Supertest: M41 Bulldog (Tier 8)

Updated stats for the M41 Walker-Bulldog as it makes its transition to Tier 8. Note, it will no longer have its autoloader gun at Tier 8.

HP: 1000
Engine power: 550
Weight: 23.496 t
Power-to-Weight ratio: 23.41
Speed: + 68/-24 kph
Hull Traverse: 56 °/s
Turret Traverse: 52.1 °/s
Terrain Resistance: 0.479 / 0.575 / 1.055
Hull Armor: 25.4 / 25.4 /? mm
Turret Armor 25.4 / 25.4 /? mm
View Range: 400 m
Signal Range: 745 m
Crew: 4

Gun: 76mm M32 late
DMG: 150/150/185
Penetration: 175/210/38 mm
DPM: 2182.7
Rate of fire: 14.551
Reload: 4.123 sec
Accuracy: 0.364
Aim Time: 1.82 sec
Depression/Elevation: -10 ° / +20

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Supertest: M41 Bulldog (Tier 8)

50 thoughts on “Supertest: M41 Bulldog (Tier 8)

    1. The autoloader is technically a stock configuration, might still be there just not shown since wargaming considers the non autoloader as the fully upgraded gun in the current version, not a bad gun just a lot of people like big clips rather than using 10 degrees of gun depression and laser accuracy.

      1. __bata___ says:

        What is this constant bitching about Russian tanks?? R we playing the same game? Have 4k games on russian meds and they are no match for my aufM or M48. On that note, wouldnt change E5 for two IS7’s. Buldog beats lttb any old day of the week so, which russian class is uber OP exactly? Dont get me wrong, I have good stats on rusky meds but one-on-one, c’mon…gimme my sweet ausfM 🙂

      2. @BATA, I think SFCStorm is just being sarcastic about the removal of the autoloader for humor, it took me a long time to be able to spot sarcasm on this blog but eventually you figure it out. Also, every player’s experience will differ with player quality but russian mediums are more flexible, the aufM and M48 cannot sit hull down and unload large amounts of dpm with hover tank technology on their ground resistance to fly across the battlefield. Bulldogs can also struggle against LTTB’s that know how to fire HE and use their armor. And E5 is getting nerfed Bata, specifically the commander machine gun and side armor so you might be more inclined to see the E5 and IS-7 as equals. I respect how you adore your ausfM, it is a lovely tank but I am not sure if you would stake your claim to say it has any qualities of it that are overpowered. The low DPM, mobility, and turret armor limit the tank in where it can be played, it can work really well, but it is more situational than a Russian medium that can flex from a battle on one side of the map to the other. Sorry, no disrespect man.

    2. Mikosah says:

      Yes, removal of the 10-shot autoloader is a nerf. Make no mistake about that. But to be fair, the single-shot gun isn’t that bad and its ROF has been buffed from the current 13.9 or so RPM. As a regular tier 8, this is probably the most reasonable configuration for the Bulldog to have. If they did have to buff it further, a little extra ammo rack durability wouldn’t upset anyone. Now we’ll have to see how the new LTTB stacks up to this.

    1. Deano says:

      people bitch about matchmaking all the time this is a fix to help make match making simpler plus it will make lts much more understandable than they are now i mean the 1st tier 4 i ever drove was the pz38na so going to tier 4 then coming up against against tier 8s which werent possible for you to pen at all was just a wtf just happened thing for me. i quit playing for years until i stumbled across a video explaining it. that wont happen for everyone so it makes sense from a player stand point and a business stand point. plus more tank in the game isnt a bad thing 🙂

      1. xCaptainObviousx says:

        It was worse than that; the Pz38nA faced t9.

        I remember one game where I faced off versus a complete potato team and scored 5 kill(steals). It ended up with me and a Hummel vs a 45 hp Obj 704. I tracked it for the Hummel but that player decided that the best way to approach a tracked t9 TD was from the front. After that I had half my team cheering me on because “we all just got our asses outperformed by a t4 lt”.

        Sadly I had a brainfart and shot all my 10 gold rounds (yes, bought for gold) at bad angles instead of re-tracking the guy with AP and then going around. I ran out of ammo and chose to give the guy the win.

  1. I have no problem with it losing the autoloader. I enjoy playing it both ways…However if the autoloader is being removed and the top speed being nerfed from 72 then I think the single shot RoF should be buffed to 15.

    Edit: without the autoloader it shoul be able to use a gun Rammer so nvm. Difference will probably be made up.

