Supertest: Jagdtiger (H)

Another tech tree clone premium from supertest: Jagdtiger (H). Here are the stats so far…


HP: 1600
Engine Power: 700
Weight: 74.92 t
Power-to-Weight ratio: 9.34
Speed: + 38 / -12 kph
Rotation Traverse: 20 °/s
Terrain Resistance: 0.959 / 1.151 / 2.205
Hull Armor: 250/80 mm
View Range: 370 m
Signal Range: 740.4 m
Crew: 6

Gun: 12.8 cm Pak 44/1 L/55
Damage: 490/490/630
Penetration: 246/311/65 mm
DPM: 2358.5
Rate of fire: 4.813
Reload: 12.466 s
Accuracy: 0.336
Aim Time: 2.21
Gun Depression: -7.5 °

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Supertest: Jagdtiger (H)

68 thoughts on “Supertest: Jagdtiger (H)

    1. A Dude says:

      Could also mean “Henschel”. Given the fact that there were two versions of the Jagdtiger, the Porsche and Henschel ones (where as far as I know only the tracks and roadwheels look a bit different), it’s amazing how, counting in this tank, WG has now 3 different Jagdtigers in the game with all of them being Henschel ones.

      1. That was my first thought when I saw this thing. I mean, yeah yeah clone tanks and all that, but frankly we have 9 different versions of the Sherman so I think we’re past “clone tanks” being a major issue. They could have just put in the Jagdtiger (P), given it the mobility of the pre-production Jagdtigers which is just about on par with the current T28, and called it a day :/

  1. rubberboas says:

    This thing actually looks really powerful… too powerful compared to the Ferdi actually. This might be an absolute monster in the right CQC corridor map.

    It actually does look like a lot of fun, but then again there’s no indication that this is actually for pub matches. Might be for a historical mode or something, which would make sense.

    1. A Dude says:

      I think the Ferdinand is still having its advantages over this. It would seem that the Ferdi is a bit faster and has more camouflage…with both of these aspects being absolutely irrelevant for either vehicle though.

    2. Rombat says:

      I think it,s preapered for replacing jagtiger 88 limited mm premium or it will be a new reward for the next tier 8 clan wars reward.

    3. Eok says:

      Not really better then Ferdi – gun arc is low, and this does not seem to have the agility of tier 9 JT. That one is scary in CQC since it can follow most HTs and even some MTs with its track traverse.

      Tier 8 prem we have, and this one with similiar agility, can be outflanked with most of the same tier MTs and some HTs even. There were some talks about buffs to traverse for tier 8 JT88, not sure what came out of it.

      Either way – another close, rather nice tank, not really OP if it shares the mobility of the current JT88. The one thing that I like is the notion that it might mean 88 will get a HP buff to 1,6k, which would be scary as all hell for tier 8 HTs cought be its permatracking.

      1. whitesample says:

        That part on the mobility is questionable since terrain resistances are way worse than on the tier 9 and in the 8.8.
        So ill be sluggish.

      1. well obviously, this the tier 9 Jadgtiger with stock 128mm gun… But why? The only thing I can think of is that they are going to remove the Jadgtiger 8.8 and reimburse people with this so as to remove a preferential MM tank

      2. @DEADARASHI
        Well that’s an interesting point. It surely would make sense, but I’m sure some players would not agree for such change for whatever reason.

        WG would have to offer an alternate compensation plan for such players, who don’t accept their premium tank replacement with something different.

      3. whitesample says:

        That would be great.
        I mean, while its fun to keep tracking stuff…
        Nowadays the Jadgtiger 8.8 is… very bad…

        Alternatively this Jagdtiger could be replacing the fake JagdPanther II at tier 8, Ferdinand could drop to tier 7 and lose the 12.8cm and the Jagdtiger 8.8 could drop to tier 7 and lose its preferential MM.

        This would open up a slot at tier 9 but I believe that if they dropped the JgPnz E100 to tier 9 and gave it the 15cm L/58 and then introduced the SturmGeschütz Maus (often miss named JgPnz Maus) at tier 10 with the 17cm L/63

    1. rubberboas says:

      In the current CQC corridor meta this thing might be an absolute nightmare for a lot of tier 8 tanks to fight against.

  2. Bricktop says:

    Maybe instead of another tier 8 premium WG can add unique camouflages to premium shops? Something we actually see a point spending money on?

    1. wolvenworks says:

      well…..they might trigger the Wehraboos though if the camo isn’t “historical”. not that i’d mind that because that makes for a great show to watch.

      1. Bricktop says:

        Do these people really still exist? Bitching about something not being historical? In game where you research tanks for gathered xp and kill a tank shooting it’s cupola 7 times?
        Because fuck fun, fuck balance, let’s pretend game is historical!

