Here’s some screenshots of the reworked Kharkov map, currently in supertest:

Unsure how to feel about the open (5) area, feels rather too incomplete and too much of an arty fest, it perhaps wouldn’t hurt a few extra small houses even if destructible. Besides that, I don’t see anything that would show drastic changes on the heat map. One thing I do notice, however, they are definitely paying more attention to all tank roles as the map now is very much divided into a 3 section way of fighting.

What do you think?


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  1. NoComment says:

    Well at least they gave up on the retarded idea of closing off the center of the map and converting a bad map into a one dimensional joke. Still not great but infinatly better than their last brainfart attempt at “improving” the map.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Okay, the open area bigger, but is flat with not much vegetation, along with the city being spread out a bit more. This definitely makes this map more arty friendly… YAY (not really), and still cannot use a lite tank effectively on it, and maybe not even mediums. Time will tell.

    Cant they hire map designers for WoT’s that understand what the players want? A balanced map that every tank type can play on.

  3. Ferenc Kori says:

    The open area is still too small, the city area is still too big. (Fortunately, better than the original map)

  4. rule201 says:

    lets first check whether you loose 20% of your HP when you drive down/over that thing^^
    its still a WG design after all 😉

  5. Jon says:

    Their map design team is still incompetent, going from extremely closed off corridors to extremely wide open spaces.

    First derpenberg got the wide open treatment and that map went to shit. (The last pre-HD layout worked just fine)

    Now Kharkov gets the Paris treatment. Corridors, but wide open corridors so anything but Russian heavies are screwed.

  6. yay another Heavy Tank / heavy armoured vehicle ‘only go fuck other classes’ corridor brawling small map ………. just what this game needs more quick 3 minute slaughter Maps

    If its limited to just up to Tier 6 then maybe its ok? maybe …

    otherwise WG says its another ‘go fuck yourself hard’ and cry in the corner

    that’s now 3 new City Maps now all at the same time?
    > Minsk
    > Berlin
    > Kharkov

    WG trying really hard to lose players quickly AGAIN!
    never learn dumb Russians

  7. wolvenworks says:

    it’s..uh….still the same-ish. at this rate i’d rather have Hidden Village back. at least it’s got a big mountain you can go Owen Wilson-wow over

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