Supertest Map Airport Part III

Now on the line for testing the Asian set map “Airport”. As a result of past tests, changes have been to them to improve the gameplay and make battles more comfortable. You may notice the Airport the map was named after has been removed.

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Supertest Map Airport Part III

10 thoughts on “Supertest Map Airport Part III

  1. Lion says:

    That looks MUCH better than the first version of this map.
    – The center water hazard looks like it can be crossed and it doesn’t cover the entire center 20% of the map
    – The path around the edge has more access points and has more terrain around which you can fight
    – There are more elevation characteristics and bushes that will provide hard cover and soft concealment (recognizing that bushes weren’t shown in the previous video)
    – More of the map area is usable – less water around the edges of the map and smaller mountains

    But I may have missed something… where is the airport after which this map was named?!?

  2. Lion says:

    Edit my last point… there are 7 grid squares on the northeast side of the map that aren’t usable and at least 7 grid squares on the west side that also aren’t usable due to either water or woods… can we PLEASE make maps that have larger usable space?

    I hope that this map is at least 1000 x 1000 meters… but I’d like to hope for more maps the size of Grand Battle maps.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I think you should look at the actual usable area and the situation instead of the squareness of a map. The south seems fine to me although I agree the north east could use some/way more space for meds and lights to play in, shielded from kemping TD’s.

  3. Jurrunio says:

    This reminds me of the now removed Hidden Village map

    Srsly I hope WG can put all removed maps back into Training Rooms, in which gameplay isnt a concern at all.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I think its more like a Pearl River, with the mountain at the center (for heavies) and the zone in the top right corner (for TDs and/or mediums)

  4. Kyros says:

    Unbalanced map. The team that will have the better light/meds and better players in them will win every time. It’s like Mines, you get the Hill you have full map controll.

  5. Anonymous says:

    With that hill in the south west I would call this Mines v.2. And that’s fine. Keep current mines for the tiers below 6 or 7 and give the big boys this map to play on.

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