Supertest: IceShips Night Map


this is the preview of Iceships which is currently in supertest and seems like the PC team is trying to catch on with the Console’s, this is the first night map:

Something just came to my mind, is mostly unlikely but I wonder if they would make the ice slippery…

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Supertest: IceShips Night Map

19 thoughts on “Supertest: IceShips Night Map

  1. Night map? damn wargaming’s map maker are bored… I don’t think ANY of these maps will stay for long… but I will happy to see Himmesdulf or Arctic on night

      1. RNGesusStoleMyBike says:

        Those ships are German, Bismarck-Class Battleships, but modelled after the Tirpitz, which is in WOWS, so I guess they just borrowed the model from them.

  2. tango35 says:

    So… What are the areas that are playable? Can we drive a tank over the blue ice and expect it to support the weight of our tank?

  3. Hmmm, this map doesn’t logically make sense, but if you fix having 2 bismarks, the shadows at night, and maybe take away some of the ice. This could be a viable map. And for every map they put in, remove some of the stinkers for maps like mines, swamp, fisherman’s bay and bring back Pearl River!

  4. This one needs more cover, unless they do more than just make the sky black, and actually cut down visual range drastically to simulate night. Gun flashes would make a night battle spectacular!

  5. Ion7 says:

    “Map team, objective: Make a snow map with battleships. Heck, make it a night map because were so sure that each map will be garbage to play. Open areas, water hazards, unrealism, throw it all in!” I have to say, they do look good though. An HD revamp to the existing maps would be cool as well. (AKA update generic building models to higher poly, and apply it across the board as a start)

  6. wolvenworks says:

    AW has proven that night maps are very possible without causing excessive discomfort. to me it wouldn’t make much sense if WG didn’t follow up

  7. Aesthetic criticisms of a map in development aside *glances up*, this map looks great to play, with real opportunities for every class to contribute. I hope this one makes it in.

  8. Bjørnar says:

    I wonder if they are going to make a map where the heaviest tanks would go trough the ice, while light tanks would pass.. ( if you shoot the ice enough it would broke, as how it works in bf4)

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