Supertest: Lorraine 50 t Some More pics

The Lorraine 50 t French tier 9 special Heavy tank.


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Supertest: Lorraine 50 t Some More pics

3 thoughts on “Supertest: Lorraine 50 t Some More pics

      1. Zonda says:

        Yes probably, but I believe that the next ranked battle tanks are already covered ( you know the concept B, K-91 tier 9, and the Kranvagn with the Centurion turret). It is not unusual for WG to create a large amount of tanks and reserve them for later events or even tech tree. But this pattern they are following with the Lorrain 50t and the Valiant is the same as when they released the other two personal missions sets. They leaked some lower tiers and then the high tiers, so I think we should keep an eye for a tier ten in the future.

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