SuperTest: Kharkov and Stalingrad


currently in Supertest, a lighter version of Kharkov and Stalingrad have appeared:

They will make into the live server depending how feedback goes.

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SuperTest: Kharkov and Stalingrad

30 thoughts on “SuperTest: Kharkov and Stalingrad

  1. Szlejer says:

    Two shitty maps, hated by the community. In dire need of a complete overhaul. So we may get….. wait for it… lighter versions instead! :-)))

      1. stormcrow99 says:

        If it actually causes issues with running the game, instead of you having issues figuring how not to die within a minute, then I see you have a fair point.

  2. Funny Farmer says:

    So we get winter versions of these terrible maps – ugh! Didn’t they say they wanted to listen more to the community?

  3. all the current maps need removing from the game and replaced with completely new ones the game is getting borring with the current maps we have hade ones like cliff and prockonovka since the beta stage the best thing that wargaming could do is replace the maps every 2 years

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      Why? Is there any game out there that trashes their maps on a regular basis to have a new set? Or is this some rabbit you pulled out of your ass and have the support of 0,0001% of the community?

      1. Anonymous says:

        Well i guess you could say CsGo does so kinda…. A bit… Because they rotate the mission maps and overwork the main maps from time to time as well

      2. stormcrow99 says:

        This map pack is always in it’s own separate rotation, and the main maps are always the most popular regardless of there being new maps or not. I don’t think any map that will ever be created to any game will be able to match de_dust2 in it’s popularity and legendary status.

        Besides every shooter with DLCs does that, if your claim has any validity to it whatsoever. There are the people who rush and buy the packs, but play the maps only for a week just to find out they’ve been milked and the maps are shite.

        Basically that’s kinda the same, but we’re REALLY stretching things here.

  4. Will they be the only version available or it’s gonna be like Himmelsdorf/Winter Himmelsdorf? Having different versions would be cool because we don’t get these maps often enough on the live server

  5. The two worst maps of the game. Ok if this is a replacement for the current ones (a bit more light doesnt hurt, then again I rather have them gone from the game) but if this is just another version they’d add in complement to the current ones no thanks, we dont need more duplicates.

  6. In terms of appearance, of their vizual / aesthetics, old Kharkov and Stalingrad looked splendid, really beautiful and just that – eye candy. Because, gameplay wise, were utter garbage. Now WG devs simplify them and expect…what? Not only will still play bad, but now the looks are rubbish as well. Coupled with the tier 7-10 massive nerfs (and many other bad or ambiguous changes), it seems to me that “bringing back the original people who had made great WoT of the past” is just.. “eye candy” for the mind.

  7. Wargame never ever listen to the players and always I mean always! break every promise they make as they see us players as stupid and easily led

    Kharkov and StalingShit are the2 most disliked and most awful shit Maps in the game, this by all the players

    and remember they were supposed to be removed then re-worked?
    this after Wargame own Map polls from the WOT forums ~ and then put onto the lowest server rotation
    ~ as you can see its all lies and more dam lies (WG so clever, I guess they know best eh?

    1. Filip says:

      I like Kharkov quite a lot, so speak for yourself. I dislike Swamp much more than those two maps. Why? Well the heavy corner in south west is conpleatly broken for northern team. Heavies advancing to that corner get obliterated by tanks hiding in the bushes getting free damage without being spotted. Since they reduced probability for Stalingrad, I get this map maybe only once every 100 games or so, so it isn’t such a big issue.

  8. Comrade Jonboy says:

    What’s wrong with people… I love those two maps, way better than the constant cycle of Bland River / Himmelsdorf. I hope this will be an alternative version in addition to the originals, and NOT a replacement… that would suck.

  9. Xavier says:

    When will Wargaming realize that WW2 was fought….. around the world? I know that in Russia it’s not even called WW2, but seriously, there’s like 5 maps that dont take place in the eastern front and only 2 of them ever get played.

    They’re probably working on 8 new versions of Ruinberg, Malinovka, Fiery Salient, and Prokhorovka

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      Where do you want the maps to be? Australia? Mongolia? There were tanks in europe, ships in the pacific ocean and infantry scattered wherethefuckever.
      Exceptions might exist, but, real talk, that’s how it goes.
      As an example I can give you; humans walk on two legs. Now some only use one, either because they want to or can’t use two. Some don’t have legs at all, but humans simply DO walk on two legs regardless of these minorities.

      1. Shrek says:

        quite literally the worst comparison to an argument ive seen. you must be WG shill paid to do this shit. Come back when youve let the russian cock out of your mouth

      2. stormcrow99 says:

        No no no, you missed the question. Where do you want the battles to occur then?
        Fuck my arguments and opinions, since they are wrong regardless of what, because they’re mine, and if it’s mine it simply ain’t allowed to be correct on this world.

        So where do the maps go then? Because you’re complaining, you OBVIOUSLY have a plan, so spit it out.

    2. Anonymous says:

      >> but seriously, there’s like 5 maps that dont take place in the eastern front and only 2 of them ever get played
      Yeah, totally not bullshit.
      I count at least 10 in summer maps (not including Overlord, Ruinberg, Fisherman’s Bay, Lost City, Paris or Mittengard), probably three for winter maps (Windstorm, Erlenberg and Sacred Valley, not counting Monte-Rosa), obviously all desert maps, and there were also at least five non-Eastern maps that got deleted (NW, Dragon’s Ridge, Pearl River, Province and Hidden Village) due to inability to balance them or whatever. Currently sixteen in total that see random battles and don’t fit into Russian-German front setting.

      P. S. Oh, you should also know that Russians do recognize WW2, but Great Patriotic War was the part of it that matters the most to Russians. Go open up your mind a bit.

  10. Anonymous says:

    So they found out that people hate the maps and they decide to add snow on the maps?
    Well, makes me afraid of what comes out next

  11. KCHoB says:

    Charkov and Stalingrad are for me among the best maps of the game, way better than the ever camping Prokhorovka, the too small for Tiers IX-X map Mines, or the worn-out Erlenberg

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