Supertest Lansen C : Pt 2

We now have a stat screen with fuller stats plus some more pics. Click to enlarge. The description in the screen shot goes roughly like this:-    The machine was developed by the Swedish company Landsverk for the Swiss armed forces. The tank was supposed to be armed with a Swiss copy of the British 20 Pounder tank gun. To verify the correctness of the decisions a full-size mock-up was built, but development was stopped in favor of the machine in the thirty-ton range. The vehicle was never built.

sweden-s26_lansen_c_tth RSR

Russian source WoT News.

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Supertest Lansen C : Pt 2

16 thoughts on “Supertest Lansen C : Pt 2

  1. NoComment says:

    Are these images from WG themselves?

    If so its seems rather telling that they now list the GOLD ammo values for pen as standard.

    I was about to go into a rant about retared pen +cammo+speed then I noticed the above.

    1. OR…

      it could simply be that it’s not actually an official WG release (as the image has clearly been cropped) and the person who was inspecting the tank simply had clicked the premium ammo and was showing the stats for it.

      If that’s the case it’s fair to assume that the camo value might not be as ridiculous as it appears due to the possibility of camo paint and/or skills equipped.

      Who would have thought that rationalising and not jumping to conclusions could be so simple

  2. there’s one problem, from the articles posted here I can say that no one ever mentioned a 10.5cm gun for the Lansen, in those articles there are 2 instances of the Lansen, the Lansen and Lansen m/51, for both they only suggested different variants of 8,4cm cannons, either way I am pretty sure that this 10,5cm did not come from their (SP15, etc) research
    is it another fake?

    1. jerryatrick53 says:

      Like I said The translation said only 20 Pounder the 105 is a Russian devs dream only. The Russian player base is 6 times bigger than EU !!!! is that enough said?

      1. I believe the EU server is still the most profitable (can’t remember if in total sales or average value spent per player), either way both things have nothing to do with possible mistakes

        also when I wrote «there’s one problem» it was not related to the article but to the modelling itself, just to make sure

  3. A few things
    – this isn’t officially from WG
    – it’s not showing the prem pen as the base pen, someone’s selected the premium ammo and it’s showing the stats for that
    – that camo value would put it at the highest stock camo value in the game, both stationary and while moving, which leads me to believe that camo paint and/or skill has been put on.

    All these people jumping to conclusions before full official stats are put out

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