Supertest: New Chinese 122 TM Medium.

A new Chinese Tier VIII medium tank, the 122 TM, will be sent to a closed Supertest.

This vehicle wields a 120 mm gun with 400 damage per shot. The aiming time and accuracy are quite good at 2 seconds and 0.33 m respectively. The standard shell penetration is 233 mm, while the HEAT shell can penetrate 299 mm of armor.

The combination of good armor (280 mm of frontal turret armor) and -8 degrees of gun depression allow this medium tank to take advantage of the terrain and hills. However, all these advantages come at a cost: the gun reload speed is 16 seconds. The top speed is 55 km/h, and the power-weight ratio is 15.5 h.p./t. Total HP: 1,500.

The 122 TM is nicely protected and has a good gun. Its main weakness is the reload time, which is why you should play it carefully and choose your targets wisely.

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Supertest: New Chinese 122 TM Medium.

5 thoughts on “Supertest: New Chinese 122 TM Medium.

  1. Wait?? What? 400 Alpha, 233 pen, 2s aim time, -8° depression, 280mm turret and 135 UFP armour??!!! Somebody needs to be fired for only thinking this should enter the game 🙂

    1. it is better than ANY Chinese Tier 8, which is no suprise being a late 70’s prototype that later evolved into the Type 80 MBT
      with these kinds of tanks at Tier 8 there’s no longer any valid argument as to why the Chieftain cannot become a Tier 10 MT for the British TT, and sooner or later we will see the MBT-70 (early to mid 70’s) in the game as well, likely as a expensive Tier 10 “reward”

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