Supertest: New Map -no name-




there’s a new map in supertest which has no name yet, this is how it looks like:

There are no plans for this map to be added but is possible that will make into live server.

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Supertest: New Map -no name-

17 thoughts on “Supertest: New Map -no name-

  1. Markx97 says:

    Interesting, you can see that you can get into the elevated section of the map (lower left corner), which can only be accessible through the middle of the map.

  2. Reminds me one of armored warfare city maps.

    Island (Town) in center, connected by bridges (choke points) with elevations surrounding them to fire down onto the middle.

    I like the idea of higher elevations around the center especially if they are climbable and the center is bowl shaped, but it needs a single capture point at the bottom of the bowl.

  3. Kyros says:

    This map will also not be implemented. Whole North-East Island is useless, whole South-West Part is useless for gameplay. Fights will happen in the middle, but they all will camp behind the rocks so that clickers wouldn’t hit them.

    North-East Island is a open area with no cover at all and is slightly angled so both teams can aim at tanks on this Island without any problem.

    South-West Part is only accessible though the middle bridge, no one except light tanks and low skill meds will go there. Only the top spawned team has an advantage going to this area, because they can shoot the heavys camping behind the rocks in the back. All this because the map is imbalanced.

    Again a shitty open map with >50% of useless death or inaccessible area, imbalanced spawns and clicker dominance. One more map to proof that some unpayed trainee that never player WoT is in the lead of creating this maps.

  4. Thing I hate about WoT maps is they are mostly the same theme. Varying designs on a donut shape. Always an area (mostly in the middle) that is a no go zone, either fully blocked off due to water e.g. Liveoaks or Lakeville. Or just a killzone that you’d either be mad or very brave to dare to cross e.g. Malinovka or Highway.

    The gameplay is mostly the same…keep to the sides of the map and work your way around till you encounter the opposition and hope one side can push quickly enough to get around the rear of the enemy and finish them.

    Surely there could be something fresh and exciting to maps other than donuts, granted we have some town/city maps but they are pretty similar.

    Why don’t they do a competition for community to come up with some novel ideas for map design rather than use the same formula over n over.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble but those are just possible spawn locations, I don’t think it means that there would be 30vs30 on this map sadly.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This looks a small bit like a map from Order of War, a RTS game made by WG .I think they could actually just bring some maps from that game into WoT and tinker with them to make them bit more suitable.

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