armor, the LTTB beat him not only on speed but in hp/ton ratio power…oh! ofc in armor too… lttb is like 12 times armored….

    All the new LTs tier 8 will be shadowed for the russian LTTB (same story on the tier 9s… T-54 beat em all)

    1. OrigamiChik3n says:

      That’s because LTTB in game is a fake (surprise, surprise). There are several documents. One is the technical drawing of the the hull. Another is army requirements. First of all “requirements” is something that army wants rather than what can actually be delivered.
      Initial reqiurements of 1943 called for a 14-15 ton tank with 45mm frontal armour, 220HP engine (2x110HP diesel engines actually) and top speed of 45km/h.
      Requirements of 1944 for “Light tank with heavy armour” have weight increase to 20 ton and frontal amour increased to 75mm (90mm is scribbled with pencil. It could have been done by anyone at any time and therefore cannot be accepted as a part of historical document). Engine was supposed to be rated at 300HP.
      In game we have fake 90mm of frontal armour, fake 700HP engine and fake 68km/h speed. Result is “light tank” that is lighter than any tier 7 medium tank while being roughly the same size and having thicker armour. It’s also faster than any tier 7 MT. And has a fake gun with better penetration than most tier 7 MTs. In other words the only two historical things about it are name and shape of the hull.

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