Supertest: Map changes Kharkov: Video

As an update to this post we have a Wargaming fly through video. It would seem that the dev’s are taking map re-work seriously as they have up to seven in super-test at the moment and this is the second look at Kharkov. We have pictures of the first, which was just a visual refresh after the video. Also current mini map.


Source WOT Express

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Supertest: Map changes Kharkov: Video

24 thoughts on “Supertest: Map changes Kharkov: Video

  1. Anonymous says:

    another map that favours only campers. you go play – you die, after that campers camp for the rest of the 12 minutes and get draw. such a bullshit. kharkov is crap, but stil better than this shit without bushes and covers.

  2. Kyros says:

    It’s a good thing to make big maps. But if you make big maps that look like a freaking tundra with nothing special, no cover, no bushes, no trees, no hills. Even removing half of the buildings from the current Kharkov. That means this garbage made by some trainee will never release.

    Hell the Huge Piles of garbage that block the entrances in the corner, why not make the conections collapse and make it look nice. Even I thought about this, what mapdesigners are they hiring ? Some freaking mentally limited I guess.

    1. mockingbird0901 says:

      It’s an early version. When you do loads of these it makes no sense to spend ages changing the model that makes up the corner if it doesn’t get implement. Same goes for bushes

    2. muggyman says:

      You do realize the map is still a work in progress right? This is just the supertest. Most supertest maps start off with little cover because it’s easy to add it later and some things look jagged because they’re still testing it and don’t want to make everything perfect incase they have to change it. The map is going to be smoothed out and balanced much more before the final release.

      1. Kyros says:

        Its always the same with you guys, this is just an early version, this is just the alpha game, this is just an early access title. Nothing changes in any of these once they are released. Because that would be wasted money for something that some fags already preordered.

        You guys, that defend unfinished bad work by developers are the reason that DLC for $$$, microtransactions and lootboxes exist. You are lowering the standard of the gaming industry.

        I as a noob in 3D can recreate that fuckin collapsed connection in less than 30mins, so don’t tell me that paid 3d designers couldnt freakin do it because it might not get implemented.

  3. Thander_Tank says:

    This map appears to be very good for any tank, except for the Heavy and Super Heavy Tanks, since over 75% of the map is open area. A super heavy tank does not have many chances when 3 artillery of a match decide to focus it …

    1. mockingbird0901 says:

      SE corner if where they go if they dont want to get clicked. Arty can’t reach them there. Don’t bring heavy tanks into the open, simple enough

      1. mockingbird0901 says:

        Peter, im not talking about the very red line corner, I’m talking about just outside there, where people these days rarely go

  4. Peter Nunn says:

    Some more open spaces which is good, though agree more cover around the bases might be needed. Why have they made the ‘freedom square’ bit (bottom left corner) totally inaccessible?

    So IMHO better is some respects but losing some good features also.

  5. muggyman says:

    IDK how I feel about this one. IMO the city should be much bigger and the main circle should have allowed access again, but also I feel like if they do that it would just be ruinberg turned on its side.

  6. Anyone says:

    Kharkov always was and still is a garbage map and if this is the future it will be even more garage! Where is the cover in the upper 3/4 of the map. This will be an Arty field day. I guess as the WG folks say, this one is for the Autistic people.

    1. mockingbird0901 says:

      Put enough people up there and dont stay spotted for too long at the same time and the amount of arty coming your way is at least reduced. There are loads of small dips by the looks of it where thanks can hide in stead of just one tiny spot where everybody has to pop up. Makes it harder for the arty to pre-aim your area.

      And just remember that you got clickers shooting back at the enemy team, so just evade better than them =P

  7. Andrew says:

    Why-o-why can’t they make the map bigger that 1km x 1km ?
    Everyone would get a little bit of close quarter combat in the city, and some flat planes.

  8. Thander_Tank says:

    Sometimes I think that everything in the game would be easier to balance without if there was artillery, they broke the whole sense of the functions of tanks and maps. If at least one satellite view of the artillery was removed, I think it would help.

    1. Seth H says:

      Along with removing the southeast corner. The best thing they could do is take the existing map, extend it like they did, and just thin out the buildings in the middle some.

  9. Mikosah says:

    Open space is not a bad thing in itself. In fact, anything to break up the current corridor brawling meta could actually be a great thing. Especially for light tanks that have been badly mistreated by the meta over the last several months. The question is how to make open areas into workable positions. And its surprisingly easy, even very subtle slopes and hills can offer a surprising amount of cover (except from arta, which is cancer either way). Don’t think of it as having to cross this open field, think of it as just having to get to the next hill, ditch, boulder, farmhouse, or whatever.

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