Supertest: Iceships #3


just to warn you that I may become sightly unresponsive today, had a really shitty weekend, had to take my eldest cat to the emergency vet and she had a surgery and currently has a massive gaping wound that needs to close. I’m directing my attention to her well being as she needs medication and to be fed/kept hydrated. I’ve barely slept for the last 2 nights but I will deliver what I can for now before hitting the bed for a few hours. Hope you understand.

In Supertest, Iceships map has reached its third iteration and this is how it looks like:

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Supertest: Iceships #3

22 thoughts on “Supertest: Iceships #3

  1. Hope your cat will feel better rita… and something about these maps… why are the dead ships Americans and Germans and not Russians like they should be… eh… good map for the TOG btw

  2. AGMF says:

    Hey Rita, leave us be for the time being. Take care of your cat, that has prority. I have a little pug and know how it feels, if our little ones aren’t feeling well.
    I wish u all the best.

  3. Yes…kitties come first! Hope yours is better soon… about the map!

    Gawd, it looks just as bad and for all the same reasons, the ones folks usually hate about maps. Now a Finland map might be interesting except no, the Russians got whomped there. Ok, since we’re clearly dealing with alternate realities here with these ice maps, how about..a map on an Arctic ice sheet, flat and smooth and zero features. Add in blinding snow whiteout conditions…real zero visibility and yes…defeat anything but sixth sense that might reveal location. Here’s the best part…since its ice…anytime you fire your gun, and bigger ones especially your tank winds up sliding around on the ice backwards from direction of fire, sliding every which way, AND….maybe..JUST maybe, you’ll find a weak spot in the ice and FALL THROUGH dropping forever into frigid arctic waters. If arty fires TOO high an arc…same chance they’ll break thru the ice right then and there.

    How’s that for fun?

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      Ignore the existence of those players, or give them a good spanking. Other options aren’t there for you to pick.
      No player with any self respect will “not play” a WoT match they’ve already been signed up for.

  4. I don’t know what to thing about it. It looks like half of a map is completely open and flat with some obstacles and there are two corridors in the city. One of corridors is easy to spot from ice (I guess light tanks can be just little bit annoying there, but they can’t do much harm – sort of like airfield stones) so heavies can brawl in one corridor and medium tanks and TDs have nowhere to go and town congested by heavies. I might be wrong, but all I can see is worst map ever.

  5. StanleyTweedle says:

    Some things are more important than gaming Rita. Take the time you need. I’m sure everyone understands and wishes your pussy well.

  6. I think that it would be cool with this map if they made it so that the Ice was only thick enough to support certain weights of tanks on different zones and if you didn’t then the ice would begin to crack beneath you and you would have to keep moving to not fall through, it would mean MTs and LTs could get some cool positions and flank around Heavies more easily.

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