Supertest: Lorraine 50t

Soon the new Tier IX French promotional tank the Lorraine 50 t  will reach the hands of supertesters.

Design of a French tank from the mid-1950s. The concept was to install a 120 mm gun on the hull and chassis of another experimental tank: the Lorraine 40 t, which was tested at the same time. The work didn’t progress past the design stage.

Loraraine 50 t RSR

From WoT Express English overlay by RSR

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Supertest: Lorraine 50t

5 thoughts on “Supertest: Lorraine 50t

    1. that turret (T.C.B 120) was used for at least 2 more projects (Tier 9 AMX 50 120 hull + T.C.B 120 & Tier 10 AMX 50 B + T.C.B 120) that were modelled by WG a long time ago (2014? earlier?)
      the AMX 65t was modelled at the same time (although it was reworked to HD before being introduced), together with a bunch of other French tanks, some were added and others were not, so there’s still more to come if they so decide

  1. Shinimegami says:

    Just what WOT needed, another Tier IX reward tank.

    Why can’t they put AMX 30 1er and AMX 30 B back in the tech tree and create a proper French medium line?

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