      2. wolvenworks says:

        why do you think we have a highly specific phrase for german military fans that only accepts german bias?

      1. I have a feeling that it might be for a larger Ger tech tree rework then what they have shown. I mean, the Tiger II also being tested at tier 7 at the same time?

        I feel the current Jagdtiger 8.8 and Ferdinand will drop down a tier and the Jagdtiger replace the JPanther at tier 8. Will have to wait and see but I feel that they should do something like this for the overall tech tree change:

        Obviously that just shows where I would have the tanks and not the subsequent armor/gun changes

  3. Anonymous says:

    First only good thing about jagdtiger is gun, platform is shit so dont know why they keep putting different guns on it and selling as premium (looking at you jagt88). Second: why on earth would you buy turretless td when scorpion G is better in any respect.

  4. betterdead thanred says:

    the more HP a tank recieves, the more u realize it’s just bad……
    dont have the skorpion, but i believe it will win 9/10 VS this jagdtard

    but i think it will be better than ferdi at tier 8, and tier for tier, better than the standard tier 9 jagd.

    only one that is worse i reckon is the fail kanonjagdpanzer, which would have been more appropriate at tier 7.

    1. Bricktop says:

      Eh? Jagdtiger can chew up pretty much everything it meets. Only thing that comes to my mind when it shoots lower tiers is “annihilation”. So many people think they can outreload a JT and end up with 1200 hp less while choking on it’s 2100 hp. JT is way better tank for it’s tier than Jagaroo, that thing sucks massively tho. Furthermore, I’d rather play a tier 10/11 match in JT than JpZ lol.

    2. sfcstorm says:

      To bad this game is wold of brawling now. Also its armor is great, if you hide the lower its basically unpennable at T8, tough to pen at T9 from md range and still solid vs non HEAT t10.

      Meanwhile its 246 pen and 490 alpha is massive. Ferdi is worse in everyway. Skirp will get manhandled unless it has tons of bushes and stays unlit all game. The seond its lit its over from both arty and everything else.

      Camo reliant tanks aside from the very very high DPM ones like the Waffle are just bad now a days. They made far to many maps brawling only and killed way to many long range firing lanes.

      1. betterdead thanred says:

        just take a look at the scoreboard next time you play in randoms, and see that skorp players usually get overall higher dmg than regular tier 8 td’s, not just the german ones.

        most battles take place at 200ish meters
        both jagd and skorp have bad camo anyway…

        what the skorp has going for it is the speed:
        1.get fast to a nice position and squeeze off 1 or 2 shots
        2. pull back and support
        3. the lovely mop up
        has many chances to dmg enemy and keep urself in the action

        what the jagd has going for it is armour
        1. reach moderately far to a position or camp near base
        2. wait for them to come, this is the tanks strong point.
        3. either u hold on, and win, or get tracked, flanked and lose.
        4. mop up is not that great in a jagd
        as soon as ppl see you in a jagd, they wont waste their HP and charge u, they pull back/flank. and u cant always chase them.
        few chances to keep yourself in the centre of the action.

    3. whitesample says:

      Thing here is… that if it has the same ammo capacity as on the tier 9, it could load some HE and fire at the skorpion dealing massive damage with an increased dpm + breaking some modules.
      That way, the scorpion is balanced.
      Also, skorpion traverse is… kinda bad… so, unless it tracks jadg… it could die easily.
      I would give 4/10 in the stated before.

  5. xxtechmanxx says:

    They should give the 8.8cm Jagdtiger some more Hit Points when this one comes out.
    Its just pathetic that they put out 3 different Jagdtiger without even changing anything on the look of the tank, maybe give them the Porsche Suspension to change things up.

  6. Supertest really is a super test, with the recent trials of a tier 7 Tiger II P it could be part of wargaming’s on going plan to move a lot of German tanks down a tier to open possibilities for new higher tier fantasy tanks. It would also be a substantial buff to the armor of these tanks that have very squishy hull plates while still maintaining some semblance of historical accuracy. It is a really big project for one of the most popular nations in world of tanks so wargaming probably only has a small team looking into the possibillity. That would explain why the project has been coming along so slowly so as to not interrupt larger plans like arty and mm rebalances.

    Neat article and it makes me happy to see people aren’t that hostile to the idea when it’s only on supertest haha 🙂

  7. US_3rd_Army says:

    and yet we still don’t get a American premium TD (The T28HTC and M56 dont count because one is gotten via missions and the other is offered during specials. What i mean is a premium that stays in the shop and gets added to the tech tree a patch later).

