Supertest: Italian Heavy line, the Rinoceronte

The top of the tree of the new Italian Heavy line, the Rinoceronte, is coming to the Supertest!

12/10/2020 Update:

The Standard Shell is not AP anymore but replaced with ACPR. Special shell remains as HEAT shell.
Those should be the current stats of both shells:
1468m/s shell velocity for APCR

1173 m/s shell velocity for HEAT

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Supertest: Italian Heavy line, the Rinoceronte

3 thoughts on “Supertest: Italian Heavy line, the Rinoceronte

    1. Anonymous says:

      Your fake tanks opinion was cool in 2014 old man, i really love how they are adding more and more tanks who atleast looks realistic and good..

      1. Anonymous says:

        If it were up to players like that guy, we would only have a handful of actual tanks in the game. It would either be Russian, British, American, German, or French. Those 5 pretty much supplied the world.

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