Supertest:-Map “Peaceful”

The test location contains a set of non-standard objects and options for the development of attack vectors. The Gun emplacements “bowls” are primarily a test feature and will be refined following the test results. At the moment the map is not tied to any historical or geographical location.screenshot_2

This is a mixed terrain, with the urban part and relatively open spaces on the left flank, in which elevation differences will be used as shelters.


The landscape is quite diverse, on the one hand we have typical appartment blocks and on the left flank an open space where terrain unevenness can be used to shelter from fire.

1:- The earth bank protected gun emplacements give good hard cover. Fast tanks can climb in slow/heavy one need the road ways. The circular mound is surrounded by bush cover.

2:- The hillocks near both bases are intended for TDs and other snipers. From these positions you can defend the approaches to the base against attacks from the coppice. This is also the last line of defense against the attack coming from the city.

3:- In the center moderate cover may be provided by the buildings of the railway station and military base, but they do not provide absolute protection against artillery and direct fire. However, you can use them to move through the zone, pass to the second flank or simply during a duel with an opponent. Although the station offers a certain cover, you can’t go inside.

4:- City blocks located on the river are conceived as a heavy tanks zone. The bridges are protected from fire from the center of the map, Early scouting of the Railway station will allow you to avoid fire at which you can’t return. The wharf runs along an arc, offering some protection, but it is not a safe place. The key positions for heavies are apartment blocks and roads between them. We have two rides, one of which thanks to the concrete blocks allows you to play the tower. However, you must remember that this position may be threatened by TDs hidden in the bushes between buildings.

Source WoT News.

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