Supertest: Japanese Heavy Changes *Updated*

Good day everyone,

A few changes and additions to the high tier Japanese heavies in supertest.


Type 5 Heavy

-Upper front armor buffed from 260mm to 270mm
-Cheeks on front armor buffed from 220mm to 270mm
-Side armor buffed from 140mm to 160mm

-Turret front armor buffed from 260mm to 280mm

-New gun added: 15cm/45 41st Year Type

Type 4 Heavy

-Weight reduced from 170,000 to 165,0000

-New gun added: 15cm/45 41st Year Type

The new gun being tested has now been confirmed as the 15m/45 41st Year Type. It will be added as a gun for the Type 4 & Type 5 Heavy tanks. Their current armaments will also remain. These are the ammo types:

152.4 High-Explosive Common Type O HE

152.4 caliber
30-50 pen
750-1250 dmg
3.66 splash radius

152.4 High-Explosive Common Type 4 HE

152.4 caliber
30-50 pen
975-1625 dmg
3.66 splash radius

Type 5 Armor Changes



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Supertest: Japanese Heavy Changes *Updated*

110 thoughts on “Supertest: Japanese Heavy Changes *Updated*

  1. Teknokraatti says:

    According to statistics, no. Go and take a gander at them at It could be an eye-opener.

    In case you can’t be arsed, let me tell you a secret: Maus wins and survives more than the Type 5, it lives longer than the Type 5 and it earns more xp too. Hardly signs of worse performance.

  2. And how to f*** do you pen a 270mm angled armor without any weakspots now?
    WTF are WG smoking again?
    Did the Type5 had a 34% overall winrate, that it shoud have been buffed so much?

    1. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

      According to VBaddict the Maus lives longer, wins and survives more, and earns more XP than the Type. While its WR is not drastically worse than the Maus, the Type 2605 performs stastically worse. Furthermore, flanking isn’t hard. Learning your tank is the main takeaway. If you can’t penetrate, learn to flank or have your teammates help out. Don’t expect your tank to be great at everything. I swear, you and the vast majority of WoT players are just like the population of the United States: mostly stupid with intellectuals sprinkled here and there.

  3. Not be a bitch about this as it is still killable but it seems to me to be a way for WG once more to farm money from people who will spam yet more gold at the front of tanks like the maus and type 4/5, their armor while thick, is still penable by gold thanks to it being flat, the sides however do seem a little OP at 275 effective with only a small band of 160, not complaining, just my observations and thoughts 🙂

    1. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

      Slavs will be Slavs. WG could just remove/balance premium shells and probably fix 75% of the game’s problems but nope. All of WG members need to be shot in the head and burned.

      1. RagnarokBazil says:

        Update… Hull is becoming 280 Front and Turret fronts becoming 380… yeah i know holy mackulal XD

  4. Boomstick_McShootington says:

    So upping the caliber and giving it only HE to sling? I can’t see any merit in that. I love my type 5 but my only qualms are with the armor, ammo rack and speed. Though I could say that it’s apparent lack in ability to get an average damage role is a problem too.

  5. Anonymous says:

    New 15cm gun is worst than the tier 7 HE gun of the O-ho , same pen, slow rate of fire, less accurate, more expensive, the only this it better is about 40 dame…

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