Supertest: Naglfar Map


another of the 3 newest maps in supertest has finally a name too, “Naglfar” and there’s a video of his current state:

Remember, there is no certainty if one or all of these maps will make into live server, the dev team first will gather feedback on it.

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Supertest: Naglfar Map

44 thoughts on “Supertest: Naglfar Map

  1. Ramenrasengan says:

    Looks pretty cool. I think if they added a bit more shrubbery or land deformations around the cap circle areas it would be perfect.

  2. Xavier says:

    looks like an awesome map. Battleship looks way too big and really out of place. How would that have gotten there? In a Sharknado?

    1. SlayerBR says:

      and that people, is what happens, when you drop too many TOG2’s at the same time in the ocean, you can make battleships land in montains.

      1. Xavier says:

        It’s still a lake, and how would the ship have ended up on a mountain? Flooding? There’s still a town and castle there!

    2. RagnarokBazil says:

      Biggeat map in wot currently yeeeah!!! I can see people playing bridge wars on that bridge in training rooms xD

  3. vladceltroll says:

    Looks like if the middle and the corners switched places on Mountain Pass.
    Other than that, it looks really cool! It’s got something for everyone, kinda like Fisherman’s Bay.

  4. Shrike58 says:

    These maps are all of a theme and I suspect that no more than two make it into the game…the very arctic map with the wrecked task force (Ridge 3?) so far appeals to me the most.

  5. Steve SEA says:

    wow another map with a huge dead zone in the middle… ๐Ÿ™ Does every map have to have an unable area in it? and the battleship is just stupid big.

  6. Ships that could only be put there by a force of the quantity of water that would have destroyed the buildings, dumped shitloads of debris and reshaped the landscape. This goes far beyond fantasy tanks in its inconsistency. There are documented structures like flak towers, bunker complexes and underground factories that could be used modified with damage, caved in roofs etc. to make more suitable maps in keeping with the game while still offering variation (that is not surreal) and cover from arty. Templehof airport springs to mind. It is a complex offering, open space that could have craters and damaged equipment and aircraft as cover, an building complex with a symmetrical layout and an underground factory converted from the U-Bhan station all of which is butting up against an urban area. They are not smoking the stuff anymore they must be mainlining.

    1. Jan Manthay says:

      Completely agree with you. To think that they put so much work into three complete nonsense maps… They should have put this effort into fixing the already existing maps. So many maps disapeared, and I realy dont think all of them where hoplessly broken.

  7. Dreadnought1906 says:

    Wargaming, if they want to ensure long-time players stay in this game (I know many who have left because having played each map at least a thousand times has gotten boring), they need to replace most of the maps in the game – even the old stalwarts like Himmelsdorf (new version, call it Hรถlledorf :-).

    I personally have completed every single research tree in the game, have all the tier 10s, have all the sub-tier 10s that I find fun to play. And frankly, if we don’t get a bunch of new maps soon, I may well stop playing myself. Need new content!

  8. Ronald D Pestes says:

    This is just a clueless map! Nobody will drive on the ice area because you can get sniped from miles away and the town is way to narrow to maneuver. And again, a dead zone in the middle where you can’t drive. Sometimes I wonder if anybody actually plays the game in WOT offices.

  9. Just Call Me Zo says:

    Rita! Check your spelling on the Russian title of the video! Naglfar, not Nalfgar. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cool article, though. Hopefully we actually get the map sometime soon….

  10. StumpyDaPaladin says:

    it Reminds me of a lot of things really. A little of this and a little of that.
    Its as though bits of Himmelsdorf/Windstorm/TallOaks got tossed in a blender and poured over ice in a glass made of Lakeville/Steppe
    TLDR I like its potential. especially if its as big as it appears. (Ensk y u so tiny! UGH!)

    As for the battleship corpse, i think its there to show scale. and cover a spot that is still being worked on. And it implies a very large scale map.

    the Icy Flats has just enough hills and bushes to provide some hull down cover and concealment. its Steppes/Tall Oaks with snow and ice. The Vision Control game is what is played here.
    Any arty that can remain here unmolested has some shots on all fighting positions.
    (except for the long slow crawl up to the High Bridge.) If the concealment is sparse you may find arty blind firing at certain bushes after a few minutes just to see if they get lucky.

    Patch of water in the way to keep yolo sui-scouts from being any kind of effective. (with maybe some cross able shallows like tall oaks map for the brave/careful/well-concealed. Thats some high risk /reward stuff there)

    Then you have a low town that seems urban enough to encourage brawls and arty shadows. It is also the shortest distance between Cap zones. It seems Tailor made for brawling heavies to play Peek-Ka-Boom to their hearts content. there is even a wading pool (that for shits and giggles may not be quite deep enough to drown your tank on purpose in some places … but good luck getting out) All connected via bridges very much like windstorms urban area.

    Finally for you all go no quit high Power to weight ratio tankers… High bridge (which is similar to himmelsdorf east) you get you own little access road to that no one can shoot into or out of that goes directly from cap to cap. a loooong slow climb with two brutal fighting positions up top to claim as fast as possible. (and unlike himmelsdorf no castle in the way.) from there the winner can spot into Heavy Town. And even fire into it and the ice sheet if you have the gun depression. (or just fall of the bridge. we know that will happen much) And then there is the really fast downhill slide to both caps.
    (even a TOG could powerslide that. Briefly. then roll over an over and over…Speaking of trolling tog ‘toons Im not sure but a platoon of superheavies could seal off that road with the wreckage of their tanks…

    All in all it looks like it could be fun for all types of tanks.

  11. Fuck the Berlin Map!
    and fuck Pilsen shit Map while I’m at it

    This new Map – Naglfar ~
    looks promising and add some bushes and trees and it will be very nice

    I like where you can actually retreat away from the enemy and re-group or actually ‘flank’ the enemy if your watching the mini-map
    it will be one of the very few maps where a skilled tank commander/ player can survive the current frustrating 4 minute turbo battle slaughter’s (a little longer at least

  12. Generally i don’t have many problems with WoT maps, but this one i have real trouble with. It isn’t the fantasy elements, or even the wierdness of beached ships and ship parts it is how little WG seems to listen to players. Forget the ships, forget the impossibly high terrain in the corner, so much of the map is basically just unplayable. Time and again there are complaints that too much of a map is given over to “eye candy” elements and constitutes terrain NO tank/SPG can get to.

    The best thing i can say is that the long and ? icy roads up and down the hill look like ski runs and with the new physics i can see a real future for the map if they bring back Chaffee racing! Better yet, allow each “nation line” a tank to race, mix tiers up, Chaffee vs T-54ltwt stuff like that.

    It certainly is different and visually stimulating though but i could see this being wildly unpopular.

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