      1. Yeah but it was only statistically powerful due to the autoloader. If they are moving it and neefing the tank….

        Not to mention that this thing used it’s speed as an active scout. It huge and has no camo for a scout and a lot of bushes that you would normally use in lights are not use able in this thing.

    1. sfcstorm says:

      Its not gonna be nearly as effective. 4 seconds between shots is a huge amount of time for 150 DMG. In the time you can do 600 DMG the old T7 would have done 1200 and used its 72 kmh to escape and reload to blap again.

      It could literally clip another light tank and now it goes from bigshot, to tiny alpha and meh DPM with no buff to pen or anything really….They just neutered it.

      Just because you enjoy it both ways doesnt mean it will be useful. I was 3k Wn8 in mine at 70% w/r and there is simply no way I could keep that up with this, its gonna get blapped often having to stay exposed for much to long.

  2. skivster says:

    This is great!
    No hear me out.
    Making the tank uber useless, thus making the GF Bulldog the only viable and playable Bulldog available. Sheep will buy the prem Bulldog, and WG will earn their grub.

      1. I doubt they will change the premium bulldog, premium bulldog also has 2 less degrees of gun depression and slower with 2 less hp/ton and 15% worse ground resistances. I think wargaming is too afraid people would ask for a refund if their premium went to tier 9 so they couldn’t run team battles anymore.

  3. ah yes! I am just finished crying for 2 days straight for taking away the beloved derp gun from the T49 and now this! The next fun LT after the T49 with derp gun, for me is the Bulldog with autoloader…. well, awesome! What’s next?

      1. Adrian Paredes says:

        Are you aware that the ligth mm of 3 +/- will be gone rigth? only 2 +/- for everyone (not included the preferentials)

    1. Adrian Paredes says:

      chaffe and t-37 are basically the same tank… i dont see the point, unlike the bulldog and the t-49 (tho the big derp gun will be gone)

  4. krish says:

    so what is going to happen to the t92 light tank now? scrap it just like many other U.S tanks and keep pasting in more tier 8 Russian prems???

  5. Bonesaw1o1 says:

    glad they’re ditching the Autoloader, I’m tired of bulldogs who spend the whole match hiding in a corner and not scouting, letting us all get turned into Swiss cheese from unseen mediums and TDs, only to rush out in the last moments vulture 4 low health kills and then complain that they couldn’t carry hard enough

    1. Jimbo says:

      Dude, seriously? Tier 8-10 mediums have more view range, are just as fast, better gun and decent armor. Light tanks are no longer for spotting, so stop the noob comments of “go spot” just so they can suiscout for you and get flak for that when they die while you never shot at anything they lit up anyway because you were hiding in the back with arty in your heavy tank.

  6. siralexice says:

    So basically they are taking a reasonably fun tank from tier 7, moving it to tier 8, removing the good auto loader gun and giving it a shit gun with which to face tier 10.

  7. camping coward no0b uninstall says:

    Remember how happy some of you were when the TDs were getting the nerf bat? Lowered accuracy, lowered camo, removing the WTE?

    Now it’s your turn. Enjoy it.

  8. I really don´t understand, why they do this. It was fun to play the autoloader, maybe the only reason to play this tank. Thats why it was unique, and now….wtf. who asked for it?
    Not necessary to take it away WG. Sell more OP Prem Tanks and remove Fun. Good Job
    “Happy Players….or not”

  9. mrgoose77 says:

    I really don´t understand, why they do this. It was fun to play the autoloader, maybe the only reason to play this tank. Thats why it was unique, and now….wtf. who asked for it?
    Not necessary to take it away WG. Sell more OP Prem Tanks and remove Fun. Good Job
    “Happy Players….or not”

  10. StevoMS says:

    Getting rid of the auto loader for the Bulldog, I believe, is a good choice for game play and balance, that gun generally over classed any other auto loader at that tier, specifically compared to the 13 75 which had worse damage, less shells in one magazine, less pen, slower per shot reload (not sure about that), Bulldog was \ slightly better at ranged shooting – firing APCR as standard and the 13 75 was considerably slower and more sluggish meaning it could not get away as fast, so there was no point, apart from the complete magazine reload time, to play the 13 75

  11. Tankmanfromantarctic says:

    If remove autoloader i want they add 90mm gun (m41 c brazilian modification).
    Or cadillac stingray turret and 105mm L/7 gun (another, maybe experimental modification) to replace it

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