Supertest News : Projet 4-1

Today we welcome a new French Tier IX medium to the Supertest, the Projet 4-1, with great dynamics: a top speed of 60 km/h and a power-to-weight ratio of 26.7 hp/t. As usual for French vehicles, it’s not a tank to push enemy lines with. It may have 120 mm of well-angled frontal turret armour, but only 55 mm of hull armour. As for hit points, it has 1750 HP and a view range of 380 m.

The Projet 4-1 is armed with a 105 mm gun that boasts several excellent parameters: a 4-shell drum, 390 damage per shot, a reload time of 4 s per shell and 36 s for the entire drum. The penetration of a standard shell is 264 mm and with an HEAT round at hand you can punch through 330 mm of metal. As for dispersion and aiming time, it is 0.32 m/100m and 2 s respectively – extremely good for an autoloader!

Its good dynamics and great weapon allow the Projet 4-1 to control the battlefield, quickly respond to situational changes and take out enemies reliably. Consider the increased reload time inside the drum and the relatively weak armour… but a true master will know how to counter its weaknesses and get the most out of the vehicle’s strengths.

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