Supertest latest Minsk map Changes

By WG staff from the forums: As part of the test, we want to make the map more tactically diverse and suitable for all classes of vehicles. The problems that we want to solve are the linear battle development around Victory Square and the central part of the map, which we want to make more playable.


In order to improve the gameplay, we will try to move the game area a little to the north, towards the theatre, while also moving the bases to the south-east and north-west parts of the map, respectively. Such changes will allow us preserve the historical component of the location: we will not make fundamental differences between the virtual and real-life Minsk, but at the same time, we will adjust the gameplay.

The new relief of the map’s center will be more suitable for active maneuvering and provide more shooting opportunities. It will also provide more chances to encounter the enemy: based on the situation in battle, it may be advantageous to have a quick attack through buildings in the corner, a search party scouting diagonally, or a more cautious, positional strategy.

As part of the Supertest, we plan to get stats on the playability of the updated map, see which battle scenarios occur more often and how exactly the tanks distribute themselves in battle. We are also interested in your feedback on the proposed changes: share your thoughts on the forums and/or on social media.





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Supertest latest Minsk map Changes

7 thoughts on “Supertest latest Minsk map Changes

  1. NeM says:

    One base is close to hard cover and the other isn’t. One base can be approached through a corridor and the other can’t. Doesn’t seem a good idea balance-wise.

    1. DZ says:

      thought everybody hated corridors? now its unbair? lul every freaking map can’t be a complete mirror of both sides, its retarded and for those who are to stupid to use their brain

      1. Anonymous says:

        no one said anything about both sides needing to be mirrors of each other. The problem is that the caps have different ways to be approached. The red cap has hard cover (the roundabout and some buildings) and the ridge (good for hull down), but the green cap is just open.

  2. Indy_ah says:

    So why do they change minsk that fast? Other maps like mines encounter with that stupid cap placement in the city havent been changend in a long time, yet minsk seems to be priority. Why? Do the battles take to long on that map in WGs opinion? Is it to balanced?
    I have seen some quite nice battles on that map yet and not those nowadays more common steamrush battles. And i liked that.

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