Supertest News : Projet 4-1

Today we welcome a new French Tier IX medium to the Supertest, the Projet 4-1, with great dynamics: a top speed of 60 km/h and a power-to-weight ratio of 26.7 hp/t. As usual for French vehicles, it’s not a tank to push enemy lines with. It may have 120 mm of well-angled frontal turret armour, but only 55 mm of hull armour. As for hit points, it has 1750 HP and a view range of 380 m.

The Projet 4-1 is armed with a 105 mm gun that boasts several excellent parameters: a 4-shell drum, 390 damage per shot, a reload time of 4 s per shell and 36 s for the entire drum. The penetration of a standard shell is 264 mm and with an HEAT round at hand you can punch through 330 mm of metal. As for dispersion and aiming time, it is 0.32 m/100m and 2 s respectively – extremely good for an autoloader!

Its good dynamics and great weapon allow the Projet 4-1 to control the battlefield, quickly respond to situational changes and take out enemies reliably. Consider the increased reload time inside the drum and the relatively weak armour… but a true master will know how to counter its weaknesses and get the most out of the vehicle’s strengths.

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Supertest News : Projet 4-1

12 thoughts on “Supertest News : Projet 4-1

    1. I also don’t know if its real or not but I do know what it resembles
      after taking a longer look here what I recognize:
      turret shape largely resembling the German Begleitpanzer 57, aditionally the vehicle has the same number of road wheels and return rollers as the German vehicle (in comparision has 1 more road wheel than the ELC Bis), even the sprocket looks the same as the one on the Bpz 57
      lower profile than the Bpz 57 because the upper hull (everything above the tracks and below the turret) seems to be a copy of the ELC bis, at least that seems to be the case from the back up to the 4th road wheel, particularly the exhaust vents

      the dates obviously don’t match between the ELC Bis (1957) and Bpz 57 (mid-70’s) but if it is fake they don’t really need to bother with dates to create a new vehicle

      1. General-Soren says:

        To the both of you I actually found a bit more information about this tank (thanks to the Wot Vk page) link:
        But what it seems to be is a concept for the Leclerc battle tank designed in 1977 of course as always it was never built in metal and was most likely a paper tank.
        Also take this info with a grain of salt I don’t know accurate it is since most info about the Leclerc is still mostly classified so we really don’t have a way to prove this either

      2. I am not surprised you found more about it, I just expressed what the tank resembled to me as soon as I first looked at it, if you are familiar with the Begleitpanzer 57 you probably noticed the resemblance of the turret as well, either way it does not matter

        additionally I also agree we must «take it with a grain of salt» because what you found on that link is simply the ingame description, it would not be the first time WG did that kind of stunt

        however 1977 is interesting because it predates both the AMX-32 and AMX-40 MBTs and by then spaced armor inside the hull was the thing and the Prj 4-1 having a similar flat frontal plate like the AMX-32 could be a hint

  1. Anonymous says:

    Before introducing new high tier (tier 9s and 10s) to the tech tree, how about Wargaming keeping their promise from the beginning of 2019, promising a rebalance of the IS4 and the E100, which is badly needed.

    Why cant they keep their promises and stay focused on what is important to their loyal and paying community?

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