  8. celio ribeiro says:

    next will be removal of the IS6 and the realse of the IS6 bl-11 with a 130mm gun with 246 pen and rate of fire of 2300. lol

    1. Bricktop says:

      Except is6 is one of the worst premium tanks you can have right now, buffed sLöwe shits all over it and Is3/Patriot/Liberte just roll this thing over looking different direction. But hey, let’s whine about russia bias because who needs facts when we can repeat catchy frases

      1. sfcstorm says:

        There is tons of RUssian Bias, its just not with IS6 anymore. Sorry but it reigned far supreme for its entire life until now.
        All low tier with 122mm are OP as 390 Alpha is like having a 1k HP alpha on a T10.

        IS3, IS3a are best in class.
        T10 is great for a T9 heavy.
        IS7 is amazing still and using gold one of the best T10 heavies hands down. In CW in large groups with 50bs its insane how they can contest medium only spots and murder everything.

        But mainly the buffs come from vision range nerfs to all tanks making brawling much easier and making there terrible aim time and accuracy a lesser issue. Also maps keep losing more and more open space and keep getting designated safe brawling spots and one more they are king brawlers.

        How about still the very best all round meds hands down, since literally the first day mediums came out they have been king. T9 T54 was best tank in game forever and still is best overall T9.

        140 is by far best med in game. Has more DPM than the soft Jap tank. With much better armor, and night and day better gun handling. It makes it liik like a T7 gun handling vs it. And it has more camo than a Leo or anything except a Batchat. Also is one of the faster meds.

        It literally can second as any other T10 med and is better than all the niche tanks in other ways.

        Best DPM, Best gun handling, 2nd best camo, great speed, 2nd best all round armor. But really T10 meds are mobile gun platforms and nothing is better than Rus meds. They do the most DMG and shoot like lasers at 30kmh better than most tanks sitting still.

        If a tank has better Hulldown llke m48, it has better speed, camo and armor. If it has better speed like Leo it has better camo DPM and gun handling. If it has better Camo and speed like Bat, it does enough DPM to kill a bat in his reload and has good enough armor to bounce .

        This also means its the best tanks for all the maps. Brawling it out damages everything, and sniping it outdoes them all as well with camo and laser gun.

        Rus bias at its best.

      2. Bricktop says:

        While I agree is3 is still the best tier 8 heavy tank, is3a is not due to bad mobility and arty-like hidden gun stats. (Recently is3 got some rivals in form of Liberte and Patriot, it used to be uncontested). T10 is a good tank, but so is the e75 and WZ juan juan juan juan 4 with m103 lagging slightly behind. The best tier 9 HT is HD Conqueror, despite fact e75 and t10 are better for tomatoes due to them being more idiotproof.
        In terms of tier 9 mediums I see same situation; while t54 is noob friendly, I’d take buffed Fatton any day over it.
        While I understand 140 is balanced by very fragile interior, I agree it is too good, but is still not as capable as TVP t50/51. Thing with RU meds is, they are not really all that powerful. They just adjust to the general powercreep better than NATO mediums. In terms of tier X HTs, Russia has the worst 2 units of all nations I feel, maybe Fv215b being harder to do well in. With is7 and it’s obvious weakspots, poor agility and diabetic gun and Is4 being invincible for lower tiers and HP pinata for tier Xs. Obviously ridicously overpowered t110e5 leads the competition.
        Don’t forget about Grille, hard to hit, super flexible, hard hitting TD with 60kph speed limit and good gun depression which is toxic as fuck for gameplay. Russian Tds? One is crap and other one is super awkward and hard to play one-trick pony.

      3. Bricktop says:

        Edit: Obviously russian Hts are not the worst, forgot about Japanese crap, but that thing is so bad I don’t even consider them a viable object to talk about.

      4. 140 has better camo than the batchat. In fact all 3 Russian meds do. Bat comes in 4th place for camo on tier 10 meds.

        And people still say Russian bias doesn’t exist….

    2. Bricktop says:

      Havoc, Gotta love how you completely ignored that wall of text in front of you and decided to rewrite same thing once again lol. Typical russian bias crybaby I guess?

  9. What the actual fuck?! STOP WITH THE PREMIUM SPAM!!

    Jesus Christ how long are they going to keep releasing stock tanks as premiums? For fucks sake have some God damned ingenuity and come up with something new already. Holy shit.

    1. The overwhelming majority of tanks that were produced that aren’t in the game are from nations that are difficult to include into the game for various reasons. Even if they tried to put in some new tank from an existing tree (usually Soviet) they just get shit on for putting in some tank that was never built.

      Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

  10. V1tez says:

    “Tiger ace Otto Carius commanded the second of three companies of Jagdtigers in Panzerjagerabteilung 512″…
    ’nuff said!!! 🙂

      1. whitebaron777 says:

        Pen isn’t really relevant considering that this one won’t get the preferential MM. Also, from a credit making perspective, the shells for this one are 4 times the price, but only twice the damage

    1. whitesample says:

      Dpm isnt really relevant since you have to be exposed in order to fire.
      That way you become a bullet and arty magnet.

      I will say, that I like pen actually way, way more that dpm since it makes your shots more consistent.

      1. whitebaron777 says:

        Staying exposed would be a problem in the Jagdtiger H, but remember: not only does the 88 get preferential MM, it also gets a 120mm lower plate instead of 100m, raising the effective value after normalization to 180. It can afford to stay there, the only problem being arty, which you can’t really do much about

  11. Mikosah says:

    If this exists as-is, then consider the Ferdi completely obsolete. Unless the Ferdi is likewise dropped to tier 7 and only allowed to use the 88mm that is. Besides that, would it be justified to have this JTH available as a premium when the JT88 is already a thing? Or is this a hint that the fully-grown JT is being replaced by something else?

  12. Sir_Lanzenschrott says:

    Didn´t they say something about “ace-tanker-tanks” they wanted to introduce?
    With historical weapons and so on.
    Beginning with (if i remember correctly) the Tiger I Otto Carius commanded?

    Well, Otto Carius did command a Jagdtiger as well.
    Perhaps it is for this “string” of premium tanks?

    And how could they sell those tanks (taking as given that the other nations, especially the germans, will never get a “zero-skill-crew”) other than with giving those tanks a “special matchmaking” (one tier lower than their “oh-so-historical” original tech-tree-counterparts?

  13. Nevermind says:

    WOW is this all WG can come up with is more of the same tanks that are in game for the two nations that have the most prems hands down? Why not a new french TD, or Swedish HT, or maybe a SPG to match the French and British?

  14. Vlad Pomar says:

    Really looking forward to this one. A tier 8 JT with its historical gun? Yes, please! I hope they do this with as many tanks as possible actually. Tier 6 Tiger with the historical gun (Like the Jap one), Tier 7 Tiger II with the 88 and so on, tier 7 or 8 IS-3 with the historical gun, similar to the IS-6.
    As for this JT, I think it would probably be one of the most powerful tier 8 tanks, The JT at tier 8 is already very good, this thing should be amazing.

  15. Jurrunio says:

    Don’t even see why this exists. It is exactly the stock JT from tier 9, using a tier 8 gun. More of a copy than all those Russian premiums. At least those look different from each other.

  16. wolvenworks says:

    well….from all the ppl who think this might be a replacement for Jtig88, i actually hoped so. my jtig88’s been gathering dust since i don’t use it that often: 88 gun isn’t really useful against heavies, and the current meta is still (and always) heavily dependent on heavies.

    1. Vlad Pomar says:

      Why would you say that the 88 ain’t useful against heavies? 203mm of penetration is more than enough to cut through 90% of you enemies, the IS-6, which has 175mm of penetration is able to reliably penetrate all tanks it encounters apart from the E-75 and KV-4 and as far as I remember the JY 88 has the same preferential MM.

      1. whitesample says:

        Play the jadgtiger 8.8.
        While the is6 has worse pen, its mobile so it can flank its oponents and drop 390 dmg shells (Which usually rolls higher and have high dmg against modules and crew) and then retreat. Its also a brawler so you dont lose those 175mm of pen so much.
        Meanwhile the Jadgtiger 8.8 is sluggish and has to stay exposed to do dmg.
        You become an arty and shell magnet. Also, frontal shots to transmission break the engine quite often… And since you want to snipe (which is normal for a TD) your 203mm of pen can drop very much at long distances.
        0,3 accuracy is normal nowadays.
        But 240 dmg is… dissapointing.
        If a skorpion hits a target which dissapears later it would have done 490 dmg. while the jadgtiger only 240. (This happens often against scouts.) And if you bounce… its deppresing,

      2. wolvenworks says:

        flanks, yes. head-on, good luck penning them. w/o gold shells ofc. only sissies use that in a proper manfight. 203 may seem a lot than 175, but remember that most IS6 players use gold anyway, and that IS6 in that sense is just a fat med, and that even my Ktig/IS3 (both top guns have same pen) DO occationally struggle with tier 8s, let alone tier 9 heavies….acht acht would be unplayable if it doesn’t have pref mm because that can’t do jack shit to tier X

  17. They could be planning something like this:
    – Ferdinand drops to tier 7, 10.5cm and 12.8cm guns removed
    – This Jagdtiger replaces the fake Jagdpanther II
    – Jagdpanzer E100 drops to tier 8, replace 17cm gun with 15cm L/68
    – Introduce SturmGeschütz Maus at tier 10 with 17cm L/63

    Since they are moving everything in the German tree around this seems natural… hell, that’s how I would do it. But I wouldn’t change the HT the way WG is planning to, more along the lines of this:

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